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The United States of America is ninth among the countries with higher rates of obesity. With so many people facing that situation, companies have decided to offer the population some alternatives to accelerate weight loss.

On many occasions, weight loss is an aesthetical matter. You might not be suffering from any health difficulties, but you want to feel better about your body and wish to lose some pounds.

However, other times, people need to lose weight because their health is at risk. They could experience heart failure or other complications, so weighing less is a necessity.

Whichever the case, companies have developed different supplements that make weight loss easier. Nonetheless, not all products are effective or trustworthy.

Sometimes, even though the supplement works, the side effects are so awful that many people prefer using the classic methods to lose weight – eating healthier food and exercising regularly.

Therefore, evaluating the products before you buy them is essential to ensure you’re putting your money in the right place. Today, you get to learn about Contrave – what it is, what it claims, its pros and cons, side effects, what people say about it, and much more. Read on to learn everything.

What Is Contrave?

Contrave is a weight loss medicine prescribed by doctors. It’s not a supplement you can get without a prescription because its effects can greatly impact your body.

The prescription drug acts in two different ways: fighting your appetite, and of course, making you lose weight. In other words, it prevents you from feeling so hungry, which leads to you eating less and losing weight.

Contrave has two major ingredients: Naltrexone and Bupropion. Due to its composition and effects, doctors don’t prescribe it unless you have a Body Mass Index of 27 or greater, and they often require you have a condition related to your weight.

Therefore, Contrave is a very strong drug doctors don’t prescribe unless you’re already suffering the consequences of being overweight. It’s not something you can ask for if you only weigh a few pounds more than what you’d like, and it’s often not prescribed for aesthetical reasons.

At the same time, Contrave is an approved drug by the Food and Drug Administration. Thus, you don’t need to worry about it – it’s valid and legal.

What Does It Claim to Do?

Contrave claims to help with a few things. On the one hand, it helps you lose weight by controlling your appetite and making you eat less.

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On the other hand, Contrave can also help you manage weight gain. If you usually gain weight quickly, the drug might help you prevent that.

The drug works on the brain’s reward system, which makes sense because it prevents you from eating. In other words, it turns off the minds’ signals that tell you to eat because it feels good.

If you search for Contrave’s website, you might notice that it claims certain things about the product. The following are some examples of it:

  • Contrave is the number one weight loss brand
  • The drug can help eliminate food cravings completely
  • Contrave can make you lose weight two to four times quicker than exercise and diet alone
  • The product has a safety profile and well-studied tolerability
  • You may pay $2 to $4 per day, depending on the option you want to go for
  • Your brain can feel less hungry while you’re on Contrave

Contrave’s website also includes several success stories. However, you should always consider more than one source if you want to buy a product, especially if it’s something you’re putting in your body. Keep reading to find out more about people’s reviews and ratings.

Words on the Street

If you take a look at Contrave’s website, you might notice some testimonials that are mostly success stories. Based on that alone, you may want to buy the product right away. Nonetheless, there are other factors you should keep in mind before buying the drug.

Although Contrave is proven to work to help you lose weight, many professionals don’t recommend it. Some doctors invite people to ask themselves if they actually need drugs, instead of focusing on whether or not the products work.

Doctors believe that although Contrave works, the amount of weight you lose is too little compared to how much time you have to spend taking the drug.

At the same time, some professionals think that if you stop taking the drug, you have a huge possibility of gaining all the weight you lost before. Therefore, there are a number of risks if you want to take Contrave.

Even so, some customers have taken the pills and reported that they didn’t suffer any side effects and that they lost weight very quickly.


The Business Bureau Administration is an organization that works to verify different businesses. It gives people the opportunity to search for a specific company and find out useful information about it.

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If you go into the Business Bureau Administration website, you might notice that each company has a specific letter and a sign assigned to it, for example, A-. That symbolizes the ratings, which go from A+ (highest) to F- (lowest).

Contrave was manufactured and distributed by Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA, which is a company based in the United States and is an offshoot of the Asian company Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

The BBB profile for Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA states that the company is not Business Bureau of Administration certified. The rating is C-, and several internet sources have information on lawsuits filed to Orexigon, Takeda’s partner business.

Additionally, even though Contrave is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the same organization issued a warning regarding false or misleading advertising.

Lastly, Nalpropion Pharmaceuticals bought the trademark for Contrave a few years ago. However, the company doesn’t even have a BBB profile, which makes it untrustworthy.

Pros and Cons of Contrave

You could say that everything has advantages and disadvantages, and it’s true. However, on some occasions, you should carefully evaluate the pros and cons something offers, for example, if it’s something you’re putting inside your body.

Contrave is a prescription drug, so you should take a look at the following pros and cons before spending money on it. At the end of the day, there are always other options if you want to lose weight, so don’t despair if you conclude that the product is not for you.


  • People’s reviews state that it’s effective at helping them lose weight
  • Some customers didn’t experience any side effects
  • It’s approved by the Food and Drug Administration
  • It’s prescribed by doctors


  • You could experience one or more side effects, which can be very uncomfortable
  • The BBB ratings for the company are very low
  • Most of the reviews are mixed, and many people complain about the side effects
  • Some professionals prescribing it is not worth the risks for the patients nor their discomfort

Side Effects

Many people who have taken Contrave have experienced uncomfortable and potentially dangerous side effects. If you take the drug, you might feel one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Bad nightmares
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching
  • Mood issues
  • Sleeping issues
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Flatulence
  • Itching
  • Dry mouth

Some customers have said that they didn’t experience any symptoms and that Contrave worked wonderfully. However, others complained a lot, mentioning that the side effects were terrible, especially the nightmares, dizziness, and sleeping issues.

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Where to Buy?

To buy Contrave, you need to contact Nalpropion Pharmaceuticals, the current owner of the drug’s trademark.

The company offers several options to pay, which is convenient if you’re on a budget or need different alternatives to choose the best one for your case.

You could, for example, use a Contrave coupon or a Contrave discount card. At the same time, the drug’s prices range from $55 per month to $200 per month, depending on the specific features you pay for.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy for Contrave, so keep that in mind if you’re going to spend money on the drug.

Is It Worth a Try?

It’s difficult to recommend any drug to people who want to lose weight. If you’re desperate to improve your health and lose some pounds, you might be looking for a way to make the process easier.

Contrave has been evaluated, and studies have proven its effectiveness to help people lose weight by preventing them to feel hungry. However, it also has many side effects you can experience, it’s costly, and the manufacturing companies have low ratings and poor reviews.

Thus, you should consider other methods if you want to lose weight. You can also ask your doctor for their opinion, which is something you should do anyway since you’d need a prescription to buy Contrave.

Contact Info

If you want patient information, you can call from 8 AM to 8 PM EST from Monday to Friday at 1-800-905-5576.


Contrave is a weight loss prescription drug some doctors prescribe to help people lose weight. However, it has some poor reviews, potentially dangerous side effects, and many negative features. Consider that before buying it – your health is the most important thing!

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