Reduline 36 Review

Reduline 36 is a diet supplement that contains Chitosan and promises to help you reduce your weight fast.

The marketing lists an average weight loss of 6 lbs over 6 to 8 weeks, which sounds impressive until you realize that is the average weight loss for anyone who chooses to just stop drinking one soda a day.

There is little that is impressive about Reduline 36 except their marketing, packaging, and price.

What is disappointing is that Reduline 36 does appear to be put out by a reputable company that believes in its product.

Unfortunately, their belief doesn’t quite measure up to the reality of science when their main ingredient is tested.


How Reduline 36 works

If you are to believe the website, which is impressive and very clinical looking, Reduline 36 just mops up fat in the body so it cant be absorbed.

This then helps the body to pass the fat on out.

The claims about the product are that it is a –

  • Fat burning/binder
  • Appetite-suppressant
  • Metabolism booster
  • Carbohydrate blocking

All of these things are supposed to happen as a result of taking Reduline 36, which only contains one ingredient.

While there is much interest in their main ingredient by the scientific and medical world, rushing it to market may have been a disservice to the consumer.


Reduline 36 Ingredients

Reduline 36 contains Chitosan and nothing else. It does have a dose of 500mg per capsule which is considered to be a reasonable amount.

Chitosan is derived from shrimp and it is getting a lot of notice for being able to act as a binder for fat and to provide for the other benefits that Reduline 36 claims to create – the problem being that while Chitosan is being studied clinically, none of the clinical findings have come back with any conclusive support for these claims.

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One of the small marketing tricks is to manipulate the order of the phrase clinical and study to suggest that clinical studies have proven something to be true when in the case of Chitosan, it is being clinically studied but no proof of its effectiveness has been found.

Chitosan contains many elements that do encourage fat binding but not to any great extent that makes spending this kind of money worthwhile.


Reduline 36 Side Effects

Reduline 36 does have some side effects that are very well handled on the material packaging.

There is a mention that is can lead to constipation or diarrhea, but no mention that is can almost always cause that side effect.

The nature of any fat binder is that it will be hard for your digestive system to pass it easily.

Another concern about Reduline 36 is the Chitosan itself. If you have any allergies to shellfish, you should avoid this product as it could trigger an attack.

It is also not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing as there is limited knowledge as to how it can be passed to a child through the placenta or milk.


Where to buy Reduline 36 and its price

You can only buy Reduline 36 from the company website.

It does have some of the lowest shipping costs attached to it of many of the diet supplements available, and buying two or three boxes will give you a discount.

The average price for a month supply is just over $84 USD, making it one of the more expensive diet products on the market.

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You can cancel your order within 7 days of placing it; just return the package unopened for a refund.

You can also return the package for a replacement should it be damaged during shipping and Reduline 36 offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

The company has gone to great lengths to reassure customers of their trustworthiness and accountability, which is a breath of fresh air in the diet pill market.


Reduline 36 Review Conclusion

While Reduline 36 does get high marks for following the rules and regulations of fair consumer practice, it doesn’t mask the fact that the product they are promoting is expensive and unproven.

For the price, you can afford to try other diet products that have more support behind them.

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