Ephedrasil Hardcore Review

Ephedrasil Hardcore Review

At the request of a visitor to Miriamwellness.com, I put Ephedrasil Hardcore at the top of my list of diet pills to review.

Having spent a good portion of a day researching Ephedrasil Hardcore, I feel I can do the review justice.


Ephedrasil Hardcore Ingredients

Off the bat, I want to point out that Ephedrasil Hardcore looks like it will pack some punch.

This may not be for people that get jittery easily because I counted several (Caffeine anhydrous caffeine review here, synephrine review here, and green tea review here ) stimulants present in this diet pill.

That’s not bad, you just need to be aware of the strength and maybe start with small doses more spread throughout the day.

I’m disappointed that Ephedrasil Hardcore has a proprietary blend.

We know there are 1,806mg in total, but how much of it is Green tea (a stimulant), 5-HTP (mood enhancer), or Phenylalanine (appetite suppressant, you can read a review of Phenylalanine if you’d like)? Ephedrasil Hardcore Inc. decided to keep that to themselves.

Diet pill companies are choosing to use these proprietary blends more and more these days.

It’s mainly for protection from competitors that will immediately (within days even) copy their formula and tout their product as a generic or less expensive equivalent (think to Equate at Wal-Mart, and Malt-O-Meal cereal, but everything happening in fractions of the time).

Still, it’d be nice every once in a while to see a company make a stand and choose more transparent disclosure.

Ephedrasil Hardcores ingredients run the gamut of stimulation, mood enhancement, and appetite suppression.

The ingredients to care about are the caffeine, synephrine, l-tyrosine (there are numerous studies that show l-tyrosines ability to improve focus and decrease stress levels, one study in particular showing a loss of stress-related weight read my review of l-tyrosine here), green tea, and phenylalanine (phenylalanine reviewed here, one undisputed study showed its appetite suppressing abilities).

The other ingredients are mainly herbs whose dosage amounts might be too small to even make a difference.

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These are probably more for eye candy than for actual effectiveness (I’m conjecturing here, so take that for what it’s worth).


Bad Rap

One interesting thing to monitor on the internet is the amount of bad publicity there is out there for various diet pills. If you read carefully you’ll start to notice a few things.

One particularly egregious practice is for competitors to simply lie about having taken a pill. One company in particular chooses to always cite stomach pains when taking [competitor’s] diet pill.

They then never fail to mention that they’re eagerly waiting for my [plugged product] to arrive so I can really start losing some weight! I do hope people see this for what it is.

Ephedrasil Hardcore seems to have fallen victim to this slander by other companies. I don’t know if it’s their competitors seeking revenge, or if it’s just their luck of the draw.

Here is an easy approach to telling if consumer feedback is actually real: If someone plugs any other product while providing their own experience, they’re working for that company.

If that’s not the case 100% of the time, it’s the case enough of the time to not give any merit to these comments.

At any rate, this is a bit of a tangent, but I wanted to put that out there for readers so they can begin to evaluate diet pills on their own as well.

Evaluate pills based on their ingredients first and foremost. Evaluate the pills based on someone’s experience who actually purchased them.

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Evaluate the pills based on the company that’s making them. It’s far too easy for someone to make claims that are simply untrue.


Ephedrasil Hardcore Marketing Approach

I have to admit I’m not a big fan of their website. This has nothing to do with the quality of their diet pill per se, but I don’t like hype and they slather it on.

It’s not that they’re necessarily any worse than their competitors, but I always seem to enjoy reviewing a product whose site is sensible, supported by research, and well-designed.

I don’t like reading testimonials as those can be very manufactured.

Again base your decisions on the ingredients first and foremost!



It’s obvious that Ephedrasil Hardcore does not contain ephedra.

There have been claims made that synephrine is an equivalent stimulant when pitted head to head with ephedrine, but those claims have not been substantiated.

Synephrine is an effective stimulant but no studies that I’ve been able to find have shown its equivalent to ephedrine.

Ephedrasil Hardcore Inc. was obviously trying to capitalize on the excitement that the word ephedra still generates among people looking for a diet pill. Ephedra worked plain and simple.

And it worked very well. In a few very rare cases it did cause problems and that’s why we don’t see it anymore.

It’s obvious that this company wants to piggyback on the strength of the ephedra name when marketing their own products. Not a bad thing, it’s done all the time, but I just wanted to point that out.


Ephedrasil Hardcore Review Conclusion

I like the ingredient profile. It looks like they didn’t cut any corners when it comes to trying to pack in quite a bit of weight loss punch.

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If you’re overly-sensitive to stimulants, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere, because Ephedrasil Hardcore appears to be packed with them. The other herbs in there aren’t so important.

The negative comments I found about this product were clearly the work of their competitors (Ill reiterate that most negative comments where other products are plugged are those of competitors), so I didn’t put any stock in them.

I leveraged my knowledge of the ingredients and feel okay giving the go-ahead on this product. I do wish the blend wasn’t proprietary and that they’d hold off on the supplement fact eye candy a bit, but Ephedrasil Hardcore appears to be a pretty solid contender.

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