3 Effects of Dieting on Oral Health

There are plenty of diet trends that come and go in popular culture.

Some stick around a little longer than others, changing forms and adding new rules here and there.

But the average diet craze, usually exhibits a few problems with its overall structure that keeps it from becoming a viable and healthy lifestyle for long.

Many dieters forget the toll that their eating habits have on their oral health, and many of these fads can wreak havoc on teeth and gums alike.

Before conforming to any new diet, you should make sure to keep the oral health implications in mind.

#1 – Low-Carb Diets Cause Halitosis

Many diet strategies include very few carbohydrates, and some require you cut out the food group completely.

These types of diets are typically very effective in burning fat since your body more easily enters a state of ketosis when consuming fewer carbs.

While in this state, the ketones chemicals pass through and out your body in the form of urine and saliva.

The result: bad breath. This is something that not even good oral hygiene can combat as it is due to a chemical imbalance in your body.

It can be difficult to remedy this problem without the use of carb-filled, sugary mints, and provides a less-than-savory environment for your mouth (even when it is clean).

Usually diets that allow a few carbs in your diet are a little bit better in keeping the halitosis away, but be careful when cutting out any major food group.

#2 – Juice Fasts Cause Tooth Decay

While many profess to use juice fasts solely for cleansing their digestive system and skin, they are largely used for losing weight.

Juice fasts can be a great way to make the switch to a wholesome, organic diet, but they are rarely used this way. Instead, many treat them as temporary binges to help them cut down on some temporary weight.

This habit can be particularly harmful not only to your metabolism, but also your teeth health.

Depriving yourself of nutrients can break down collagen, which not only helps your skin look younger but also holds your teeth in place.

It’s also not great for your teeth to sip on sugary juice all day, and you can expect to see a rise in cavities after one too many juice fasts.

Try to include organic juices as a part of your permanent diet habits instead of seeing them as a temporary fix.

#3 – Skipping Meals Inhibits Immune System

With any weight-loss strategy, it’s important to maintain proper nutrition.

Too often the concept of maintaining balance is shoved to the wayside in exchange for a dramatic decrease in calories.

Be wary of any diet plan that requires cutting out major food groups or entire meals, as this can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies that will cause plenty of problems down the road.

Most notably, poor nutrition will decrease your immune system’s ability to fight off viruses and bacteria, and this will lead to problems with periodontal disease and enamel-damaging bacteria.

Keep your diet balanced, and make sure you’re getting all of your nutrients (even if you have to use vitamin tablets to do so).

While some of these dieting strategies may work wonders for you in the weight loss department, it pays to be aware of some of the side effects before making the commitment.

You can experiment with different dieting strategies as well, as long as you can keep up on your dental hygiene (Toronto and other major cities have great services for affordable rates).

As long as you make sure to pay close attention to what your body needs and eat a nutritious diet, you should be able to maintain proper health across the board.

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