Capsiplex Review

We learn from the manufacturers that this revolutionary diet supplement is supposed to help you burn fat and calories quicker, increase your energy, boost your metabolism, and suppress the appetite.

The main ingredient is a hot chili pepper called capsicum. Capsicum, of course, is widely used around the world as a popular ingredient in cooking and has even been used in medicines.

However more recently it is being touted as a ground-breaking weight loss sensation.

Does Capsiplex really work?

For once, there’s actually some proof available clinical studies have been conducted on Capsiplex and its main ingredients to establish how well it works.

If you research diet supplements online you’ll find that very few have any real substantiated evidence to back up their claims.

Here is what we know about the main ingredient, Capsicum:

  • Burns fat and carbohydrates.
  • Suppresses the appetite, therefore caloric intake is reduced.
  • Burns up to 278 more calories per day.
  • Stimulates fat & carbohydrate oxidation.
  • Promotes thermogenesis (increased temperature) in the body, helping to burn more energy.

Real Capsiplex reviews

Capsiplexis also doctor endorsed and has been thoroughly examined by Dr. Karen Viera who states that the product provides proven weight loss when taken alone or in addition to exercise. Good news for all those who hate the gym!

That doesn’t mean of course that you should avoid exercise altogether you will ALWAYS achieve better results when you combine exercise with a diet supplement.

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You want to burn as many calories as possible, right? A pill alone can only do so much.

The good and the bad


  • Contains clinically proven ingredients Capsicum is proven to increase fat burning, and boost metabolism in the body. Capsiplex can also help to suppress the appetite and cut out junk cravings.
  • The product is safe and natural (no adverse side effects, although some people report feeling slightly warmer than usual).
  • Widely documented in the media many top celebrities are using or have used Capsiplex successfully. There are many newspaper and magazine articles documenting people’s success with this diet supplement.


  • Results will vary depending on how much time and effort you put in. True, you can lose weight without exercising, but those who do exercise WILL achieve better results.
  • This product is unsuitable for anyone allergic to chillis or chili products.

Capsiplex reviews in the media

The media can’t get enough of this product The Sun, Chat Magazine, Daily Mail, and many other top publications have featuredCapsiplex.

It also sold over 50,000+ units in Harrods alone (top UK department store) during the launch weekend.

Currently, it’s being endorsed by UK actress and singer Roxanne Pallett, who dropped 2 dress sizes after taking the pills.

Real customer feedback

Okay so the clinical studies tell us that that the ingredients work, but where are the Capsiplex reviews? What exactly are real users of the product saying?

The proof is in the results after all! We spent a lot of time researching different forums, blogs, discussion boards, answer sites, and more, to find out if customers were happy with the results they experienced.

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Here are some excerpts are taken from a few of the reviews we found:

I have been taking these for 3 weeks and have lost 8lb until now since being on them.


I haven’t lost as much as I thought I would have by now (only 7lbs) but that is purely down to lack of time to exercise. I have found that they do give me  more energy and suppress my appetite as well.


I’ve now lost 6lbs!! I am now going to order my next batch as I only have one week’s supply left. It has really curbed my appetite and find myself getting full very quickly.

The main thing was that I didn’t have any nagging cravings for chocolate between meals and also found I got some great energy from the product.

Those are just a few Capsiplex reviews, but we feel they’re pretty indicative of what most customers are saying basically Capsiplex works well to curb cravings, suppress the appetite, and increase energy.

People are losing some weight without exercise, but the majority are experiencing the best results when they DO exercise in conjunction with taking the pills.

Capsiplex review conclusion

We weren’t particularly optimistic about this product when we first came across it there are just too many useless diet supplements out there, and very few produce any kind of weight loss results at all.capsiplex-website

However, we did feel that Capsiplex,  which also now has a new, stronger version, Capsiplex Plus, merited a closer look when we read the clinical studies in detail, and found that it was doctor endorsed.

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After checking out the Capsiplex reviews (real ones, not the biased reviews trying to sell the product!), we found that the majority of users are very happy with the results.

So do we recommend it? Unlike many other slimming pills we’ve come across, we must say that after reading all the positive Capsiplex reviews, this one is definitely worth a try.

There is way too much evidence to suggest that it does work as claimed to dismiss it. If you’re not sure, why not try a 1 month supply?

Or if you’re ready to embark on your weight-loss mission in earnest, you’ll save money by buying in bulk (depending on how much you want to lose, you’ll probably need to take the product for a few months anyway).

Click here to visit the official Capsiplex website

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