Equelle Review

What is Equelle? What is it Supposed to Do?

Many women have to deal with the uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause, including hot flashes, muscle aches, and mood swings. Equelle is a tablet on the market that claims to improve your experience with menopause. The idea is to reduce the frequency of hot flashes, get rid of those muscle aches, and even out your mood.

Your relief is achieved by taking two pills per day with one glass of water. This dietary supplement is hormone-free, plant-based, and made with a compound that some women can produce naturally. The natural compound S-equol provides relief to menopause symptoms, but no woman can naturally produce the same amount packed into an Equelle tablet.

Since Equelle is recommended for daily consumption, it can provide consistent relief for managing uncomfortable symptoms. This is unlike some other natural remedies that work some, but not all of the time.

What Are the Side Effects?

According to its claims, there are no major side effects from taking Equelle. At this time, there are also no official reported side effects from users. However, it is worth noting that each individual is subject to personal allergies or sensitivities. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to one of the ingredients, you may experience side effects that aren’t listed. Always check out all the ingredients before taking a new supplement or vitamin.

What the BBB Says about Equelle

Intriguingly, Equelle is not listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Neither is Nature Made, the company that produces Equelle. While to some, this may be cause for concern, it can also be looked at from a different point of view.

Nature Made has been in business in California for over 49 years as a pharmaceutical and vitamin producer. During that time, they have never had an issue severe enough to have a complaint registered against them with the BBB.

Equelle and Nature Made are not BBB accredited listings. However, this does not mean that the BBB avoids posting customer issues. The opposite is in fact, true. Any complaints against the company would have been listed, regardless of their status with the BBB.


Those of you who plan to take Equelle are likely able to enjoy some of the following advantages:

  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, and hormone-free, so users with specific dietary restrictions can still take this
  • Claims to reduce hot flashes, muscle pains, and mood swings
  • You do not need a doctor’s prescription to take Equelle
  • You can order monthly supplies to be delivered right to your door
  • It’s said to improve your overall wellbeing during menopause
  • Pill can be crushed and mixed with food or water if you find it hard to swallow
  • Equelle can be taken during the entire duration of menopause symptoms
  • It is made with clinically tested components
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Of course, there some drawbacks associated with Equelle.

  • It can take a minimum of four weeks to take effect, but some women report it’s closer to eight to 10 weeks
  • Equelle does not offer free samples
  • Equelle cannot be purchased over the counter; it is only sold directly from the distributor

What Others Are Saying About Eqeulle. Does it Really Work?

Overwhelmingly, most women seem to really believe in the effects of Equelle. Their website is complete with testimonials about how numerous women swear by the product. Most say that it worked to reduce their hot flashes. They did not eliminate the hot flashes, but the product does not claim to do that. Instead, it reduced them to a manageable level, which is precisely what Equelle advertises it can achieve.

A number of women also said that this was not their attempt at trying remedies to reduce their hot flashes. They had used several other products and methods to try and reduce or eliminate their discomfort. After trying Equelle and sticking to it for at least four weeks, they were pleasantly surprised by the results. Many said that it was a lifesaver, giving it a five-star review.

Equelle users also said that they noticed a significant improvement in their moods. While this could be a direct reflection of taking the supplement, it could also be related to the reduction in hot flashes. Menopause can be an extremely uncomfortable experience for women, making them understandable irritable. When one of the most frustrating symptoms is reduced, is it likely to result in natural improvement in mood.

It is also important to look at reviews not posted on Equelle’s website. I look at reviews from more than one place to get a better perspective on whether the product has merit.

Independent sites mostly confirm that women see favorable results. Many of the reviewers had similar experiences in that they felt a reduction in hot flashes and muscle aches. A number of them also stated that they would recommend Equelle to other women.

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The takeaway from these positive reviews is that most women have found Equelle to be helpful in treating their menopause symptoms. This is encouraging for anyone looking for solutions to their discomfort. However, we must look at the negative reviews to make an informed decision.


One of the biggest complaints of Equelle is the size of the pill. Some women have quite a bit of trouble swallowing it. One person even felt that way after it was cut into smaller pieces. However, her review did not say whether she has tried to crush it and blend it with food. Overall, her inability to swallow the pill made her believe it was not worth the money.

Another complaint by several women was the fact that they felt it had no effect whatsoever. They continued to suffer from menopausal discomfort, including hot flashes. A couple of reviews also said that the supplement only worked temporarily. They were disappointed by this because they really believed the product would work for them based on other reviews. Obviously, these are unfortunate scenarios for these women.

