BurnerTEK Review 2024 – Side Effects & Ingredients

In the ever-expanding world of fitness and weight management, finding a supplement that not only promises but also delivers is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Enter BurnerTEK, a revolutionary fat-burning supplement that has been making waves in the health and wellness industry. This comprehensive review dives deep into the heart of what makes BurnerTEK stand out from the crowd, analyzing its unique blend of natural ingredients, effectiveness, and how it compares to other products on the market.

BurnerTEK is designed for those who are serious about shedding unwanted fat and sculpting their bodies to perfection. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to overcome a plateau or someone just starting their weight loss journey, BurnerTEK claims to offer a solution that boosts metabolism, increases energy levels, and accelerates fat loss in a safe and natural way. But does it live up to the hype? Our in-depth review will cover everything you need to know about BurnerTEK, from its ingredient list and potential side effects to customer testimonials and price comparison.

BurnerTEK Review 2024 - Side Effects & Ingredients

Ingredients of BurnerTEK

BurnerTEK contains a blend of ingredients that target fat loss through various mechanisms such as boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite, and enhancing energy levels. Here’s a summary of its key ingredients:

  1. Green Tea Extract (500mg): Known for its fat-burning properties, primarily due to caffeine and catechins like EGCG, which promote fat loss and improve heart health.
  2. Glucomannan (500mg): A fiber that can suppress appetite by expanding in the stomach, making you feel fuller.
  3. Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg): Boosts metabolism and energy levels, while also helping to suppress appetite.
  4. Green Coffee Bean Extract (150mg): Contains chlorogenic acid, which can reduce carbohydrate absorption and assist with weight loss.
  5. Garcinia Fruit Extract (150mg): Contains hydroxycitric acid, thought to prevent the storage of new fat cells and suppress appetite.
  6. L-Carnitine Tartrate (145mg): Aids in transporting fats into mitochondria for energy production, potentially supporting weight loss.
  7. Cayenne Pepper (100mg): A thermogenic ingredient that can boost metabolism and aid in fat burning.
  8. Turmeric Root Powder (100mg): Although popular for its health benefits, its direct impact on fat loss is not well-established.
  9. B-Complex Vitamins: Includes B3, B6, and B12, which help convert food into energy, supporting metabolism.
  10. Chromium Picolinate (100mcg): May help stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce cravings.

Each ingredient plays a role in supporting fat loss, either by enhancing metabolic rates, reducing appetite, or improving energy levels for better workout performance. However, effectiveness can vary based on individual responses and the combination of a healthy diet and exercise regimen​​​​​​.

Potential Side Effects of BurnerTEK

Based on the information gathered from various sources, potential side effects associated with BurnerTEK’s ingredients include:

  1. Bloating and Nausea: Some of the components in BurnerTEK, such as glucomannan and caffeine, might lead to gastrointestinal discomfort including bloating and nausea for some individuals​​.
  2. Insufficient Dosage Concerns: While not a direct side effect, the under-dosing of certain ingredients like glucomannan in BurnerTEK may not deliver the full benefits expected from these ingredients. For glucomannan, specifically, a much higher dosage than what’s provided in BurnerTEK is typically required to experience significant appetite suppression​​.
  3. Caffeine Sensitivity: Given the inclusion of caffeine anhydrous, individuals with sensitivity to caffeine might experience side effects such as jitters, restlessness, and difficulty sleeping. The dose in BurnerTEK is high enough to provide benefits but could pose risks to those sensitive to caffeine​​.
  4. Inadequate L-Carnitine Dosage: The L-Carnitine dosage in BurnerTEK is lower than what’s considered effective for enhancing physical performance, which could limit its effectiveness for this purpose. However, for those sensitive to supplements, even a lower dose may lead to side effects not specified due to individual differences​​.

These potential side effects and concerns highlight the importance of consulting with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially for individuals with existing health conditions or those who are particularly sensitive to ingredients like caffeine.

