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Slimvance Review 2023 - Side Effects & Ingredients

Are you considering trying Slimvance weight loss supplement? In this Slimvance review you’re going to learn all about this product. You’ll see exactly what Slimvance is, the pros and cons of this supplement, as well as what it can do for you and if there are any side effects.

We will also let you know what other people are saying about it and if Slimvance is worth spending your money on. Ready to jump in?

What is Slimvance?

Anyone who has tried to lose weight will know it’s pretty difficult to do. Even if you exercise every day and watch your diet, you may still find it impossible to drop the weight.

Enter Slimvance.

Slimvance is basically a weight loss supplement that helps to make this job a lot easier. I first heard about Slimvance when one of my friends tried it. She wanted to lose weight after her pregnancy and was finding it impossible.

According to the people who make Slimvance it can help you:

  • Shed weight quickly by burning calories and increasing your metabolism.
  • Lose inches off places like your belly, thighs and back.
  • Reshape your entire body by targeting problem areas.
  • Transform your body in as little as 16 weeks.

This product claims to be a “Thermogenic Complex” that can help you burn more calories and thus lose weight (BTW, the word thermogenic means it contains natural compounds, which can supposedly speed up weight loss.)

That is all well and good, but does this supplement actually work, and is there any evidence to back up these claims? Slimvance is made by a company called General Nutrition Centers and according to the business, this supplement is backed up by not one, but two scientific studies:

The first is a clinical study featuring over 100 participants. It found that this supplement (When used by people eating an 1800 calorie diet and following a basic exercise plan) could produce around 10 pounds of weight loss in about 16 weeks. It was also found that these people lost about an inch around their hips, waist, and thighs. Not only that, but their body fat also dropped by 1%.

The second study discovered that people who took this supplement before exercising on a treadmill burned 3% more calories. This might sound like a miracle to people who are struggling with weight loss, but who knows where these “studies” were performed (Or by who.)

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There is no way to verify these claims unfortunately.

Supposing that Slimvance actually works, what is in it that makes it so effective? After all, as you know many of these types of products contains dangerous ingredients, and you wouldn’t want to mess with them.

The people who make Slimvance claim that it contains a unique mix of “Natural Indian Botanicals” such as turmeric, moringa, and curry leaves! These ingredients are supposed to speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight.

To be honest when it comes to this type of stuff, I’m skeptical. There are a million supplements out there which are exactly the same as Slimvance. All of them claim to contain the magic herbal formula for burning fat. But the truth is this: if there was something in nature that could produce miracle weight loss then it would have probably been discovered and would be worth billions!

The fact is that these types of herbal weight loss supplements are mostly bogus, and don’t do anything that a good diet and exercise wouldn’t. Yes, there are studies that show that these three ingredients can help to produce weight loss, but the fact is that most of these studies are anecdotal and feature a very small sample of people. This means that you are highly unlikely to see the same type of results. But let’s see what others think about it.

What are people saying about Slimvance

You should never take anything at face value. Always find out what other people are saying. Unfortunately, reviews of this product are a mixed bag and do not paint a good picture. Online customer reviews have described Slimvance in the following ways:

“Product is ok but not worth the price tag.”

“Still waiting for changes, haven’t seen any physical changes yet.”

“Slimvance is absolutely wonderful I love it so much!”

“This is an amazing product I had instant results.”

“Slimvance is an incredible product, I lost a total of 23lbs in one month.”

“Not as good as I hoped. I’m taking 2 per day and not seeing any results unfortunately.”

“This product is not helping me lose weight.”

“This product is highly effective. But it only works if you use it together with a healthy diet and exercise. Don’t bother if you’re not doing this.”

“Great product. Combined with exercise and healthy eating it really helps to make a difference.”

“This hasn’t helped me. It doesn’t do anything. In 3 weeks I’ve seen no weight loss and don’t feel any more energetic than usual.”

It’s hard to know what to think when reading these types of reviews. As you can see some people love it and others think it’s useless.

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Reported Slimvance Side Effects

As with most weight loss supplements there are always people who will experience side effects. That being said, it’s difficult to find any specific mention of side effects resulting from the use of Slimvance. It’s far easier to find side effects caused by other thermogenic weight loss products.

Some of these include:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Headaches
  • Increases in blood pressure.
  • Inflammation
  • Liver damage.

These are serious problems. But what you need to know is that most of these side effects are linked to supplements that contain caffeine, and Slimvance is caffeine-free. I also researched the individual ingredients contained in this supplement.

It turns out that you can experience side effects from ingesting the ingredients in Slimvance (Which are turmeric, moringa, and curry leaves.)

These can include:

  • Stomach cramps and inflammation.
  • Risk of kidney stones.
  • Nausea and diarrhea.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Iron deficiency.

Moringa has particularly nasty side effects such as.

  • Cell mutations caused by the chemicals in this plant.
  • Fertility problems.
  • Low blood pressure and slow heart rate.

What does the BBB say about Slimvance

The real test of any product is whether or not it’s approved by the Better Business Bureau. In case you don’t know this is an organization of businesses that have pledged to uphold themselves to certain standards. By doing this they are able to provide consumers with better products and enhance trust between them and consumers.

Customers are also able to complain directly to the BBB. If something you purchased doesn’t do what it claimed it would, then you can contact this organization. Based on these complaints, businesses are given a rating from A-F.

I looked Slimvance up on the BBB website and was unable to find ANYTHING. What this actually means? Who knows? But the fact that they have no presence in this organization, could potentially mean that this product doesn’t actually do anything.

Pros and Cons of Slimvance

To sum up, what are the pros and cons of Slimvance? As I’m sure you know life isn’t perfect and neither is this product. On the other hand, it’s not terrible either.

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  • This supplement has actually worked for some people, who have experienced weight loss on it.
  • It seems to work quickly when it works.
  • Relatively cheap compared to other supplements.
  • Easy to use you just take a pill.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.


  • You need to actually be dieting and exercising for it to work.
  • Product is not available in supermarkets; you have to order it online.
  • It can become expensive depending on how long you have to use it.
  • It can cause nasty and potentially dangerous side effects.

Anyone who has experimented with weight loss supplements will know there are thousands of these types of products. If you search online, you will find hundreds of brands that all contain a different blend of herbal herbs and spices (Literally.)

Whether they do anything is another question. Yes, Slimvance can mention their anecdotal studies and claim this or that happened, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true, or that it will work for you.

Ultimately the most important thing to remember is that weight loss supplements don’t work on their own. You should only take something like this if you’re already on a diet and have managed to stick to it. In that case, yes something like Slimvance will work and will help to speed up your weight loss.

If you’re thinking of trying Slimvance then you’ll have to buy it online. It’s not sold in pharmacies or supermarkets as far as I can tell. You can order it, either from the official website or another website.

My advice is to get it from the GNC website. They have a 30-day return policy. That way if you’re not happy with Slimvance, you can at least try and get your money back.

PS – (Don’t buy it from the official Slimvance website because they don’t seem to have a return policy.)

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