Total Wellness Cleanse Review

Have you heard of detox dieting for weight loss?

Well, I have and they work.

But you have to be careful that your chosen detox diet plan is safe and healthy for you.

I thought I would review Total Wellness Cleanse – a detox and body cleansing diet created by renowned holistic nutritionists and wellness coaches, Yuri Elkaim and Amy Coates of Total Wellness Consulting.

Yuri is a certified Kinesiologist and honors graduate in physical education and health.

Amy is a Canadian school of Natural Nutrition graduate and studied Political Science and Psychology at the University of Toronto.

Together they joined forces to create Total Wellness Consulting, and in October of 2008 they decided to offer their expertise through a comprehensive Total Wellness Cleanse – a 30-day food-based cleanse and detox diet plan with a holistic approach to cleansing/detoxification that has helped many men and women slim down, cleanse their systems, and regain their overall health.

Elkaim says, If you feel sluggish, overweight, tired, and lacking in energy, then your body has probably been overwhelmed by environmental toxins, household chemicals, food preservatives, and processed ingredients.

Total Wellness Cleanse is designed to rapidly cleanse the body of these toxic chemicals with a simple plan that doesn’t require the use of expensive detox supplements.

Here’s a little snippet from Yuri about what the Total Wellness Cleanse is all about (don’t mind that it is from 2008!)

Total Wellness Cleanse One of the Best Detox Diets

Detox drinks

Yuri and Amy’s detox diet plan is a holistic approach to improving mental and physical health through simple everyday foods and fluids.

The premise behind Total Wellness Cleanse is that the human body can heal and cleanse itself when we stop poor nutrition choices that irritate and pollute our systems.

The plan offers day-by-day support, consultation with their team of holistic nutritionists, and a detailed dietary, lifestyle, and exercise plan for the best results.

It is designed to help you wean your body of junk and help you establish healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

The Total Wellness Cleanse Program guarantees that within a few weeks your body will be cleansed of fat, chemicals, and toxic pollution that has accumulated over the years.

The Total Wellness Cleanse is the ONLY guided and personalized detox/cleanse that also gives their customers a personalized nutritional assessment and an 8-week dietary and lifestyle plan.

How To Lose Fat With Total Wellness Cleanse

Did you know that toxins ARE STORED IN OUR FAT CELLS! That’s right, and when we start a detox diet plan, we help our body to release toxins, acids, and chemicals that have been stored up there for years.

That is why you may have had great difficulty losing weight in the past. Our fat storage serves as a protective mechanism to prevent toxins from infiltrating our vital organs.

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Therefore, in order for our bodies to release our fat storage, it is vital to release these toxins from our fat tissues.

If we become overly toxic and acidic, then our bodies become a playground for billions of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and fungus to proliferate.

As these critters multiply, they begin to expel their own wastes making matters even worse.

Total Wellness Cleanse will teach you how to take action and transform your internal environment to ensure a healthier and slimmer you.

How Does Total Wellness Cleanse Work?

Total Wellness Cleanse consists of two phases that work together in 30 days to completely change your body’s internal environment and help you begin a healthier lifestyle.

This detox diet plan was intended to accomplish three major goals:

  1. Alkalize the body: When you reduce the level of acidic wastes in your blood, your energy and health will dramatically transform.
  2. Get sugars out of the diet: Eliminating sugars reduces acidity and assists with addressing parasites and candida.
  3. Repair and support vital tissues and purify the blood: The health of the liver, stomach, and small intestines should noticeably improve.

During the Cleanse Phase (days 1-14): The Cleanse Phase follows a time-proven cleansing diet that is geared towards re-establishing your body’s proper acid-alkaline balance, reducing your cravings for sugar, and creating an internal environment within your body that promotes health, energy, and vitality.

This phase weans you away from foods that cause congestion, produce mucous, and create toxic and acid residues in the body.

What this means is that by the end of the 14 days the urge to consume sweets, alcoholic beverages, or over-indulge in your favorite bad foods will be dramatically diminished.

The results of this first phase are increased energy, slimmer body, radiant/clear skin, crystal clear eyes, smooth hair, and increased mental focus and concentration.

There is also a guided workout plan to further the detox process and to ensure that your muscles stay lean and strong.

Benefits of the Cleanse Phase

  • Detoxification and cleansing of your body
  • Overcoming addictions and bad eating habits (coffee, sweet beverages, smoking, junk food)
  • Eating healthy organic food and understanding how it benefits the human body and digestion system
  • Discovering 4 channels a human body uses for detoxification purposes. In most cases, these channels are clogged.
  • Learning liver detoxification methods

During the Maintenance Phase (days 15-30): The Maintenance Phase shows you how to implement the 8-week post-cleanse meal plan in order to set yourself up for a smooth transition back into the real world.

The maintenance phase helps to get you and your body used to your new eating and health habits.

