ProbioSlim Review

In this ProbioSlim review, we are going to find out if ProbioSlim is worth using or not.

About digestion

Digestion is one of the key processes that take place in the human body. Many people enjoy eating, but the significance of it goes past the great tastes that are synonymous with various foods.

The breakdown process associated with digestion is important as it is the precursor the absorption. Absorption is where the body takes the nutrients obtained from digestion, absorbs them into the bloodstream, then distributes them to the required parts of the body.

Of course, this process can only properly take place if digestion has also adequately occurred. Many people experience a myriad of digestive challenges. These can manifest themselves through symptoms of pain, discomfort, and various ailments.

These issues all contribute to a substandard digestion process, which results in various challenges for the body’s absorption function. This is where products like ProbioSlim come into play.

What Is ProbioSlim?

ProbioSlim is a digestive health and weight loss supplement that is said to greatly improve both processes, especially in those that are having complications with the same.

The digestion and weight loss improvements are achieved through a specially designed formula that uses natural weight loss ingredients, probiotics, and prebiotics. As the ingredients used are all-natural, ProbioSlim claims to offer a healthy alternative for weight loss and better digestion.

ProbioSlim’s BBB Profile

The Better Business Bureau is an organization that is geared towards the establishment of a trust in the marketplace. It does this by maintaining profiles of businesses with important information that can be used to gain an idea of not only the business’ nature, but also its track record where customers are concerned.

Based on the BBB profile, the ProbioSlim supplements are manufactured by a company known as ProbioSlim LLC. This is a retailer of various food supplements and vitamins, which include ProbioSlim, Digestive Enzyme Matrix, Yacon Root, etc.

The business has been operating for six years and has been BBB accredited for almost three years. Based on BBB evaluation of ProbioSlim’s communication with customers, the company is sitting on an A+ rating. The rating is accurate as the company has had 17 formal complaints in the last three years, which have all been resolved. Of these complaints, only four of these occurred within the last year.

So far, the company’s BBB profile has been outstanding. However, there are two areas of it that are major causes of concern. The first is the area of customer reviews. The company only has three reviews on its profile, and all three reviews are one-star ratings. This, therefore, means that the company is now sitting on an overall one-star rating statistic.

While the rating is a huge concern, even more, surprising is a government action notification that sits on the profile.

ProbioSlim’s Claims

The supplement is said to contain a potent tea leaf complex. This is intended to largely improve weight reduction, as well as provide caffeine. The result of this is supposedly an improved ability for the body to shed body fat.

Additionally, the product is said to contribute to efficient, healthy, and effortless digestion. This is largely due to a probiotic named LactoSpore, which has the following functions:

  • Bloating reduction
  • Digestion and absorption improvement
  • Contributing to a leaner aesthetic
  • Diarrhea reduction and prevention
  • Constipation reversal and prevention
  • Gas prevention

LactoSpore is made up of a bacterium known as Bacillus Coagulans, which is proven to both strengthen the immune system, and it also boosts your digestive process.

ProbioSlim is also said to promote good bacteria in the large intestine, which makes for a better bodily cleansing process. This process is further supported by Probioslim’s removal of various bodily toxins. These substances are removed via shedding, as the liver is stimulated to produce various enzymes the promote said shedding process.

The Ingredients

 ProbioSlim has a unique combination of ingredients that are blended to specifically target the digestive system and the body’s fat-burning hormones. The ingredients in ProbioSlim are:

  • Prebiotics – These are ingredients, which contribute to the growth and movement of microorganisms, which are beneficial. This includes the good bacteria that sit in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Probiotics – Microorganisms that provide various health benefits when they are ingested.
  • Kiwi extract – The kiwi fruit contains elements that reduce and combat the damage done to the body by activity associated with free radicals
  • Fig extract – A compound which is particularly useful in battling conditions such as diabetes
  • Papaya extract – Papayas are known for containing numerous essential nutrients for the body. This extract helps to allow these to flow through the body
  • Ficus Carica fruit extract – Improves nutritional intake and absorption processes
  • Caffeine – Contributes to energy production, while improving the body’s ability to suppress weight gain
  • Tea leaf complex – A powerful extract that provides many required antioxidants and helps to significantly boost the process of weight loss.
  • Camellia Sinensis leaf extract – A powerful extract that promotes healthier looking skin in humans.

Advantages of ProbioSlim

The claimed advantages of ProbioSlim are numerous and they provide much incentive for giving the product a try. Some of these advantages are:

  • Promotion of a natural weight reduction process through a formula that decreases insulin resistance and promotes fat burn
  • Reduced risk and elimination of existing digestion-related difficulties such as constipation and bloating
  • Improved energy because of the caffeinated nature of the product composition
  • Promotes a healthy and efficient digestive system, which results in not only better absorption, but also in less energy being used in the digestion process.
  • No known side effects exist
  • Increase of good bacteria in the large intestine, which results in a more efficient waste removal process
  • Healthy looking skin as a result of the skin’s PH level being balanced.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee that can be used if you are unsatisfied.

Disadvantages of ProbioSlim

Nothing is without its disadvantages, and those of ProbioSlim include:

  • FDA approval of this product is yet to take place.
  • The free trial option is not effectively communicated. It becomes a recurring cost when the trial ends without the consent of the consumer.
  • Caffeine has been known to cause issues in some persons.

Where to Buy ProbioSlim

ProbioSlim can be purchased through retailers such as Walmart and Amazon, so you can choose whichever is more convenient for you.

What Are People Saying?

There is a mixed bag of ProbioSlim reviewers across platforms like Amazon, where the product has a 3.6-star rating. A couple of reviews are as follows:

“This is not an appetite suppressant or a diet pill and honestly should be remarketed . It does promote proper digestion which can in turn help you lose weight but anyone looking for magic in any pill will be disappointed. Exercise and proper diet is the ONLY way to attain a healthy lifestyle, but these pills work wonders for digestion, and I’ll be buying them again for just that”.

“I can’t believe I fell for this. RIPOFF is all I can say.”

“Curbs my appetite and gives me more energy love it!”

On the other hand, the BBB reviews (as stated before) are not as warm. Here is one example of the same:

ProbioSlim advertises on the radio to receive a free sample. You pay shipping – mine was $3.24, and the free sample is great – you receive a full bottle. Unfortunately, the fine print that I do not recall seeing is that you are automatically enrolled in an auto-ship program, which happened to start not even one week after receiving my sample, so I could not tell you if I wanted to continue or not. As well, there is no reminder, no receipt, no nothing. I didn’t even know I was enrolled in this thing until my bank text me asking if it was a fraudulent transaction. It infuriates me that these businesses have no transparency!

Is ProbioSlim worth It?

There’s no denying that this product and other similar ones are in high demand. This understandable as people are willing to try various products in their pursuit of a healthier body.

Based on the ingredients in the product, the intention is a great one, and if it were executed well and achieved, then the case could be made that the product is worth it. However, since most reviews are either neutral or negative, it must be said that this product is not worth it.

A common sentiment among reviewers is that ProbioSlim is no more than a caffeine pill. While it is true that the effects of caffeine do have weight loss benefits, this supplement is not advertised in that manner. It is advertised as a digestive health and weight loss supplement.

There is also the problem that the sample program is linked to a recurring cost that you are automatically set up for without your consent.

There are alternatives available that have a much better track record, as you need a reliable supplement for things like a digestive improvement. The recommendation is that you shop around and check out some of these alternatives before deciding to make a purchase. Remember to consult your doctor before you begin taking any of these supplements.

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