Vasayo Review

Vasayo review

Vasayo is a company that provides nutritional supplements using advanced liposomal technology to ensure the proper release of nutrients into the body. The US-based company also produces Skincare, weight loss, and detox products.

In this article, we take a good look at Vasayo’s nutritional supplements to decide whether they live up to the company’s claims, and whether it is a good idea to give these health-related products a go.

What Is Vasayo?

Vasayo is a multilevel marketing company founded in 2016 by Dallin and Karree Larsen, a husband-and-wife team. It sells a variety of nutritional supplements that have been named MicroLife Nutritionals.

The Vasayo products are made to compete in the competitive nutritional supplement sector, which is continually expanding.

The company employs a unique technology that sets them apart from the competition. This is its advanced delivery technology that makes use of liposomes. Liposomes supply nutrients to the body without causing them to be broken down or destroyed by the digestive system.

These liposomes have been made to improve the efficacy of supplements by providing a more efficient delivery system.

In this article, we take a closer look at Vasayo’s nutritional products to determine whether they are worth a try.

What Is an MLM?

MLM stands for multilevel marketing, which is a method of selling services or goods through a network of distributors. Network marketing and direct sales are other terms for multilevel marketing.

This method of sales also includes salespeople who profit from their sales, and from the sales of those they recruit. The recruit is hired through a sign-up process in which they pay a fee to become a part of the company.

BBB Profile: Vasayo

Vasayo is a BBB-registered company. Better Business Bureau, or BBB for short, is a non-profit organization that aims to aid businesses in building market trust amongst consumers. If a consumer has received poor service or a defective product, they can complain to the company through BBB.

Too many complaints from users can cause the business’s BBB rating to go down. According to Vasayo’s BBB profile, the multilevel sales company is based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and has an A+ BBB rating, which leads to the conclusion that many consumers are satisfied with the company’s products.

A Summary of Vasayo’s Claims

Claims made by the company may be summarized as follows:

  • Liposomes deliver the relevant micronutrients efficiently to the body.
  • Products support the immune system.
  • You can attain greater endurance and stamina with Vasayo products.
  • The products protect the body’s cells from damage using antioxidants.
  • They help lower blood sugar levels.
  • Your metabolism and energy levels are improved.
  • You can attain higher-quality sleep.
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Vasayo Products

Vasayo presently has five nutritional product categories, all of which appear under the MicroLife brand. All products are based on micronutrient science, and innovative delivery technology that uses liposomes to deliver micronutrients to the body effectively.

These five categories are:

  • MicroLife Neuro – supplements focused on the efficient functioning of the brain.
  • MicroLife Essentials – a series of multivitamin supplements that prevent nutrient deficiencies in the body.
  • MicroLife Renew – antioxidants to avoid the harmful effects of oxidation that damage vital cells in the body through the disruption of proteins and DNA within those cells.
  • MicroLife Sleep – nutritional supplements that can assist in getting restful sleep.
  • MicroLife Energy – energy-boosting supplements to help you feel rejuvenated, and energetic throughout the day.

In addition to this, the company also offers a range of CBD or cannabidiol products, and a wide range of beauty products, and weight loss shakes. They also have V-Tox products that aid in detoxing the body.

Ingredients Used in Vasayo Products

Vasayo claims to include all-natural ingredients in its nutritional supplements.

  1. Guarana

Guarana is a plant-based source of caffeine. It is often included in nutritional supplements to boost energy through natural forms of caffeine. It has approximately four times the amount of caffeine contained in coffee beans.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, the heart, and the muscles of the body. It is commonly associated with weight loss, improved athletic performance, physical and mental stimulation, and the relief of mental and physical exhaustion.

  1. Huperzine A

Huperzine A is a compound found in Chinese club moss, and fir club moss plants. It can also be created in a laboratory. This compound is effective for improving memory, thinking ability, and improving the behavior of people who have Alzheimer’s disease. It functions by increasing the levels of a neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine.

