Lipovox Review 2014: Side Effects & Ingredients

lipovoxLipovox is one of my favorite diet pills. Not because it has some amazing ingredients (though they do score points for being unique) or flashy packaging, but because they have the most unique sales pitch Iíve ever read.


The Lipovox Story

They let it start out in the serene state of Hawaii.

The gist of it is (and I canít confirm the veracity of the story, entertainingĖyes, true? Who knows. Itís probably somewhere in between) that a college student was watching Oprah where a certain Dr. Perricone was on the show talking about superfoods that combat the bodyís natural aging process.

The end of the story is that people not only improved their skin, but also lost weight. Too good to be true? I took a closer look.


Ingredients (the ďSuperfoodsĒ)

One of the superfoods listed is wheatgrass, which I reviewed (Iím neutral on itĖhealthy, yes, but does it do all the things proponents claim it can do? Research is lacking).

ďAnything from the ĎAllium FamilyíĒ includes garlic, which is what Lipovox includes. Garlic is a very healthy supplement. I took an in-depth look at garlic earlier today.

The full list of Lipovox ingredients (there are a ton):

I hope to eventually review all of the ingredients included in Lipovox, but the heavy hitting weight loss ingredient (Green Tea) is already covered. Flaxseed and Buckwheat should help with appetite suppression and itís a given that Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a healthy probiotic.

Itís a tossup. They donít provide supplement facts, so itís impossible to tell how much of these ingredients are in Lipovox.

As you can read in my review of Green Tea, research indicates that Green Tea does increase the metabolic rate and, hence, help you burn more calories. These other ingredients are healthful so all in all, the ingredient profile here is pretty strong.


Customer Service

Email #1

I emailed Lipovox customer service and inquired about ďmy orderĒ that I had placed two weeks before. I didnít act irate, but the tone of my email was certainly one of annoyance. They responded in 10 minutesĖliterally. I thought that was a bit of an anomaly (maybe they were doing emails right then and I got lucky).

Email #2

So I sent another the next day from a different email address under a different name, different wording but similar situation. The response came back in three hours.

You may consider implementing this customer service strategy with any company where youíre considering purchasing. Itís important that you donít just inquire about purchasing. Of course theyíre going to answer that one quickly. You have to pretend youíve already purchased and gauge their willingness to respond you once they already have your money.

LipovoxĎ customer service team passed my little test.


Lipovox Acne Spin

I donít know how I feel about Dr. Perricone. It seems to me itís just his way of making a buck. If your skin does improve taking Lipovox, just consider it gravy ó I wouldnít buy this as a skin care pill. I would buy it as a weight loss pill with a potential side benefit.



If you read this site for longer than about three minutes youíll realize that I donít put any stock in testimonials as they are written on a companyís website. Those are far too easy to fabricate.

I do attempt to find feedback about products that come from actual users of the product. Internet forums donít help. Anyone can post there. Blogs donít help. Anyone can leave a comment. Amazon? Thatís a bit better. Though even with Amazon, anyone can leave a review. eBay? eBayís a special case and one that I like. You can only give feedback if youíre on record as having purchased that product from that seller.

I found Lipovox for sale on eBay and it appears that the Lipovox company is the outlet there. I contacted the seller and verified that they are indeed the same company as Theyíre feedback there, as of this writing, is at 98.5% ó with over 50,000 feedback ratings! I couldnít believe their success there.

Now, eBay feedback taken into consideration, maybe this college kid really did stumble onto something. I donít put a lot of stock into the superfoods, as Iíve already mentioned, but Iím having a hard time coming up with the reason why in the face of their actual customer feedback.


The Good and the Bad


I donít like when companies place images of magazines on their site to somehow add credibility. Lipovox did that with their Oprah, Shape, Fitness, and Self magazines spread across the top. Yes, Oprah talked about the superfoods with Dr. Perricone, but that is hardly an endorsement for Lipovox specifically.

They donít provide supplement facts. Not many do without some sort of proprietary blend (off the top of my head, Fenphedra does) I wish the Lipovox company would.

They donít provide a lot of information about the company behind Lipovox. While Iím put at ease when they respond to emails so quickly, I still wish theyíd maybe say how long theyíve been around (from the ebay presence, I would say itís several yearsĖprobably 3 or 4).


Green Tea is an effective ingredient for weight loss and they have it in there. The other ingredients are certainly healthful.

They offer a moneyback guarantee and donít try and rope you into some crappy, rip-off autoship like thermocerin and lipocerin.

Side effects are not very likely since the ingredients are natural.


Where to buy

A one month supply of Lipovox can be found at Amazon for $23.95 + $3.99 shipping.


Overall Conclusion

New spin on an old problem, astounding track record on ebay, a bit hypey on the marketing side, but overall a contender in the diet pill market. I give Lipovox a red†light.

You may want to consider a product such as†Phen375†if you want something better.

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