Bach Rescue Sleep Spray Review 2024 – Side Effects & Ingredients

In the quest for a peaceful night’s sleep, many turn to natural remedies to help ease their minds into restfulness. Among the plethora of options, one stands out for its unique blend of ingredients and ease of use: Bach Rescue Sleep Spray. This innovative product promises to blend the traditional wisdom of flower essences with modern convenience, offering a natural solution for those restless nights. In this review, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Bach Rescue Sleep Spray, exploring its composition, effectiveness, and how it differentiates itself in the crowded market of sleep aids. Whether you’re struggling with occasional sleeplessness or looking for a gentle aid to enhance your nighttime routine, join us as we uncover the potential of Bach Rescue Sleep Spray to transform your sleep experience.

Ingredients of Bach Rescue Sleep Spray

The Bach Rescue Sleep Spray contains the following active ingredients, each with its own specific purpose:

  1. White Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum): Aimed at providing relief from repetitive thoughts, helping to calm the mind for a restful sleep​​​​​​.
  2. Rock Rose (Helianthemum nummularium): Adds courage and presence of mind, particularly useful in facing terror or extreme fear​​​​​​.
  3. Clematis (Clematis vitalba): Intended to help maintain focus when feeling ungrounded, encouraging a more present and engaged mindset​​​​​​.
  4. Impatiens (Impatiens glandulifera): Offers patience with problems and people, easing irritability and tension​​​​​​.
  5. Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera): Helps to maintain a balanced mind, particularly when there’s a fear of losing control​​​​​​.
  6. Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum): Used to soften the impact of shock or trauma, contributing to emotional equilibrium​​​​​​.

Potential Side Effects of Bach Rescue Sleep Spray

Here’s a list of potential side effects and information about each related to Bach Rescue Sleep Spray:

  1. No Specific Side Effects Listed: The product does not list specific side effects, but advises caution for pregnant or nursing women and children under 6 without a doctor’s approval. It also warns against getting the spray in the eyes​​.
  2. Risk to Alcoholics: The alcohol preservatives in the product may pose a risk to recovering alcoholics due to trace amounts of peach brandy used as a preservative, which may trigger cravings for alcohol​​.
  3. Headaches: In clinical trials, two participants reported developing headaches, with one withdrawing due to this side effect​​.
  4. Skin Rash: There was a report of one person developing a skin rash, potentially due to contaminants, an allergy to compounds in peach brandy, or an unrelated reaction​​.
  5. Psychological Dependence: While flower essences in the product cannot cause addiction, there may be a risk of psychological dependence due to its use as a calming ritual or treatment for anxiety​​.
  6. Alcohol-Induced Sedation: The high alcohol content (27%) in Rescue Sleep may contribute to sedation, but it’s not an ideal or safe sedative as it can also act as a stimulant, potentially leading to fitful sleep and disruptive sleep patterns​​.
  7. Placebo Effect: Some studies suggest that any perceived benefits from Bach flower remedies, including Rescue Sleep, might be due to a placebo effect rather than the therapeutic properties of the ingredients​​.

What people are saying about Bach Rescue Sleep Spray

Bach Rescue Sleep Spray has garnered a range of opinions from users. Some have found it to be an effective sleep aid, appreciating its use of natural flower essences and the absence of melatonin, making it a suitable alternative for those looking for a sleep aid without melatonin. It’s highlighted for its gluten-free and vegan-friendly attributes. The spray combines a blend of five Bach Original Flower Remedies with the addition of White Chestnut, aimed at calming restless minds and addressing sleeplessness related to stress and repetitive thoughts.

Reviews on platforms like reflect a generally positive reception, with a substantial number of users rating it highly and commending its efficacy in promoting sleep and reducing stress. However, as with any product, there are also users who did not find it as effective, with some questioning its benefits and labeling it as ineffectual for their needs.

Despite the mixed reviews, the Bach Rescue Sleep Spray remains a popular choice for those seeking a natural remedy to improve their sleep quality and manage stress-related sleep disturbances​​​​.

About the company behind Bach Rescue Sleep Spray

The company behind Bach Rescue Sleep Spray is part of a larger group known for leveraging natural remedies for stress relief and sleep support. This brand is deeply rooted in the original discoveries of Dr. Edward Bach from the 1930s, who found that certain flower essences could have a profound effect on managing emotional imbalances. The Rescue Sleep Spray, in particular, is formulated with a blend of five Bach Original Flower Remedies plus White Chestnut, specifically chosen for their properties that help calm repetitive thoughts and provide relief from stress, thus promoting a natural night’s sleep.

The company is committed to maintaining the integrity and authenticity of Dr. Bach’s original findings, ensuring that the products, including the Rescue Sleep Spray, continue to be made using flowers hand-picked from the original gardens in Oxfordshire, UK. This dedication to quality and heritage is a cornerstone of the brand’s philosophy, emphasizing natural, non-habit-forming solutions for everyday stress and sleep challenges.

The Rescue Sleep Spray is designed to be easy to use, with a non-aerosol pump and natural active ingredients, making it a convenient choice for those seeking a non-narcotic and non-habit-forming sleep aid. It’s part of a broader range of products that cater to various needs, including stress relief during the day and sleep support at night, all reflecting the company’s expertise in harnessing the power of nature to provide comfort and support in times of emotional demand.

A look at Bach Rescue Sleep Spray’s BBB profile

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Where to buy and price of Bach Rescue Sleep Spray

You can buy Bach Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts at Walgreens. The price for a pack containing 28 liquid melts is $10.79. Additionally, you might find a promotional offer such as an extra 20% off when spending $40 or more with a specific code​​.

