Biphedadrene Review

Biphedadrene Review

Biphedadrene is a controversial weight-loss pill that has staged a dramatic comeback after months of disappearance from the market because of high demand. Of course, critics regard this marketing hype as ridiculous, unbelievable, and a strain on the imagination.

Furthermore, this pill is a source of intense debate, confusing contradictions, and extreme opinions among users, reviewers, drug monitoring bodies, and distributors.

What makes things worse is the absence of information on this pill including ingredients used, product features, warnings, disclaimers, availability, reviews, testimonies etc. from its product website which simply contains a long-winding endorsement by a freelance product writer, Tiffany Strobel, who at least identifies Generix Laboratories in Salt Lake City, Utah as the manufacturer of this pill.


How Biphedadrene Works

Biphedadrene ads promise effective suppression of appetite and burning of fat which accelerates the loss of weight combined with an exercise routine and a healthy balanced diet.

It helps speed up weight loss particularly for those with extreme weight problems. This amphetamine-like compound boosts metabolism as it suppresses appetite and burns off excess fat.

Its product website claims that this highly popular weight-loss pill has a two-part system comprised of a unique Complex Phenylethylamine Provisional that results in appetite control, mood-elevation, and energy stimulation combined with a thermogenic compound for fat burning and stamina.


Biphedadrene Ingredients

A list of ingredients for this pill is not available on its official website. Hence, we purchased a supplement and found this enumeration of ingredients:

Complex Phenylethamine Provisional is a proprietary blend containing 489mg of the following ingredients.

  • Trimethylxanthine (caffeine)
  • Damiana leaf extract
  • ethamine called PEA
  • heobromine from cocoa extract
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This diet pill also contains Niacin 10mg.

Aggressive Thermogenic Compound is a proprietary blend containing 489mg of combined ingredients:

  • Ilex Paraguariensis AKA good old Yerba Mate leaf
  • Methylantine
  • Turnura Diffusa extract
  • Cayenne powder
  • Cutch tree extract (Acacia catechu extract)
  • 5HTP L Dopa

The source website of this listing contains an explanation of each of these ingredients.


Biphedadrene Side Effects

Weight loss monitoring websites show skepticism for this pill despite its claims and suspect that it causes insomnia, jitters, increased heart rate, and blood pressure.

In fact, numerous users complain that taking the pill made them feel sick. Many felt irritated and jittery. A common experience is that the pill made many users feel hungry.

Others felt gastric pains. A number of users also observe that they felt nothing after taking the pill with no increase in energy levels and no loss of weight.

These possible negative effects make it unsafe, or even dangerous, for consumption particularly by pregnant or nursing women, children under 18 years old, and people who have heart and related conditions.

Positive testimonies of product users, on the other hand, range from experiences of actual weight loss, the control of appetite after taking the pill, and an increase of energy.

Clearly, on the basis of user feedback, the negative effects far outweigh the benefits that the pill brings.


Biphedadrene Availability

Biphedadrene is advertised as available through GNC and Amazon starting at $75 inclusive of handling and shipping costs for a 15 days supply of 60 pills.

The product website contains a 100% money-back guarantee at the place of purchase within 30 days for unsatisfied customers.

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At the same time, customers complain that procedures for the return of the merchandise are not informative enough to facilitate the return of goods purchased.

A user, in fact, complained that the establishment would not take back the merchandise and return the money for the purchase.


Biphedadrene Review Conclusion

As a whole, diet monitoring websites do not encourage the use of biphedadrene for the following reasons: the expensiveness of the product, the absence of guarantees, clear refund policies, basic information, and scientific research studies affirming the quality of the product, the unresolved contradictions regarding the actual results of consuming this product, and the limited number of positive reviews by customers regarding the effects of this weight-loss pill.

At the worst, one website explains that it cannot find any good reason for endorsing the product/supplement and further enumerates the following reasons under disadvantages in supporting this product: expensiveness, inadequate product information, misleading and irresponsible advertising, and its negative side effects.

One controversial clause These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease is found among the product endorsement websites for biphedadrene including its official website.

This means that the marketing claims as advertised by its distributors regarding the features of the product have not been cleared by the proper government regulatory body.

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