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Leptovox Review 2014: Side Effects & Ingredients

Leptovox is one of those products that’s trying to do it all — We’re going to dive into this review and examine the merits behind the Leptovox claim. Letpovox has gathered quite a loyal...


Phentabz Review 2014: Side Effects & Ingredients

Many people have heard about Phentabz. These weight loss pills are made by Gentech Pharmaceutical and their big selling point is that these pills used to be a prescription drug. Gentech describes them as a “miracle pill”...


Clenburexin Review 2014: Side Effects & Ingredients

Clenburexin is made by Trec Nutrition and promoted as a thermogenic enhancer and appetite suppresent supplement. It contains all natural ingredients. Trec Nutrition used to manufacture and distribute their products from the USA, but relocated...