Green Vibrance Review

Everyone knows they should eat their greens, but it’s hard to do that. Therefore, you may want a supplement that provides some of the ingredients and nutrients that you’re not getting from your diet. Still, you’ve got to determine if the product is right for you based on what it claims and does.

What Is Green Vibrance?

Green Vibrance is a greens powder. It’s marketed as a daily superfood that can replace your multivitamin and even the vegetables and fruits you’re supposed to eat.

Whether you’re cutting something out of your diet (carbs, meat, fat), or trying to be as healthy as possible, this product is ideal. It takes one serving or scoop to boost health benefits. Of course, we wonder if this is true, which is why we created this Green Vibrance review.

Green Vibrance BBB Profile

Green Vibrance is manufactured by Vibrant Health. Its base of operations is in Virginia. This company has not yet been accredited by the BBB. Currently, the business has no reviews from the Better Business Bureau website. However, there was one complaint within the last three years and one over the previous 12 months. Both were closed.

It’s been rated with a B+. The Better Business Bureau uses letter ratings from A+ to F, similar to how school systems used to grade students. Clearly, it’s not the highest marking the company could get, but it’s not the lowest.

Since there haven’t been any reviews, we aren’t sure how the BBB rated the company. Still, it appears to be a legitimate business and has resolved the two complaints it did have.

When viewing the BBB profile on Vibrant Health, there isn’t much to see. It primarily lists the name and the address for the business. However, there are no indications that the BBB has flagged the company as not there or being fraudulent.

Both complaints have been resolved satisfactorily for the consumer. Since the response rate and resolution rate are at 100 percent, we feel that Vibrant Health is transparent and handles its business properly.

The Ingredients

Green Vibrance can strengthen your digestion, provide balanced nutrition, improve circulation, and boost your immunity. To do that, the product uses whole-food ingredients so that there’s little loss of nutritional value through the processing phase. In the drink mix, you can find:

  • Cereal grasses. This includes wheat, barley, Kamut, and oat. All four are designed to help with digestion, as well as boost your natural chemical reactions. The B, C, and K vitamins also detoxify the body. There is also folic acid, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, chlorophyll, fiber, and protein.
  • Plant-based micronutrients. These include chlorella, spirulina, parsley, spinach, and kale sprouts. All of these things can improve your digestion and help you feel full longer. It also enhances hormonal functions, cardiovascular health, your immune system, and eye health. This happens from the iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, chromium, folate, and potassium. There are also a variety of vitamins.
  • Things like apricot, alma fruit, astragalus, tomatoes, and more can boost your metabolism, improve digestion, heart health, blood pressure, and diuretics. This happens because of the potassium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, calcium, fiber, manganese, and more.
  • Liverwort is also included, which can support liver health.
  • There are also over 25 billion probiotics, which boosts digestion.

In short, this could actually be a superfood and can be used to improve energy, immunity, bone health, digestion, and the liver. There may also be improvements to your skin, hair, and eyes.

Please note that there is a bit of organic arsenic, which is not listed as an ingredient.

Potential Side Effects for Green Vibrance

Because the ingredients used in Green Vibrance are plant-based and all-natural, there are few risks of side effects and dangers. However, you must be aware that any changes or additions to your diet can have an adverse impact on your body. If you have any sensitivities, you could experience constipation, diarrhea, bloating, or gas.

We want to be completely honest here, so we must mention that there are small traces of arsenic in the product. However, Vibrant Health claims that this is inaccurate and that any arsenic is organic, so it is non-toxic and naturally-occurring.

Many people have taken the supplement for a full week and longer without any side effects at all.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Vibrance

With such a long and impressive ingredient list (and the many proposed benefits for your health), you can clearly see why the product is so popular. Because it does contain so many nutrients found in other supplements, you don’t have to take a lot of pills every day. It’s much easier to use this superfood powder and add some water.

Many people claim that it has helped their immunity and energy levels. You might be able to get rid of your morning caffeine routine when you use this product. However, there is no caffeine in the powdered mix. Therefore, you could experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms. The claim of not drinking coffee is based on the fact that caffeine is a stimulant and can boost energy levels. However, you don’t get such a crash or the jitters from the supplement.

Often, green drink mixes smell awful or taste bad. However, this one is actually quite pleasant. Those who still dislike the taste can mix it into a smoothie or a beverage that is strong in flavor to mask it.

The health benefits are numerous, and we discussed them earlier when talking about the ingredients. However, there aren’t any preservatives, which makes it healthier and safer to take.

