Sletrokor Review 2020 – Side Effects & Ingredients

Sletrokor review

In this Sletrokor review we are going to find out if Sletrokor is worth using or not.

What Is Sletrokor?

One of these supplements is known as Sletrokor, which is manufactured by a company named 18Shake. The unique thing about the supplement is that even though it is a weight loss pill at its core, it claims to be more than that and stands out with some of its bold promises. Sletrokor is said to be able to achieve the following:

  • Natural fat loss
  • Curbing of food cravings
  • Promote better functionality of the immune system
  • Promote better metabolism
  • Increase serotonin
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce bad cholesterol levels

The supplement is made with all-natural ingredients. The active ones that are said to promote the functions listed above gymnema sylvestre, garcinia cambogia, cascara sagrada, and aloe vera.

Below is a quick look at the company responsible for Sletrokor, as well as an in depth look at the composition, effectiveness, and feasibility of this supplement.

18Shake’s BBB Profile

As stated before, 18Shake is the name of the company responsible for the Sletrokor supplement. Based on the current BBB profile, the company is based out of Los Angeles. However, that is about it where the BBB profile is concerned as there is not much good to be said for it.

First, the profile is incomplete. Much of the information on the nature of the business and other facts that is typically seen on such a profile are not present. In fact, there is an alert on the page that states the following:

On at least one occasion, BBB sent mail to this company to develop a report. The mail was returned by the Post Office; therefore, a complete BBB report at this time is unavailable.

If you have information that would assist your BBB in developing a report, please speak with a BBB service advisor.”

Apart from the incomplete report for unknown reasons, the company has an F rating for likelihood to communicate with clients and issue resolution. This is not to be confused with a rating of “NR,” where there is insufficient information on how a company responds to customers.

There are a total of 25 complaints filed against the 18Shakes over the past three years. Of these complaints the business failed to respond to 23 of them. Additionally, of the five reviews that are present, none are above one star. This means that the company’s average rating is one star.

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Sletrokor’s Ingredients

This section is an in depth look at the ingredients listed above, so you can understand what they are, as well as the benefits that each of them bring to the table.

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is well known as a viable treatment option for many skin related issues. In this regard, it is usually administered in a topical manner. However, research also indicates that it is viable in the world of weight loss. It also contributes to better bowel movements as it improves the frequency and consistency of same, while reducing the need for laxatives. Note, however, that prolonged use of the gel has been linked to electrolyte imbalance and dehydration.

Cascara Sagrada – This is a less known supplement that has been gaining a steady increase in popularity recently. This is because the dietary industry greatly benefits from its existence. In fact, it is credited with being the primary reason that Sletrokor and Vitakor achieve weight loss. Metabolic and digestive process were proven to benefit greatly from cascara sagrada. While these are all great benefits, you should note that prolonged exposure to the supplement has been linked to strain on the liver, so you don want to be careful in that regard.

Garcinia Cambogia – It was once claimed that this supplement has no weight loss benefits, but that has since been proved to be an incorrect assessment. New research has shown that there is fat loss merit to the compounds use, however, it is mostly short term. On its own, that would normally pose a problem, but the combination with the other ingredients means that there isn’t a cause for concern.

Gymnema Sylvestre – This compound has a different function from the others, that is very important in helping to keep weight off when it is lost. gymnema sylvestre as been linked to an improved ability to combat weight-gain.

The combination of these ingredients supposedly means that Sletrokor not only promotes healthy living through weight reduction, but that it also actively works to keep the weight off once it has gone.

Hydroxycitric acid – This promotes a more relaxed feeling, which reduces the overproduction of stress hormones such as cortisol, which hampers the ability to burn through body fat.

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Sletrokor’s Claims

Apart from the effects Sletrokor’s is said to have that were mentioned at the beginning of this article, here are a few of the claims that have been made by 18Shakes on what the pills can do. These are:

  • Water weight reduction – The manufacturer claims that Sletrokor can help to tackle the issue of water weight storage. Water weight contributes to inflated weight readings when people store more than the average amount. This claim means that Sletrokor can return these readings to normal
  • Psychological effects – Sletrokor is claimed to have benefits in the neurological sphere. Apparently, the supplement can improve your mood, and it can also decrease anxiety, which results in happier and calmer feelings.
  • Digestive effects – The claim has also been made that digestive system function is improved with this supplement. This is because it improves the ability to break down foods, and it also contributes to a better absorption of key nutrients.

Advantages of Sletrokor

The use of Sletrokor poses several benefits, which are:

  • The affordability of Sletrokor cannot be denied. Many people are looking to try out a diet supplement, but they simply cannot afford the ones on the market. This is a great option for those who are on a budget.
  • The metabolism boost means that your calorie burn increases, which is beneficial if you have a weight reduction goal.
  • The manufacturer offers a full 30-day money back guarantee if you find yourself unsatisfied with the product.
  • Sletrokor may reduce your appetite. The caloric deficit created also promotes weight loss.
  • There are no noted side effects. However, it is important that you ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Disadvantages of Sletrokor

On the flip side, Sletrokor also has a few drawbacks in its use. These are:

  • There is no way to obtain it at physical locations as it is currently only available online
  • The pills are frequently out of stock, which results in long waits to get your hands on them
  • The customer service is not very good or responsive

What Are People Saying?

Unfortunately, Sletrokor does not have many positive reviews online (though there are a few). This is true when checked on both BBB, and Amazon. Here are a couple of the comments that people had on the supplement:

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No appetite suppressant, No weight loss. I took the whole bottle, and nothing change. Oh, one thing changed I don’t have headaches anymore. Awful product

After much research and consumer study, I selected Sletrokor over other brands due to the reviews. I’ve gone through several purchases with no adverse reactions. I am down to my desired weight and have maintained it through sensible diet and exercise. I continue to take the product to maintain what I have lost. I would caution anyone wanting to take Sletrokor to consult a physician for contraindications with other medicine. Only after consulting a health care professional would I recommend this or any other weight loss product.

“Total scam. I ordered bag of 18 Shake for $47.99 was billed over $270.00. I received an email stating it would be sent in. 7-10 days. Never received. I called countless time, and only once did I get through only to be disconnected. I emailed 7-8 times. I tried to post on FB, but they don’t allow posts. Finally. The $$ was returned. Bank told me they had received complaints. Beware this is a total fraud.”

Is Sletrokor worth It?

The short answer to this is no. The benefits that Sletrokor claims to have are incredible, but some do not seem to be more than an advertising point.

This may be just a coincidence, however, even the positive reviews don’t even mention any cholesterol or blood pressure benefits. Of course, these tend to naturally approach normal levels as you lose weight, but this is not the way it was advertised.

Also, it is hard to ignore the fact that the BBB page is basically a red flag indicating that purchasing the pills (or attempting to do so) is not a good idea as they may not even arrive, and you may be billed more than you expected.

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