What people are saying about BurnerTEK

BurnerTEK has garnered a mix of reviews from users and experts alike, highlighting both its potential benefits and drawbacks. According to Nutshell Nutrition, BurnerTEK is formulated with B-complex vitamins and other ingredients intended to support fat burning, energy conversion, and metabolism enhancement. It aims to recondition the body’s fat burning processes, inhibit future fat storage, and suppress appetite through thermogenesis. However, they also note that some of its ingredients may cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and increased heart rate among others​​. The Supplement Reviews offers a breakdown of BurnerTEK’s ingredients, highlighting its use of green tea extract, glucomannan, caffeine anhydrous, and other components known for their fat-burning properties. They suggest that the ingredients are potent and backed by studies that support their efficacy in weight loss. However, they also emphasize the importance of a calorie-restricted diet and regular exercise for optimal results​​.

Supplement Critique points out the high caffeine content in BurnerTEK, equivalent to more than three cups of coffee, which could be a concern for those sensitive to caffeine. They commend its comprehensive formula that targets various aspects of weight loss but advise starting with a half dose to monitor body response due to the potential for jitters or sleeplessness​​. LeanBulking appreciates BurnerTEK’s ingredient list for including proven fat burners like green tea leaf extract and cayenne pepper but criticizes the underdosing of glucomannan and the inclusion of less effective ingredients like turmeric root powder. They place BurnerTEK second on their top fat burners list, indicating its effectiveness yet noting some formulation shortcomings​​.

Diets in Review raises concerns about potential side effects due to the stimulants in BurnerTEK, such as upset stomach and sleep disturbances. They note the formula’s similarity to other weight loss supplements on the market and question its uniqueness. Customer feedback is mixed, with some reporting energy boosts and weight loss, while others saw no significant results​​.

About the company behind BurnerTEK

The company behind BurnerTEK is TEK Naturals Inc., which is based in Mount Pleasant, SC. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for their products, and they provide an auto-ship program at a discounted rate. TEK Naturals recommends using their product for 3 to 6 months alongside a serious workout program for optimal effects. However, no evidence is provided to support the specific time period for results to occur, and the company’s practices are not detailed on third-party websites​​.

A look at BurnerTEK’s BBB profile

TEK Naturals, the company behind BurnerTEK, is not BBB accredited, and it has a BBB rating of NR (Not Rated). There are no customer reviews or complaints filed against the company on the BBB website as of now.

Where to buy and price of BurnerTEK

BurnerTEK is a fat-burning supplement that aims to target stubborn fat areas like belly fat and man boobs, among other benefits. It is designed by TEK Naturals and boasts a blend of 12 potent ingredients, which are said to be clinically researched and safe for consumption. The product works through a three-pronged approach focusing on existing fat layers, blocking future fat accumulation, and reducing appetite naturally.

You can purchase BurnerTEK directly from the product’s official website or platforms like Amazon, ensuring you get an authentic supplement. The standard price for a bottle of BurnerTEK capsules is listed at $69.99, but there are often offers that reduce the price to $59.99. Additionally, there’s a special offer that includes a 10% discount coupon code (“DONTGO10”), a $10 discount, and free shipping when ordered through the official website. Each bottle contains 90 pills, which is intended to last for 30 days with the recommended dosage being either one capsule thrice a day or all three capsules after a healthy breakfast.

What is the refund policy of BurnerTEK

BurnerTEK offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its customers, but this refund policy applies only after the unused product is returned. This policy ensures that customers who are not satisfied with their purchase have the option to return the product within a specified timeframe, provided that it has not been used​​​​.

BurnerTEK contact information

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Pros and cons of BurnerTEK

BurnerTEK is a fat burner supplement that has garnered attention for its blend of ingredients aimed at aiding weight loss. Below are the pros and cons of BurnerTEK based on information from various reviews.


  • Contains Proven Fat Burners: Ingredients like caffeine, green tea extract, and cayenne pepper are backed by scientific evidence for their fat-burning capabilities​​​​.
  • 100% Natural Components: The product claims to use entirely natural ingredients, making it suitable for vegetarians​​.
  • Scientific Evidence: The supplement includes ingredients that have scientific support for their claims of aiding in fat burning and overall health improvement​​.
  • Energy Boost: BurnerTEK is praised for providing significant energy boosts, which can enhance exercise performance and calorie burning​​.
  • Appetite Suppression: Certain ingredients, such as glucomannan, are known to help reduce cravings and make you feel full, supporting weight loss efforts​​.
  • Potential for Muscle Preservation: It may help in cutting fat without causing muscle loss, which is particularly beneficial for bodybuilders and athletes​​.