The takeaway should be that for a few women, this product is not appropriate. However, that is true about nearly every product in the world. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution. Thus, if you decide to go ahead and try it, understand that most women found it useful, but some felt the opposite. There is no guarantee of the results, and really of anything in life. Keep an open mind when venturing on a new supplement.

Where to Buy

Going through Equelle directly, there are two ways to purchase. Firstly, if you are interested in trying out the product without committing to a monthly refill, try the one-time purchase. This option costs $45.95. Depending on where you live, shipping charges may also be added to your purchase.

If you would like to sign up for a monthly refill delivered to your house, you can pay $39.95 per month. With this option, you automatically receive your bottle every month without having to place a new order. At any time, you can cancel your refill subscription or put it on pause. As a bonus, no shipping is charged on your subscription.

For those hoping to save money, discount codes are sometimes available and can be applied to your purchase, or, as an account holder, you can earn points that earn you rewards and more discount codes. You collect these points by keeping your subscription active, joining their social media followings, or post reviews on their website. You also earn points when you make your first purchase and create an account. Thus, if you want to save money on your supplements continually, opt to earn and redeem your reward points.

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As an alternative purchase option, you can also go through third party websites. However, you can only purchase the supplement for one month at a time. You do not get to take advantage of the subscription discount. Generally, you do not save money buying from a third-party supplier.

Keep in mind that purchasing directly through Equelle or a registered retailer may be the best option. This way, you are guaranteed to receive a product that Equelle can guarantee to be authentic and safe.

Refund Policy

Equelle offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. For anyone hesitant to purchase, this refund policy is extremely helpful. This gives you the ability to try out the supplement without being disappointed in your purchase. Since Equelle does not offer free samples, you can feel comfortable making your initial purchase knowing it can be refunded.

Keep in mind this return policy online covers products purchased directly through Equelle. If you are buying on a third-party website like Amazon, you are subject to their return policies.

Is It Worth It to Give Equelle a Try?

Based on the many positive reviews, yes, Equelle is a good product to try. Many women have found Equelle to be useful for reducing their hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. Additionally, since it is hormone-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and plant-based, vegetarians, vegans, and those with dietary restrictions can be comfortable taking this supplement. Also, remember that there are no listed side-effects.

Finally, anyone who has trouble buying products without trying them out can also feel confident purchasing Equelle because of the money-back guarantee. Trying out Equelle can lead you to feel that relieve you so badly desire.

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7 thoughts on “Equelle Review”

  1. I used Equelle for 3 months. I got 2 months of free samples from my doctor. I really have no problems with hot flashes. But had problems staying asleep and vaginal dryness. This cured both problems within 6 weeks.

    But the price tag kept me from being able to buy more.

    I would purchase again if I could afford it.

  2. I don’t know if this is a side affect and I’ve emailed the company and no one has responded yet, but I’m having soreness and swelling in my breasts, like I did when I had my period. I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this?

    1. Yes I am experiencing that with my breasts as well after taking equelle for 3 weeks . I emailed the company yesterday and hoping to get a response and will tell my Gynecologist as well.

  3. La'Ciesca Sweet

    I would love to try them but cause I’m having hot flashes really bad especially after I had my kidney transplant so I have so much medicine to take and I can barely afford it cause I’m disable and on a fixed income… I’m not begging but if so could could y’all please send my a sample bottle please and I try to figure out how to afford them…please help me I’m so uncomfortable these things have me depressed and I can’t sleep and all day they’re hitting so it triggers my anxiety…PLEASE HELP…..

  4. Have there been any reviews or questions involving anyone’s blood sugar totals being elevated while using Equelle?

  5. My name is Chalsea, just starting, I will let you know. If Equelle can help me, it can help anyone. I have extreme everything. We will see.

  6. I’ve just began my second month on Equelle. The first month, I wasn’t sure of it’s effectiveness. I was going to give up. BUT remembered hearing 8-10 weeks really would be necessary to determine efficacy. Now, on week 6, I AM beginning to feel a nice change! I was on the high end, over 15+ hot flashes a day and waking at least 5-6 times per night covered in sweat. Now, the hot flashes are noticeably reduced. I’m talking 1-2 per night and more like 6-7 per day. Still a lot but improved dramatically. They also don’t tend to last as long as pre Equelle. If you can afford it, it’s worth a shot, especially if you aren’t a good candidate for HRT. FYI: I will be 48 on June 12, 2023. Good luck everyone! Menopause SUCKS!

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