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SkinnyMint Review [year] - Side Effects & Ingredients

Of the many cleansing and detox programs on the market, SkinnyMint has enjoyed relative success on social media with numerous celebrity ambassadors touting the benefits of the product. To what extent does it live up to its expectations? This review sets out to examine if the Ultimate Teatox does just what it says on the tin, given its widespread circulation on social media and the internet.

In the following, we examine the health claims of this best-selling tea blend, summarize our findings after scouring tons of user comments and offer an unbiased opinion on the product.

What is SkinnyMint?

SkinnyMint is a weight loss and detox supplement brand and is perhaps best known for its Ultimate Teatox. The 14 or 28-Day Ultimate Teatox (short for Tea and Detox) promises to cleanse the body of toxins, reduce bloat and boost metabolism. SkinnyMint’s brand of detoxifying tea comes in a package of two tea blends, the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse, and is meant to be taken morning and nights as part of a two-step program.

Depending on whether you are looking to lose weight or improve nutrition, SkinnyMint also has other product offerings that are targeted at your individual goals.

What Goes Into A SkinnyMint Teatox Blend?

According to SkinnyMint, both the Morning Boost and the Night Cleanse contain high-quality ingredients sourced from Argentina, Brazil, and China. All the ingredients are fully natural, plant-based, and organic. Given the all-natural list of ingredients, you are assured of not ingesting any artificial or harmful substances.

The ingredients of the Morning and Night Tea Blends are:

Morning Boost
Yerba Mate, Guarana Fruit, Nettle Leaves, Dandelion, Green Tea

Night Cleanse
Senna Leaves, Lemongrass, Orange Leaves, Ginger Root, Peppermint, Licorice Root, Hawthorn Berries, Psyllium Husk

Kasia Vermaire, SkinnyMint Tea Expert, uses the concept of ‘food synergy’ to convey the benefits of the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse. A little verification on our part tells us that ‘food synergy’ is indeed a concept backed by nutrition science. Taken together, this potent blend of ingredients maximizes any health benefits that can be obtained. That is, you get more out of ingesting these ingredients combined as opposed to on their own. While what goes into your SkinnyMint brew is wholly natural, a closer look at the ingredients that make up these blends is necessary. It is also worth noting that SkinnyMint has not provided information on possible cross-interactions between these ingredients.

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Should I Be Concerned About Any Of The Ingredients?

The potency of the SkinnyMint Teatox blends does mean it may not be suitable for everyone. Besides containing nettle leaves and dandelion, which are a form of natural diuretic, the Morning Boost blend also boasts a caffeine amount equivalent to 70 percent of a cup of coffee due to the green tea, yerba mate, and guarana fruit.

Diuretics are substances that promote excretion of water from the body and can induce dehydration and an imbalance of electrolytes in the body. Besides causing more frequent trips to the bathroom, the resulting dehydration may not easily be compensated by replenishing fluids. Thus, it may be unsuitable for some people with existing health conditions. However, the natural stimulants present from the green tea, yerba mate and guarana fruit boosts alertness and energy levels. You may want to consider swapping out your cup of coffee as the blend still contains less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee.

As for the Night Cleanse, senna leaves and psyllium husk act as laxatives and cause increased bowel movements. If taken the night before, you may experience some discomfort the following morning. Checking against prevailing medical direction tells us the use of senna as a primary ingredient in the Night Cleanse may be a potential cause for concern. It is recommended that senna not be used unless necessary, since it has a potent laxative effect. While this is so, the Ultimate Teatox Program prescribes users to take the Night Cleanse once every two nights for the duration of the program.

Given the effects of these ingredients, it is best to check against medical direction by consulting with a professional before committing to this program.

What Are People Saying About The SkinnyMint Teatox?

A quick search for user reviews puts the Ultimate Teatox in a generally positive light. However, the number of positive reviews are not substantially greater than negative reviews. On one Amazon listing, positive testimonials stand at only slightly over half the total number of 246 customer ratings. 57% and 7% are 5 and 4-star ratings respectively while 27% of users gave it a rating of less than 3 stars.

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The reviews are a bit of a mixed bag as both the positive and negative ratings are concerned with the efficacy of the product. Satisfied customers reported that the Teatox helped to fight belly bloat by fixing irregularity in their bowel movements and helping to rid the body of fluids. They also reported that the product helped to curb appetite and promote weight loss. Oddly enough, dissatisfied customers reported they failed to see any substantial change in these same areas.

There was far more user consensus about the appeal of the product’s taste. Happy customers reported satisfaction with the pleasant taste of the product. We go more into this when we look individually at the pros and cons of the Teatox below.

SkinnyMint has also included before and after pictures of users on their website. However, the reliability of these results is questionable given that all the reviews reflect user success with the product.


As mentioned above, the main sentiment shared amongst those who gave the product negative ratings was that it failed to result in any significant changes in belly reduction, appetite levels, or weight.

While this was not the main complaint, other users also reported unpleasant effects such as stomach pains after consuming the product.

Pros And Cons Of The Ultimate Teatox


  • Tastes good

It cannot be denied that taste is a big factor when we evaluate anything that goes into our body and it is way easier to keep to a supplement plan if the taste is acceptable. When it comes to how it agrees with the palate, we are convinced the SkinnyMint Teatox Blend is something you can get behind. Those who have tried the Teatox Blends say that the Morning Boost tastes floral, fruity and fresh, much like a green tea. The Night Cleanse is stronger on the palate with herbal notes and a discernible taste of ginger. If the Night Cleanse is too overpowering, the effect can easily be lessened by adding a dollop of honey.

  • Less restrictive than other diets or detox programs

As SkinnyMint does not recommend using the Teatox Blends as a meal replacement, you can maintain your usual diet while staying on the Teatox. This is a key point of difference from other more restrictive programs and makes integrating the program into your lifestyle and daily routine a breeze. Of course, making a point to eat clean and adjust your calorie intake as much as possible complements the program and make its effects more evident.

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  • Expensive compared to usual off the shelf tea blends

A check of the SkinnyMint website shows that the 28-Day Ultimate Teatox can set you back $54.90 while the 14-Day can be purchased at $29.90. A subscription plan is also available where you can enjoy savings by signing up for recurring monthly orders. It is nonetheless evident that the Ultimate Teatox is a relatively expensive program to commit to and may not be worth the cost if the results are not readily apparent.

  • A substantial number of users did not experience weight reduction after using the product

SkinnyMint does have a disclaimer that individual results may vary, even though this is not immediately obvious from the website. Thus, you may want to keep your expectations in check and keep in mind that results may differ from person to person. One criticism that ties in with this is that the Teatox is backed by flimsy science. This points to a lack of solid evidence that cleansing and detoxing programs actually work and our bodies already do a good job of removing toxins as it is.

Where To Buy SkinnyMint

The Ultimate Teatox is available along with other product offerings on the SkinnyMint website. It is also available for purchase from online retailers like Amazon.

Refund Policy

The company does offer a refund policy as long as the product is returned in its original condition that makes it possible for resale.

Is SkinnyMint Worth A Try? Our Final Verdict

Overall, the Ultimate Teatox from SkinnyMint does appear to fall short given its mixed results among users. However, there are several noteworthy benefits, most notably its taste, that differentiate it from other similar programs on the market. It may be worth a try if you are new to the whole detox business, given that no drastic changes to your lifestyle are necessary. It is also an appealing solution if you are looking for a short-term solution such as reducing bloat for a specific occasion. Ultimately, it may work best as a quick fix.

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