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Nucific Review 2021 – Side Effects & Ingredients

Nucific is a US-based company that aims to revolutionize having a healthier lifestyle. It provides the highest quality supplements that alleviate the lack of necessary nutrients in our daily diets. It is often underestimated how many minerals and vitamins are needed daily to achieve the most favorable results.

It is boldly declared on the website that no artificial sweeteners or artificial colorants are used as many of the other companies that produce supplements. The company provides several products that have different objectives and benefits. Their products include Bio X4, Carb C6, Probiotic Complex, Moro-Slim, Prebio-Boost, Prebio-Cleanse, and Deep Cell Activator.

Nucific’s Better Business Bureau Profile

Nucific’s profile reflects that they produce vitamins and supplements here in the US. It has been a BBB accredited business since 2016 and has an A-plus rating. The number of customer reviews reflected is 305, with an almost four-star rating. The profile shows that several customers have been satisfied with the products.

The number of complaints reflected on the profile is 307, and of that 77 were in the last 12 months. Many of the complaints were concerning problems encountered with the products and services. Overcharging, duplication of charges, and not receiving packages were the common reoccurring themes.

Popular Nucific Products

The wide variety of products that are produced is impressive and advised of having quality ingredients. The quality improves the results received when using the products over a period.


This is a vanilla-flavored prebiotic protein powder that is a good source of protein and assists with digestion. The ingredients include whey powder, mucilage, and apple fiber. This formulation helps the good bacteria thrive in the body and gives a feeling of being full for longer. The benefits that are gained by using the recommended serving size of one scoop.


Gluco-X3 uses polyphenols, which are found in apples, alpha-lipoic acid, and the cinnamon bark to manage cravings and normalize blood sugar levels. This is an excellent product for persons that have weight gain from being unable to control when and what they eat.

Prebio Cleanse

This product contains Konjac root, Inulin, Fructooligosaccharides, and L-arabinose work together to manage your cravings. They manage the sucrose intake, glycogen burning while allowing regularized bowel movements. These assist your weight loss as it helps your body with processing what you eat and removing all excess sugars and fats.

Probiotic Complex

Probiotic Complex is a digestive assisting dietary supplement as it contains 15 probiotic strains that make a great environment for good bacteria to thrive. It also aids in digestive comfort and weight management. The recommended serving size is one capsule before your first meal of the day.

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This is one of Nucific’s best sellers on their website. It targets all four aspects of promoting a healthier lifestyle and getting the results you desire. It contains numerous ingredients such as Caralluma Fimbriata, amylase, lipase, and bromelain, taking the digestive process and makes it more comfortable.

A significant benefit that is gained from this supplement is that it boosts your metabolism. This means it increases how your body breaks down the food that is consumed and the energy gained. The suggested usage is one capsule three times daily with each meal, and for improved results, quicker two capsules can be taken three times daily with each meal.


Moro-Slim has a four-way approach that attacks four major areas that facilitate weight loss. The product uses several extracts to significantly reduce cravings, boost metabolism, and reduces fat absorption. Moro-Slim is not only practical but a yummy treat that is enjoyed throughout the day. The suggested portioning for this product is eight fluid ounces to be combined with one scoop of powder.

Deep Cell Activator

The Deep Cell Activator is the fat buster of the Nucific products. It attacks the hard to burn fat in the body and assists the body in using this fat as energy. Gynostemma pentaphyllum and Quercetin are only a few of the natural ingredients that are a part of this powerful fat burner. Two capsules should be taken once daily with a glass of water on an empty stomach.


Carbs are a major hindrance to weight loss, and this is explicitly combatted by these dietary capsules. It blocks carb breakdown and absorption and manages cravings. White Kidney Bean, Gymnema Sylvestre Extract, and Green Tea Extract are metabolism boosters that are vital to the success of this product. Before your most carb-loaded meal daily, two capsules should be taken.

Advanced Slimming Probiotic

This product is currently available due to limited inventory. The significant weight management ingredient is beta-hydroxybutyrate, and this works to have the body burn excess fat for energy. Fructooligosaccharides assists the probiotics to thrive for better digestion.

What are the Side Effects?

These products are often used together based on the weight loss objectives. They all can be mixed and matched to facilitate your lifestyle. The suggested usage must be taken seriously as these have been tested to be safe, and you can see the results you desire. It should always be advised that you correspond with your physician before starting any new supplements.

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The website indicates that the products have no “known” side effects. This simply does not mean that there are no side effects, but none that have been confirmed. Due to the high content of natural ingredients in Nucific products, the side effects that consumers have experienced have been significantly reduced compared to other supplements on the market.

Improper use can lead to side effects such as indigestion, bloating, and gassiness, as we are dealing with probiotics. Also, caffeine though minimal is present in the products that contain green tea extract. This caffeine, if taken right before bed, can hinder sleep and affect sleep patterns. Considering all these factors, Nucific appears to be relatively safe to be consumed in moderation.

Pros and Cons of Nucific


  • The objectives of each product appear to be realistic, based on the ingredients they contain.
  • There are limited proven side effects for these natural-based supplements.
  • Customer reviews are generally positive when it comes to the effectiveness of the products.
  • Customer service addresses customer complaints in a timely manner and ensures customer satisfaction.
  • A 90-day money-back guarantee is a fantastic option for customers if they are not pleased with the products received or their results.
  • The website is user friendly and provides information on ingredients, pricing, shipping. The website also has frequently asked questions, so the consumer can have answers to general inquiries.


  • If not used as directed, there may be side effects, and discomfort can be experienced.
  • The suggested usage may be confusing for some individuals, especially if using multiple supplements throughout the day.
  • The product is not available in stores and can only be purchased at the Nucific website.
  • Based on feedback when ordering through the Nucific website, double charges have been experienced, and unwanted products added to the cart. So be careful when placing an order.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be found on the Nucific Better Business Bureau profile and on the Nucific website. Both pages reflect primarily good reviews for the products produced and no major side effects reported.

It was identified that there are some issues with the ordering of the products. However, this was addressed by Nucific on their BBB profile, and the customers received refunds for the problems they encountered. Persons also stated that they did not receive the results they expected in a specific timeframe. The website also says that results may vary. This could be because of many factors and cannot be narrowed down to the product being faulty.

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Where to Find These Products

The Nucific products are solely available on the main website, and this is presented as a positive for consumers. This is noted that it reduces the cost to the consumer as it removes the middleman from the equation.

Notably, there are many deals that can be utilized on the website as the bottles you buy the more savings you have and reduce the risk of running out.

For example, one bottle of Bio-X4 is currently available for $99. Three bottles are available for $261.36, and 6 bottles are for $487.08. Those are great savings and free shipping is offered in the US on orders over $50.

Is it Worth a Try?

Yes, Nucific products provide more beneficial factors than negatives. There is information available at your fingertips on how the products work, what ingredients they contain, and how they should be used. What more could a consumer ask for? In these times, living a healthier lifestyle is becoming more popular, and these can facilitate you to achieve better health.

You can start with one product to see how your body reacts to it, and you can bundle the products based on the suggested purchases made by other customers. This can give you an idea of what you can put together based on your weight objectives. For the best results, you can pair the supplements with a healthier diet and becoming more active. Go ahead and give it a try.

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