  • High Caffeine Content: The product contains a considerable amount of caffeine, which may cause sensitivity in some individuals​​​​.
  • Possible Side Effects: Some users may experience side effects such as nausea, vomiting, restlessness, increased heart rate, and others due to the potent blend of stimulants​​.
  • Ingredient Concerns: Garcinia fruit extract, included in the formula, has been linked to potential health risks, including serious liver complaints​​.
  • Dosing Issues: Some ingredients might be underdosed or overdosed, affecting the product’s efficacy and safety​​.
  • Cost: While competitively priced, some users may find the product more expensive than other fat burners offering similar benefits​​.
  • Marketing Claims vs. Reality: Some claims made by the manufacturer may not fully align with user experiences and scientific evidence​​.

BurnerTEK’s effectiveness appears to depend significantly on individual responses to its ingredients and their respective dosages. It’s recommended to combine any fat burner with a calorie-restricted diet and a regular exercise program for optimal results. Moreover, considering the potential side effects and ingredient concerns, it might be wise to consult with a healthcare professional before starting BurnerTEK or any other dietary supplement regimen.

Is BurnerTEK worth a try?

Deciding whether BurnerTEK is worth trying depends on various factors, including personal health goals, sensitivity to caffeine, and expectations from a dietary supplement. BurnerTEK works by reconditioning the body to burn existing and potential fat through a process of thermogenesis, boosting metabolism, and suppressing appetite. It contains B-Complex vitamins that play a significant role in converting fats, carbohydrates, and sugars into energy, thus aiding weight loss​​.

BurnerTEK’s formula is comprehensive, containing 12 potent ingredients known for their fat-burning properties, such as Green Tea Extract, Glucomannan, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Green Coffee Bean Extract. These ingredients have been studied for their ability to promote fat loss, reduce cholesterol, suppress appetite, and enhance metabolism​​. However, it’s important to note the product’s high caffeine content (300 mg per dose), which could be a concern for those sensitive to caffeine​​.

User reviews of BurnerTEK are mixed, with some users reporting significant weight loss and others experiencing little to no effect. Some negative reviews highlight issues such as no noticeable boost in energy or weight loss plateau when using the product. On the other hand, positive reviews praise BurnerTEK for its effectiveness in promoting weight loss and suppressing appetite​​.

Despite the potential benefits, some experts criticize the dosages of certain ingredients like Glucomannan and L-Carnitine as being too low to deliver their full benefits, suggesting that while BurnerTEK includes several effective ingredients, it might not provide them in sufficient quantities to be as effective as possible​​.

In conclusion, while BurnerTEK has a promising ingredient profile for those looking to lose weight, individual results may vary. Potential users should consider their caffeine tolerance and review the ingredient dosages carefully. As with any supplement, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement regimen.


  1. What is BurnerTEK?
    BurnerTEK is a dietary supplement designed to assist in weight loss by targeting stored fat, preventing fat storage, and suppressing appetite. It contains a blend of 12 active ingredients including Green Tea Extract, Glucomannan, and Caffeine Anhydrous, aimed at enhancing fat loss and improving heart health​​.
  2. How does BurnerTEK work?
    It operates through a multi-layered approach involving the burning of stubborn stored fat, hindering future fat storage, and appetite suppression. The process of thermogenesis plays a key role, helping to eliminate toxins and increase metabolism for faster fat burning​​​​.
  3. How should I use BurnerTEK?
    The recommended dosage is three capsules taken once daily, ideally in the morning or before exercising to avoid sleep disturbances caused by caffeine. It can be taken all at once after breakfast or spread out over the day​​​​.
  4. Are there any side effects?
    Some potential side effects include nausea, vomiting, restlessness, anxiety, increased heart rate, runny nose, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, jitters, and stomach upset. Ingredients like Cayenne Fruit Powder may cause stomach irritation and upset stomach​​​​.
  5. Where can I buy BurnerTEK and what is the cost?
    BurnerTEK is available for purchase on its official website and Amazon. Prices vary, with a single bottle typically costing around $59.99. Bulk purchases and subscription options may offer savings​​.
  6. Is BurnerTEK effective?
    Customer reviews are mixed, with some users reporting significant weight loss and improved energy levels, while others did not observe any noticeable effects. The effectiveness of BurnerTEK may vary individually, and it is recommended to combine it with a healthy diet and exercise for best results​​​​.

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