Benefits of the Maintenance Phase

  • Learning a new 8-week post-cleanse meal plan
  • Enjoying the first results of a cleansing program
  • Further developing success

The Total Wellness Cleanse Program Includes Chapters Concerning:

  • Cleanse Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Digestion
  • Fundamentals of Detoxification
  • Guide to Assessing Your Own Health
  • Eternal Health – The 4 Elements Cells Need to Thrive
  • Helpful Detoxifiers
  • Cleanse Food Guide
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Additional Extras

  • Post-Cleanse 8-Week Meal Plan
  • Cleanse Phase Meal Planner
  • Cleanse Phase Recipes
  • Post-Cleanse 8 Week Meal Plan
  • Post-Cleanse Recipes
  • Daily Inspiration Journal
  • The Success Journal
  • Poop Tracker
  • Daily Food Journal

13 hours of Health, Cleansing, and Nutrition Teleclass recordings:

  1. Getting Started on the Total Wellness Cleanse
  2. Colon Health, Candida, and Parasites
  3. Weight Loss Explained!
  4. Organs of Detoxification and The Physiology of Cleansing
  5. The Truth About Fats and Oils
  6. Preserving Healthy Bones and Preventing Osteoporosis
  7. The Scary Truth About Sugar
  8. Understanding the Thyroid-Adrenal Connection
  9. Understanding Food Labels
  10. Food and Environmental Allergies
  11. Overcoming Emotional Eating
  12. Success Psychology and the Inner Game
  13. Celebration and Final Thoughts

People who have already undergone this program (as well as its creators) report amazingly positive results:

  • Weight loss
  • Improvement of skin and hair
  • Improvement of digestion
  • Solving colon problems
  • Improvement of general health conditions and mood
  • Learning to control yourself, developing self-discipline

So What do I think about this detox diet plan?

Well, the PROS are clearly:

  • Assists with the elimination of all toxins.
  • Reduces cravings for unhealthy foods, especially sugar.
  • Includes a 14-day meal planner and recipes.
  • Includes a post-cleanse 8-week meal plan with recipes.
  • Provides cooked and raw options
  • Includes 13 hours of educational teleseminars.
  • Provides daily coaching email for the 30 days of the program
  • Total Wellness Cleanse comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Emphasizes the value of a positive attitude for permanent weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

And what about my CONS?

  • A little more expensive than other detox programs
  • Will require a complete overhaul of the eating pattern of most dieters.
  • Necessary to prepare your own meals for the entire 30-day Wellness Cleanse Diet.
  • Many dieters will experience detox symptoms such as headaches and fatigue (but remember this is for ALL detox diets!).

Pricing and Refund Policy

Total Wellness Cleanse is backed by a 60-DAY 100% money-back guarantee. This detox diet plan is three $79 payments. These 3 payments are billed bi-weekly starting from the purchase date.

Upon purchase, you will have access to download the 14-day cleanse phase materials in PDF and MP3 format.

In 2 weeks’ time, once you’ve completed the cleanse phase, they will then email you the 8-week maintenance meal plan and recipes.

And finally, 2 weeks after that, they will email you a very special Candida Cleansing Guide to further help you purify your body, reduce sugar cravings, and live your healthiest life.

The reason they send you the Total Wellness Cleanse in 3 parts is that there is a lot of information and they don’t want to overwhelm you!

Total Wellness Cleanse Customers Feedback:

Prior to the Total Wellness Cleanse I had been struggling with my colon, sinus and bad skin for a very long time. However, I saw a marked difference within 5 days of starting the cleanse. It has now almost been two months and my life has changed. I have been off chronic medication since I started the cleanse and trust that it is something of the past. I have also managed to lose 9kg, which is something ells I have been struggling to do. I have loads more energy and a total different outlook on life. Thank you for changing my life, and inevitably changing my family’s life. Lots of love. (Marisca Fourie)


At the end of the 30 days, I had dropped a total of 19 pounds. My blood pressure was back to normal, as was my cholesterol and triglycerides. What I enjoyed most about this Total Wellness Cleanse was that it was just what it says. A TOTAL wellness cleanse. All aspects of making major life changes for the better were addressed. It wasn’t just a diet. It covered the physical, mental and spiritual aspects, which boosted me up and kept me going through the 30 days. Yuri and Amy seem genuinely interested in your progress, your questions and concerns. (Kristine Thom)


The Total Wellness Cleanse is TOTALLY the way to go if you want to be the best person you can be! I was having major problems with candida and getting a decent amount of greens in my diet on a regular basis. I am one of those people who believes in greens and eating right, but I never practiced doing it for long enough that it became a habit. I also enjoyed having the opportunity to ask questions and hear about others experiences during the teleclasses throughout the cleanse. The truth is, it’s not my style to give a testimonial to anyone I don’t personally know, but this program is so fantastic because of the personal attention you get from the Yuri-Amy-Adam team, because of the sense of cameraderie you feel with the other people participating in the cleanse, because of the daily emails that inspire and encourage you, because of the incredible recipes you get to enjoy, and most of all because of the results you see in your body and mind after getting through the 30 days. (Leah Benson)

I am a big fan of body cleanses for the simple fact that they are healthy for you and also necessary in this polluted world we live in.

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What I like about Total Wellness Cleanse is that it is fully comprehensive, there is so much material, education, and support bundled into this detox diet plan that it will always prove to be an insightful resource for years to come.

I definitely think it is worth the price, but for those of you that are not sure, there is always a 60-day money-back guarantee!

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