What is the refund policy of Bach Rescue Sleep Spray

Life Pharmacy Online has a specific policy for returning subscription products purchased from their website. If you’re not completely satisfied with a subscription product like the Bach Rescue Sleep Spray, you can return it provided it meets certain conditions. The product must have been purchased within the last 30 days, be unopened, in its original condition, and eligible for return. To initiate a return, you should email Life Pharmacy Online with your order number, the product you wish to return, and the reason for the return. They will then provide further instructions​​.

For general information about Rescue Sleep® Spray, including its composition and usage, the product is made with a blend of 6 Bach® flowers and is designed to help stop repetitive thoughts, allowing you to fall asleep naturally and wake refreshed. The spray is non-narcotic, non-habit forming, and contains natural active ingredients. It is available in two sizes and is ideal for keeping by your bedside or in an overnight bag for easy use​​.

Bach Rescue Sleep Spray contact information

To contact Bach Rescue Sleep Spray, you can purchase the product from the website or by calling 800.214.2850

Pros and cons of Bach Rescue Sleep Spray

Bach Rescue Sleep Spray is designed to aid those struggling with sleeplessness by utilizing a blend of Bach flower remedies. Here’s a summary of its pros and cons:


  • Natural Ingredients: It consists of six active flower essences, including White Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, and Rock Rose, aimed at calming the mind and easing tension to facilitate sleep.
  • Non-Habit Forming: The product is marketed as a non-habit-forming sleep aid, providing a natural alternative for those seeking relief from occasional sleeplessness without the risk of dependency.
  • Variety of Forms: Available in spray, liquid melts, and even an alcohol-free version, offering flexibility in how the product can be used based on personal preferences.
  • Positive Reviews: Some users have reported beneficial effects, noting improvements in their ability to relax and fall asleep more easily.


  • Mixed Effectiveness: While some users have found the product helpful, others report little to no effect on their sleep quality, suggesting variability in individual responses.
  • Alcohol Content: The standard version contains 27% alcohol, which might be concerning for some users. However, an alcohol-free version is also available for those who prefer it.
  • Limited Research: The effectiveness of Bach flower remedies, including those in Rescue Sleep, is debated within the scientific community, with some studies suggesting effects may be comparable to placebo.
  • Price: The cost may be a consideration for some, with prices varying depending on the size and type of product chosen.

Is Bach Rescue Sleep Spray worth a try?

Bach Rescue Sleep Spray has received mixed reviews regarding its effectiveness as a sleep aid. A personal account on NoSleeplessNights found that after testing both the standard Rescue Remedy and the Rescue Night versions, there was no noticeable improvement in sleep quality or stress reduction. The review also highlighted the absence of clinical evidence supporting the efficacy of Bach Flower Remedies, including Rescue Sleep Spray, beyond a placebo effect.

The Sleep Foundation, on the other hand, mentions that Bach Rescue Sleep Spray is a good alternative for those looking for a sleep aid without melatonin. It uses natural flower essences and is gluten-free and vegan-friendly, which could appeal to individuals with specific dietary preferences or requirements.

Insomnia Report gives Bach Rescue Sleep products a moderate overall rating, noting that while the ingredients are known for their calming properties, customer reviews are mixed. Some users report improvements in their sleep issues, while others do not find these products helpful. The website also mentions that the manufacturer offers a limited return policy, which does not apply to opened or used products.

Bach Rescue Sleep Spray FAQ

  1. What is Bach Rescue Sleep Spray?
    Bach Rescue Sleep Spray is designed to help ease the mind, reduce stress and tension, and assist with falling asleep quickly. It’s a non-narcotic and non-habit forming sleep aid with natural active ingredients, intended to provide a natural night’s rest and leave you feeling refreshed in the morning.
  2. What are the active ingredients in Bach Rescue Sleep Spray?
    The spray contains a blend of six active ingredients, including White Chestnut for easing a restless mind, Star of Bethlehem for trauma and shock, Clematis for focus, Cherry Plum for control, Impatiens for patience, and Rock Rose for courage.
  3. How do you use Bach Rescue Sleep Spray?
    For the sleep spray, apply 2 sprays directly onto your tongue right before bedtime. Additional sprays can be used as needed throughout the night. The application is designed to be quick and simple, making it suitable for use right before sleep or during the night if you wake up.
  4. Are there any side effects or warnings associated with Bach Rescue Sleep Spray?
    There are no specific side effects listed for the product; however, it comes with warnings similar to other sleep aids. It advises stopping use and consulting a doctor if sleeplessness persists for more than two weeks, as insomnia can be a symptom of a serious underlying medical condition. It also advises against use in children under 12 without a doctor’s approval and if pregnant or breastfeeding, to seek advice from a health professional before use.
  5. What sizes does Bach Rescue Sleep Spray come in, and where can it be purchased?
    Bach Rescue Sleep Spray is available in two sizes: a 7ml bottle and a 20ml bottle. You can purchase it through the manufacturer’s website and on third-party websites such as Amazon. Prices may vary depending on the size and the retailer.
  6. What is the manufacturer’s commitment or return policy?
    The manufacturer offers a limited return policy, allowing returns within three months for products that have not been opened or used. Refunds are not issued for products returned damaged or for opened products.
  7. Customer reviews and ratings:
    Customer reviews are mixed, with many positive reviews highlighting its effectiveness in improving sleep disorders with natural ingredients. However, there are also negative reviews, suggesting it may only help relieve basic sleep problems. About half of the users report satisfactory results, while others did not find it as effective.

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