Phentabz Review [UPDATED 2018]: Side Effects & Ingredients

phentabzMany peoplehave heard about Phentabz. These weight losspills are made by Gentech Pharmaceutical and their big selling point is that these pillsused to be a prescription drug. Gentech describes them as a miracle pill for weight loss.

The truth about miracles and weight loss is this if there was a miracle pill, then governments would give it away for free because of the cost of caring for chronic conditions associated with diabetes.

Gentech is not only lying about their product, they seem to be ignoring the fact that it contains an ingredient that is not only considered highly dangerous, but is banned in many countries.


How Phentabz Works

Phentabz claims that it works because of its miracle ingredient that will transform your body into a magic fatburning machine.

It does this by stimulating your endocrine system and the thermogenic process in the body. It is then supposed to lead to an increased muscle regeneration period in which your body demands far more fuel for its recovery than the energy it has expended.

In other words, with Phentabz you can sit and not only lose weight without doing anything at all you can also get ripped and build all sorts of muscle.

What Pentabz provides is a kind of poor mans steroid, but one that doesnt really even work.

It can help with the muscle repair process and thermogenics, but its claims of being a miracle pill are just the work of a marketing department who doesnt care about anything other than the bottom dollar.

The fact that this was a prescription drug and is no more, and this is not a point in its favor, but a sign there is a reason to stay away.



There is no official listing for itsingredients, which should be a major cause forconcern for you as a consumer. What informed sources know is that there are three main ingredients; almost all of them are chemicals.

While caffeine is an obvious stimulant, the other two are powerful chemicals that have an effect on the metabolic processes of the body.

The main ingredient, DMAA, has been banned in many countries and is a banned supplement by most sporting organizations. It is consider potent, and potentially dangerous to consume.


Side Effects

Danger is the only operative word with this product. The fact that it contains substances that are banned in many countries should be reason enough for you to stay away.

The caffeine in the pill are the least of your worries. The Octopamine and DMAA have recorded histories of causing everything from nausea to paranoia.

There is a host of other associated side effects that are highly possible including increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, insomnia, nervousness and irritability.

If you have any type of pre-existing condition, are pregnant or nursing, or are on any other medication whatsoever so not take this supplement.


Where to buy it and what to expect to pay

The Gentech Pharmaceutical main website for sales does stock PhenTabz, at a $69.99 base price. Please remember that DMAA may not be legal, even if you order it online it may be seized by customs and there is no getting your money back.

You can also find it on some of the larger eCommerce sites for around the same price of $69.99, though it is not clear whether the sellers in each case can be trusted.

It is legal for a website to sell a product that it cannot ship to you. Make sure that you do your research before ordering through either of these methods, as you want to be sure that you are getting the real thing and not a fake product.

You may also have to pay postage and packaging costs in each of these methods, so it is always worthwhile going through the ordering process in order to see what the final price would be before you actually pay.



In short, PhenTabz has an ingredient that is illegal in many countries for good reasons. The cost is prohibitive and no matter what results people may think they are getting with this supplement, it is not worth taking.

It is not only difficult to find and expensive, but it is a chemical product.There are better natural diet supplements available to choose from that both cost less and actually work.

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5.6 /10

2 thoughts on “Phentabz Review [UPDATED 2018]: Side Effects & Ingredients”

    So Disappointed

    This product was the biggest waste of money! I saw the advertisement for PhenTabz in my Dr’s office so of course I thought it was credible. I was so disappointed. Can’t wait to my next Dr’s appointment to tell them that they are advertising a garbage product! There was absolutely no “dry mouth” or any other alleged “side-effects” because it’s a placebo product formulated by a company that is praying on people struggling to lose weight!


    DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG IF YOU HAVE KIDNEY PROBLEMS!!! i started taking Phentabz to lose weight and gain more energy and everything was working great for about a month. then one morning when i was in the shower i started feeling really dizzy and i must have fainted because the next thing i knew i was in an ambulance (thank God my husband was there to call 911!) when i got to the doctor he told me the Phentabz had built up in my kidneys and was causing severe damage without me even knowing it. he said i was at risk without even knowing it because my kidney got infected years ago (unrelated). anyway i left the hospital with a huge bill and they i might need a new kidney down the road… bottom line THIS DRUG IS NOT WORTH IT!!! it will be exposed and i will sue for the damage they caused

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