  1. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a native Chinese tree that has a range of uses in traditional medicine. It contains powerful antioxidants that have several benefits. These include the prevention of cellular damage from oxidation, reduction of inflammation, improved blood circulation and heart health, and several neurological benefits.

  1. Citicoline

Citicoline is a brain chemical that occurs naturally. It can also be taken orally or intravenously, and helps with memory loss as individuals age, improves vision in persons with glaucoma, and aids with stroke rehabilitation. It is also used to treat Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, lazy eye, bipolar disorder, and other co-occurring disorders.

  1. Green Tea
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Green tea has been dubbed “one of the most beneficial drinks of all time” and is used by many for its incredible health benefits. These include improved brain function and energy levels, weight loss, prevention of the formation of cancer cells, and lower incidence of heart disease, among others.

  1. CBD Oil

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a key ingredient in medical marijuana, and it comes straight from the hemp plant. It is used to treat several conditions such as seizures, chronic inflammation, pain, mental disorders, migraines, anxiety, depression, nausea, and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Other health benefits of this product include improving appetite, sleep aid, a reduction in muscle spasticity, and the treatment of glaucoma.

The Pros and Cons of Vasayo Products


  • The products are legitimate and live up to expectations.
  • Vasayo offers a wide range of products that cover many health concerns.
  • Many studies can be found easily online to back up the health benefits of these products.
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee on purchases.


  • The supplements tend to be expensive as compared to other similar products.
  • There are no studies that support the efficiency of its advanced delivery technology.
  • Since the products are available primarily through distributors, it may be difficult to purchase them, especially if you do not live in the United States.
  • Some of the liquid products taste bad and can be difficult to stomach.

Side Effects

The side effects that may accompany the use of Vasayo products are generally associated with Guarana. These include:

  • Restlessness
  • An elevated heart rate
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Digestive issues

How to Purchase Vasayo Products

Vasayo products can be purchased through the company’s online store. You need to sign up for an account with the company to purchase from its online store.

As they are a multilevel marketing company, you can also get in touch with a distributor to purchase one of Vasayo’s health supplements. You can also become a Vasayo distributor yourself if you would like to make a little extra money.

Refund Policy

Vasayo offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, only 90 percent of your purchase is refunded. 10 percent is retained as a restocking fee. You are also not compensated for shipping costs, and the onus is on you to get your goods back to the manufacturer.

Get in Touch with Vasayo

If you wish to contact the company for more information, to get in touch with a distributor, to lodge a complaint, or become a distributor yourself, you can make use of the following means.

  • Email:
  • Tel: 801-415-9888
  • Online-store:
  • US Headquarters:  2168 W Grove Parkway, Suite 150, Pleasant Grove, Utah, 84062
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Complaints and Word on the Street

The public response to Vasayo products is generally good. Many people reported experiencing mild symptoms such as upset stomachs, but most reported seeing noticeable changes in their health.

These changes include deeper, more restful sleep, a reduction in digestive system-related issues, and the decreased difficulty experienced due to inflammatory diseases. The company’s most sought-after range of products is the MicroSleep range, as nearly all the users of this category of supplements reported positive outcomes regarding sleep.

Many consumers also reported positive changes in memory, and other cognitive functions because of the MicroLife Neuro range.

A few users did question the company’s claim that its ingredients are all-natural, as products contain compounds such as flavors and flavor maskers, and many of the concerns are with regards to the low compensation of distributors.

There appear to be little to no negative reviews about the nutritional supplements themselves.

Is Vasayo Worth a Try?

The truth is that Vasayo products seem to do exactly what they claim to do, and many consumers are impressed by the results they were able to achieve with these supplements. This company can provide highly effective products that address a wide range of consumer needs.

If you are searching for supplements to help you sleep well, improve energy levels, support immunity, reduce inflammation, and make your skin glow thanks to effective antioxidants, you should give Vasayo’s range of nutritional supplements a try.

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