Cuur Review 2014: Side Effects & Ingredients

cuurCuur is a Swedish weight loss supplement which is becoming widely popular in the U.S ((This doesn’t mean it’s any good. Popularity rarely does.)).

The Cuur website claims, “It’s different from other weight loss supplements because it’s all natural and clinically tested.” This is just one of many misleading statements made by Cuur.

Cuur is made by Scandinavian Clinical Nutrition (SCN), which, according to the Cuur website, “is a newly established Swedish company, focused on marketing, sales, research and development of nutraceuticals that are clinically proven safe and effective.”

If Cuur has been clinically proven safe and effective, the research results have not been released.


What is in Cuur?

  • CUUR Thurmogenic Proprietary Formula 659 mg*.
  • Green Tea Extract (As Camellia Sinensis Leaf) Standardized to contain active compound EGCG.
  • Birch Extract Betula alba (leaf).
  • Yerba Mate Extract IIlex Paraguariensis (leaf).
  • Coleus Forskohli Extract Plectranthus barbatus (root).

You will notice they list only the total amount of the “proprietary formula.” They do not say how much of each ingredient is in each capsule.

On the Cuur website under “Questions and Answers”, they disclose that “CUUR® contains 570 mg of EGCG – a key component found in green tea (per 3 capsules).”


What does the research on Cuur say?

The Cuur website claims an unpublished double-blind placebo controlled trial was conducted in Poland on Cuur. There have been no published research results on Cuur.

If the product is as good as they claim then why don’t they publish the study results? It leads us to wonder what they might be hiding.

Research has found that green tea can help in weight loss.

Betula alba is known for its soothing and purifying effect on the skin. It is commonly used in skin creams. There is no research to suggest it has any effect on weight loss.

Yerba mate has been proven to aid in weight loss when combined with guarana and damiana, but it has not been proven to provide the same results on its own.

One study on coleus forshkohli found, “Oral ingestion of forskolin (250 mg of 10% forskolin extract twice a day) for a 12-week period was shown to favorably alter body composition while concurrently increasing bone mass and serum free testosterone levels in overweight and obese men. The results indicate that forskolin is a possible therapeutic agent for the management and treatment of obesity.”

While the results of all these studies show the ingredients in Cuur can lead to weight loss, without knowing the exact amounts of each ingredient included in Cuur, it is hard to impossible to prove whether Cuur is effective in promoting weight loss (especially without disclosing the results of the Cuur trial itself).


Cuur’s Marketing

You have probably been exposed to Cuur’s advertising in some form. There are Cuur advertisements on television, radio, and in magazines.

The Cuur website claims Tom Arnold lost 30 pounds on Cuur. Cuur has also shown up as a sponsor at various award shows, giving out gift bags to celebrities.

The Cuur website is very visually appealing. There are pictures of celebrities and thin, beautiful women on nearly every page. Like many other weight loss supplement companies, Cuur gives only the bare minimum when it comes to product information.

You have to dig deep to find specific information (including the amount of green tea in the product as well as the return policy).

The website also offers a free 21-day trial (with $6.95 shipping and handling). Once again, they have fine print that you have to search for.

The catch is that after 21 days you’ll be charged $39.95. They continue to ship you more product every 30 days.

We’re talking about an obligatory autoship and as you may well know, we hate those things.


Cuur’s Other “Secrets”

“The Cuur Plan” includes three “secrets.” They include the Cuur supplement, a healthy diet, and proper exercise.

Who is to say (especially without published research findings) that weight loss is not coming mostly from improved diet and exercise? Apparently these “secrets” are not enough to keep weight off for any extended period of time.

The Cuur website recommends, “Once you have obtained your weight loss goals with proper supplementation, diet and exercise, you can simply reduce the serving size of CUUR® (1-2 capsules per day) to assist you in maintaining your desired weight.”



Cuur could be effective in promoting weight loss…or not. The results of clinical research done on Cuur have not been published. Why not?

Your guess is as good as mine, but it sure makes me wonder what they are hiding. Cuur is winning people over with their celebrity endorsements and flashy advertisements.

Don’t let yourself fall into the trap. Use a supplement that has actually been proven to work.

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