Chromax Review 2020 – Side Effects & Ingredients

Chromax Review

chromaxChromax is a diet pill which claims, With the most clinically-tested and effective form of essential chromium available on the market today, Chromax chromium picolinate may be just what you need to increase your energy and take more control of your insulin health (website).

This Chromax review willreveal the good, bad, and ugly (and there is a lot) of Chromax diet pills.


Chromax Ingredients

Chromax contains only one ingredient: chromium picolinate. Chromax wants you to believe this is an ingredient with unequivocal clinical backing, but this is far from the truth.

There are several clinical studies that have found chromium picolinate contributes to weight loss; however, there are also many studies which have found the opposite to be true.

Because of the conflicting findings about chromium picolinate, we cannot recommend chromium picolinate.


FDA approval?

The Chromax website claims chromium picolinate has been deemed safe by the FDA.

They insinuate that Chromax has been approved by the FDA. THIS IS UNTRUE! The FDA does not approve supplements; Chromax has NOT been approved by the FDA.


FTC Investigation

In 1996, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) investigated Nutrition 21 (manufacturers of Chromax).not happy

They found that Nutrition 21 used misleading information about clinical studies in order to promote Chromax.

We were interested to find that Chromaxs claims are the same now as they were in 1996. Specifically, the FTC demanded that Nutrition 21 NOT claim that (pertaining to Chromax):

  • A. Such product reduces body fat;
  • B. Such product causes weight loss;
  • C. Such product causes weight loss without dieting or exercise;
  • D. Such product causes long-term or permanent weight loss;
  • E. Such product increases lean body mass or builds muscle;
  • F. Such product increases human metabolism;
  • G. Such product controls appetite or craving for sugar;
  • H. Such product reduces serum cholesterol;
  • I. Such product lowers elevated blood sugar levels;
  • J. Such product is effective in the treatment or prevention of diabetes; or
  • K. Ninety percent or any number or percentage of U.S. adults do not consume diets
  • with sufficient chromium to support normal insulin function, resulting in increased
  • risk of overweight, heart disease, elevated blood fat, high blood pressure, diabetes,
  • or any other adverse effect on health (
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Obviously we are not the only ones noticing the holes in Chromaxs claims.


Chromax Price

Chromax can be purchased for $18.99 for 75 capsules (for Extra Strength).

This is not very expensive for a diet pill, but considering the overwhelming amount of evidence against Chromax, you would have to pay me to get me to take Chromax diet pills!


Chromax Review Conclusion

This Chromax review finds that Chromax is misleading and ineffective.

The false claims about FDA approval as well as the investigative findings by the FTC make us very concerned about Chromax diet pills.

Save yourself some grief by taking a diet pill which includes proven ingredients in proven amounts.

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