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Slim Seduction Review 2014: Side Effects & Ingredients

Slim Seduction is a diet pill that “increases libido and decreases cellulite” (website). It is specifically designed for women. This review will explore the confusion of the Slim Seduction website and explain the ingredients...


Leptorexin Review 2014: Side Effects & Ingredients

Leptorexin bases their ingredient profile on 6 different health areas: Fat Burning, Euphoric, Superfood, Anti-aging, Cellular Detox, Lean Muscle, and Key Vitamins. As such, their ingredient list is quite lengthy. They claim to provide...


Leptovox Review 2014: Side Effects & Ingredients

Leptovox is one of those products that’s trying to do it all — We’re going to dive into this review and examine the merits behind the Leptovox claim. Letpovox has gathered quite a loyal...