Of course, everything has a few drawbacks. Some people just aren’t going to like the taste. It’s not very sweet, so it might be hard for some people to swallow (literally). You may choose to add a non-calorie sweetener or add it to a smoothie to make it easier to drink. Others may find that they have those minor side effects from taking it daily.

It can also be tough to squeeze it in, as you are supposed to take it about 30 minutes after you eat. Some people dislike that and want their daily dose of greens when they first wake up. Others don’t eat breakfast for whatever reason, so they must wait and get the health benefits during their lunch hour.

Though the company boasts of antioxidants in the ingredients, there is no quantifiable content denoting how much is provided. Therefore, you may not be getting as many as you initially think.

How to Buy Green Vibrance

You can find the Green Vibrance product at many retail locations. However, most people choose Amazon to buy it. Pricing can vary, and you can find a variety of sizes. Of course, you can go directly to the Vibrant Health website to purchase Green Vibrance, as well.

Generally, it is best to buy in large quantities, especially if you have used it before and liked it. However, you can start off with a smaller amount to reduce the risk of having to return a large container.

Green Vibrance Refund Policy

The company offers a full satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t happy for any reason, you can return it and obtain a full refund within 90 days of the purchase date. This is the shipping date if you bought the product from Vibrant Health. If you have used the product, you can only receive a merchandise credit for the original value of the purchase. No shipping charges are refundable.

Those who bought the product at a different retailer must contact the purchase location for a refund. You must adhere to that company’s return policy.

Words on the Street

There are countless reviews about Green Vibrance from e-commerce sites and the company itself. Most of the testimonials have been very positive and are from people who offer their success stories. These include:

“Green Vibrance is my go-to when I feel like I’m run-down & need to supplement my daily nutritional needs. It has every ingredient you could want-and then some. It looks gross but tastes pretty good.”

“This product has honest labeling, which I love. There are no ‘proprietary blends’ or any other garbage like that. The nutritional profile is excellent.”

“Green Vibrance is no doubt healthy, but it does, in fact, taste really bad. I also don’t want a green supplement with sugar or any artificial sweetener, so I like the product in that regard.”

Clearly, you can see that many people like how healthy and all-natural it is. Some have even gone so far as to say it has a ton of ingredients. Of course, everyone remarked on the appearance and taste, but those were generally positive, too.

Is Green Vibrance Worth It?

At this time, we say yes, Green Vibrance is something to consider. Of course, it features positive reviews, but we focused more on the ingredients. With so many things, it’s no wonder that you can do away with your multivitamin. You also get a satisfaction guarantee, and it’s not all that hard to return the product if you need to do so.

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5 thoughts on “Green Vibrance Review”

  1. Green Vibrance Has changed my life for the better
    1 Lowered my Blood pressure
    2 Stopped my knee pain
    3 I no longer have ANY allergies
    4 Had some type of pain in my left leg …that is gone
    5 Had what i thought and what the DR thought was skin cancer …turned out to only be sun spots
    6 My Hair is growing in much more and stronger
    7 I run over 120 miles a month
    8 Losing more weight
    9 I am 61 years old

  2. Have been taking this product for many years. I feel great, lots of energy feel very healthy when i take this. no issues. love it!

  3. Hi, I have had a history of ovarian cancer x 2. After the second bout and treatment, my oncology gyno looked me in the eyes and told me to enjoy every minute I had left. I decided in that moment to be proactive and do whatever I could to stay in remission for as long as possible. I knew a lot about nutrition, but did a much bigger deep dive into how to keep cancer at bay. There are lots of books on the topic of healing diseases with food. I removed sugar and dairy from my diet and added a number of anti-cancer foods and supplements. I have been in remission now for over 3 years, which wasn’t expected. I do believe that for me Green Vibrance has been the thing that has helped me to stay in remission. My doctor was very interested in what I was using and wrote everything down to her credit. My other doctor thanked me for taking such good care of myself.
    Even though I don’t like the taste of GV at all, I have found that using the original, rather than the newer product that has a high dose of matcha tea, is preferable. I do experience some nausea with the product, but this does not happen when used in a smoothie with almond milk. I can’t say that I feel energy from the GV, or that my allergies have disappeared, but I can say that I have not had Covid, the Flu or a cold, since being on the product. This is huge, considering that post chemo, one’s immune system is greatly compromised. Also, there are ingredients in GV that address bone health and my last bone density test showed a .2 improvement in osteoporosis and no more height loss. Even though I don’t know what the future holds in terms of recurrence of cancer, I am very grateful for what I believe GV has contributed to my health and longevity so far. I hope this review helps!

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