Lipovarin Review 2014: Side Effects & Ingredients

lipovarinLipovarin sells itself as, ďan advanced Thermogenic Super Weight Loss Formula thatís specifically tailored to your highly sensitive needs.Ē

Thatís quite the name: Advanced, Thermogenic and SuperÖweíll find out if thatís true.

As far as how Lipovarin has tailored their formula to your highly sensitive needs?

I have no idea seeing as how theyíre truly trying to appeal to the masses.


Ingredient Formulation

Lipovarin claims that all of their ingredients are the ďpremium gradeĒ but theyíre just blowing smoke.

In all likelihood, they derive their ingredients from the same sources as 90% of all diet pill companies.

Exactly what does Lipovarin contain? While they donít provide supplement facts at all on their website (more on that later), their sales copy lists the following as ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract – thumbs up on this ingredient. Green Tea is a proven metabolic enhancer backed by mounds of research.
  • 5-HTP – thumbs up on this ingredient as well ó not for weight loss ó as a mood enhancer.
  • Carnitine – I havenít yet studied this amino acid in-depth, so Iíll stay neutral on it for now.
  • Metabromine – this is derived from cocoa and cocoa is popular in several fat burning formulations (especially in the trademarked form of Chocamine). I personally havenít found a whole bunch of research linking cocoa or its derivatives to fat loss, however.
  • Calcium – while calcium is great for the bones, its use in aiding fat loss is questionable (to put it nicely).


But How Much is in Lipovarin Exactly?

Lipovarin mentions in their ďHow it WorksĒ section that Lipovarin also includes Advantra Z (also knowon as Citrus Aurantium, bitter orange, and synephrine) and caffeine.

Further down on the Lipovarin sales page they then mention the ingredients I already discussed above.

The key question to ask with all of this is how much of each of these ingredients is actually in there?

We donít know. Well, at least theyíre not forthcoming on their website. I actually called their number (1-866-850-3170) and spoke with a rep.

He went and grabbed a bottle and read the ingredients and amounts to me.

Iím impressed with the fact that the phone was answered so quickly. Iím not impressed that they donít list their supplement facts on their site ó but force you to call.

The key points: 350 mg of AdvantraZ ((keep in mind, that synephrine, the active ingredient, isnít extracted from AdvantraZ, so a comparable amount of synephrine would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-20 mg.

Diet pill companies such as Lipovarin put Advantra Z on there because 350 mg sounds a lot more impressive than 15 mg even though the end result is the same)), 100 mg of Green Tea (thatís small), 200 mg of caffeine (thatís pretty good), 15 mg of 7 Keto (thatís small, because 7-Keto is expensive).


Lipovarinís Marketing

Besides not listing their supplement facts, Lipovarin pulls a few more things that I donít prefer. They use the dumb ďAs Seen InĒ trick where they fan out some magazines to make you think Lipovarin has been featured in those magazines. Thatís not true.

Their website has some amateur mistakes that cast doubt on the companyís ability to really put together a weight loss solution and which actually make Lipovarin look like some fly-by-night operation.

For instance, when you click on the link for ďtodayís DISCOUNT OFFER!Ē youíre taken to ó the provider of the chat software Lipovarin uses.

Of course, their live person is always gone because Iíve been to the site during all sorts of hours of the day and it always only has the option to leave a message.

Their website design overall looks like they had some teenager whip it together in one afternoon.

Finally, their link to the ďRapid Weight loss SystemĒ (note the inconsistent uses of CaPiTaL letters) doesnít go anywhere. Itís a dead link.

The Lipovarin site doesnít exactly exude professionalism.



Donít get me started on their testimonials. Suzy Bruce isnít the same person, neither is Wendi P or Lissett A. Peter D. could just as easily been sticking his gut out in one picture and sucking it in the next ó after a haircut.

Toni Walden looks like she lost weight using a revolutionary new weight loss system called Adobe Photoshop.

I could go on and on. I have my doubts that the before and after testimonial pictures for Lipovarin from Mikey R. are really the same person.

Fake testimonial pictures arenít a new thing. This company likes to use the same pictures for different products.



Lipovarin had a shot at being a great product. Their ingredient profile is a great start, they just went a little bit weak in a few areas.

What really makes me avoid recommending Lipovarin is that they donít include their supplement facts, and they use dishonest marketing practices.

Also, they donít appear to offer any sort of moneyback guarantee, which is a shame, considering there are some diet pill products now that offer lifetime moneyback guarantees.

There are diet pills available out there from more reputable companies for the same or even a cheaper price.

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