Bootea 14 Day Teatox Review

Bootea advertises itself as a way to lose weight fast without changing what you eat.

The first problem that arises is that the instructions direct you to adopt a fasting style of diet, and then they promote a diet plan on their site.

The Bootea tea is divided into two parts, a Daytime Detox tea, and a Nighttime Cleanse.

By drinking the tea and following their lifestyle changes, you are supposed to be able to lose weight without doing anything else.

The second problem that becomes immediately apparent is that none of their claims have much scientific support, all of their ingredients can cause serious side effects, and their lifestyle changes can be very dangerous.

A visit to the website can be very strange indeed, as it is written as if from the point of view of the tea itself.


How Bootea works

Bootea works on the premise that by speeding up the body’s metabolic process and reducing caloric intake you can then flush the body of toxins.

One of the toxins that you would be flushing would then be fat that is stored in unwanted areas. It also helps you to lose weight by helping to control your appetite.

An added bonus advertised on the site is that while you do all this your skin will start looking healthier and younger too.

Most of these claims are not backed up by any scientific evidence, but rely on folklore and the dubious qualification of having been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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The following are the list of the basic ingredients included in the day and nighttime teas promoted by Bootea.

Bootea Daytime Detox

  • Yerba Mate
  • Gotu Kola
  • Dandelion

Bootea Nighttime Cleanse

  • Senna Leaves
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Hawthorn leaves

There is no clinical data to support that this combination of ingredients can provide any of the claimed benefits of:

  • Increased fat loss
  • Increased general feelings of wellness
  • Increased appetite control
  • Increased energy

Most of the associated support for these supplements comes from studies that are lacking in scientific integrity or compromised by the conflict of interests by those who have completed the study.

The use of a brewed tea to deliver the ingredients is also not supported by any clinical evidence for effectiveness.

Lastly, the amounts of the different ingredients used in the tea are also not given; so it is impossible to even test if this formula has the potential to be effective.


Side Effects

Bootea can cause some very serious side effects although the only one prominently listed is the laxative effect associated with the Senna leaves.

If you continue reading their FAQ you will discover that the effect can also cause severe cramping, bloating, nausea, and fatigue.

It also mentions further down that Bootea can interfere with the effectiveness of contraceptives.

Many of the ingredients included in the tea, most notably Hawthorn, are clinically known to cause potentially serious side effects with most medication.

Another caution that has been issued about Bootea is that by following their instructions exactly, you can also go into a dehydrated state with potentially dangerously low levels of electrolytes.

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Bootea does carry a disclaimer that their tea is not for use by anyone under the age of 16.


Where to buy it and price

You can only purchase Bootea from their site. The going price for a 14-day supply is about $25 USD.

You cannot purchase it on a subscription basis and there is a warning that there is almost a week’s delay in processing orders due to high demand.

The Bootea site does accept almost all forms of payment as they use PayPal and you are responsible for paying shipping costs.

Bootea does offer a return policy on unopened packages but it is not a money-back guarantee product.



Bootea has the potential to cause much more harm in life than good.

The risk of interactions, dehydration, and the promotion of an unhealthy caloric restriction for the cleanse does not indicate that the company has a grasp of basic health science.

The entire premise that detoxification can deliver any benefits is not supported by any valid and accepted clinical studies.

While there have been no direct complaints lodged against the company or the product, it is best to avoid this tea.

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