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If you are looking to lower your cholesterol or lose weight, you might have come across a product called “Nutrim.” This is an additive to your food, which essentially is additional soluble fiber. This can help with lowering cholesterol and losing weight. Let’s take a look at Nutrim and really see what it is and if it is known to work.

What is Nutrim?

As stated, Nutrim is a food additive. It was created by a chemist, Dr. George Inglett, from the Agricultural Research Service, which is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The fiber that makes up Nutrim is derived from barley and oats. It is called “beta-glucan,” and it is a supplement that can help people lower their cholesterol. However, when compared with other supplements, like red rice yeast, the effects of beta-glucan are fairly modest.

Nutrim is a powder that you can add to other foods. This includes smoothies, soups, desserts, salad dressing, spreads, and even meal-replacement beverages. It makes things creamier, which tricks you into thinking you are eating something “bad,” but in reality, it is essentially oat powder. It mixes into foods very well, doesn’t have a strong flavor, and you can even bake with it! There are several formulas available, including organic and gluten-free, and since it is non-gritty, you may not even realize you are ingesting it.

A Look at Nutrim’s BBB Profile

Nutrim is produced by a company called FutureCeutical. Located in Illinois, the company currently has a BBB grade of A+. However, this is not a BBB accredited business. According to the BBB website, there are no customer complaints nor customer reviews of this product as reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Product Information and How it Works

The company claims that you can add Nutrim to any diet. It is safe and healthy, and it provides a good way to add more soluble fiber to your diet. In fact, the American Heart Association and the National Cholesterol Education Program both recommend soluble fiber, from substances like oats, for improving cholesterol numbers.

Nutrim is a very fine powder, and as mentioned, you can mix it into a variety of foods. Specifically, people like to mix it into their morning juice, milk, coffee, or tea. They also add it to their breakfast smoothies or into hot soup or cereals. Additionally, people use Nutrim to thicken gravy, stews, and sauces, and they even use it as a partial flour substitute when baking.

Another interesting thing about Nutrim is that it qualifies for a Heart Health Claim from the FDA. Each serving contains 750 mg of beta-glucans from oats. This means that it qualifies for the Heart Health Claim. This is unique as there are so many products and supplements out there that claim they lower cholesterol, but they do not qualify for the FDA Heart Health Claim. Nutrim does not have any synthetic chemicals, and it is naturally processed.

There are no safety issues that you need to worry about with Nutrim, unless you have an oat allergy. Since it is made from oats, people with an oat allergy should not consume it. The product is safe for diabetics and those with lactose intolerance. It is also vegan.

The company claims that Nutrim offers high levels of beta-glucan; more than one might get from simply eating a bowl of oatmeal. According to the Nutrim website, this product lowers cholesterol through the following mechanisms:

  • The beta-glucan that comes from oats works with the natural way the body cleans itself of cholesterol. Essentially, the body has the ability to push out excess cholesterol. The problem is, however, that a lot of that is then reabsorbed…so the more you eat, the higher the number goes. But, the beta-glucan actually binds to liver bile, which is what moves the cholesterol out of the body, and this results in lower cholesterol.
  • Oat beta-glucans also can bind to the cholesterol that we get from the food we are eating. So, it is helping to remove the cholesterol before it is even absorbed.
  • It is also possible that oat beta-glucans can bind to the trans-fats and saturated fats in food, which helps them to flush out before they are absorbed. These types of fats are associated with higher cholesterol.
  • Probiotics can turn beta-glucan from oats into a substance that blocks cholesterol production from the liver. When enough of them are present, they block the production of cholesterol.

Oats have been recommended for people for many years to improve heart health. In fact, brands like Quaker Oatmeal and Cheerios, both made of oats, claim in their advertisements that their products are heart healthy. The FDA even backs that up, and Nutrim is much the same. The only difference is the way it is ingested.

The FDA approved the definitive link between oats and the fact that they lower cholesterol in 1997. Since then, the evidence has even gotten stronger. Oatmeal has a lot of soluble fiber, which lowers LDL levels. As shown above, Nutrim, specifically soluble fiber/ beta-glucan, may work in a number of ways. In fact, in some studies, using beta-glucan like Nutrim can lower cholesterol as much as, or even better than, prescription drugs.

There was also a specific study done with Nutrim to support this evidence. 38 men, all of whom were overweight, were either given Nutrim or whole wheat bread. Other than that, the men all ate an identical diet. They also walked 60 minutes each day.

At the conclusion of the study, the men who had consumed the Nutrim had lowered their cholesterol and lost weight when compared to the men who had the whole wheat bread.

Potential Side Effects of Nutrim

Since Nutrim is essentially a fiber supplement, people who take it should expect similar side effects as other fiber supplements. There are no serious side effects that can come from this product, but some people report abdominal pain, gas, and loose stools after using this product. People who have an allergy to oats should not take Nutrim, as it is almost all oat. If you experience any of these side effects, it is recommended that you start with Nutrim once a day instead of twice a day, and then slowly increase the dosage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nutrim

When looking at Nutrim, there are a couple of advantages and disadvantages that you might want to be aware of. Here are some of them:


  • Relatively safe to use with minimal side effects
  • Easy to take; simply mix it in with your favorite foods
  • Beta-glucan is highly researched


  • Can cause abdominal distress
  • You have to consume it exactly as recommended to see results

How to Buy Nutrim

There are a number of ways that you can buy Nutrim if you are interested in trying it.

The first way is to buy Nutrim directly from the manufacturer. On the company website, ( you have several options:

  • Nutrim – 30 serving option – $25
  • Nutrim – 120 serving option – $75
  • Nutrim Success Kit – 60 servings with a “Lower Cholesterol Naturally: Success Guide” – $60
  • Two Nutrim 120 serving tubs – $140

You can also buy Nutrim from,, and other online retailers. It is fairly easy to find when shopping online. Additionally, you can buy Nutrim from many drug stores and grocery stores.

Nutrim Refund Policy

If you buy Nutrim, and you are unhappy for any reason, the company advises customers to contract them immediately. It has a 90-day return policy for a full refund of the product.

What Are People Saying About Nutrim?

People seem to really like the Nutrim product. There are more than 300 reviews on, for instance, and it has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

Here is one review from –

“I originally purchased this product in June 2018 and started taking it in July 2018. I didn’t want to write a review until after I had my labs so here’s my review. Before I started taking this my cholesterol was 245 and my doctor wanted to place me on cholesterol medication. I opted to try and get this number down with exercise (nothing drastic just walking about 3 miles 5 days a week at a gym), taking the Nutrim and changing my eating habits. I had labs done this month (November 2018) and my cholesterol is at 193 (which is desirable). Any number less than 200 is perfect!! Long story short- I AM TOTALLY PLEASED WITH THIS PRODUCT! I began by taking it twice daily everyday in a cup of hot tea and gradually switched to once a day (sometimes skipping a few days). Nutrim has me for a customer for life!”

Is Nutrim Worth It?

If you are looking for a product to help to control your cholesterol, Nutrim may be a good option. There is certainly research that supports the company’s claims that this product can lower cholesterol. There is not, however, a lot of evidence that this product will help you lose weight.

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  1. Why is Nutrim not certified organic? Why do they not test for glyphosate residue? Most conventionally grown oats whether GMO or Non-GMO have high glyphosate residue. At this price, we should expect more from the company!

  2. Why doesn’t the Nutrim come in soft gel pills? Can’t it be made like that or is it because you need MORE of the powder form and pills can’t handle that

  3. There is so little fiber in one serving of Nutrim (less than 1 gram). I am not getting the advantage of taking it versus metamucil which has 5 grams of soluble fiber

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