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Almased Review 2022 - Side Effects & Ingredients

Almased self-proclaims as a weight management solution. The brand of meal replacement supplements claims to enhance metabolism, burn fat and maintain energy levels with its dense multi-protein profile. The company claims that the 27 grams of multi-proteins per serving provide the necessary amino acids for the body to function optimally. In this way, the meal replacement formula helps to balance nutrition, while promoting slow release of sugar into the body and keeping one fuller for longer. Additionally, it prevents any loss of muscle mass during weight loss.

Almased Ingredients

This product contains an all-natural list of ingredients free of artificial fillers. It is also free of gluten, stimulants and added sugar. The absence of artificial ingredients is definitely a plus. Soy protein isolate, skim milk powder, honey enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids are combined in a unique fermentation process to create this powdered nutritional beverage.

Potential Side Effects from Almased

Almased does not detail any potential side effects, which is a huge red flag. It does claim that the product is suitable for those who are lactose intolerant due to only trace amounts of lactose being present in the product. However, customers have reported numerous other side effects, which include bloating, nausea and hormonal issues.

This product could be potentially dangerous for people who fall into three groups: those who are menopausal, pregnant, or allergic to certain substances present in the product. Soy protein is a source of phytoestrogens, which can pose health risks for people at various stages of menopause or who are undergoing pregnancy. This particular plant-derived form of estrogen can interfere with existing hormone levels in the body and cause potentially fatal reactions.
It is also best for people with soy allergies or lactose intolerance to consult medical advice before consuming Almased.

The Science Behind Almased

Almased is heavily marketed as a product backed by extensive scientific research so it is perhaps necessary at this point to delve deeper into this claim of the company and see if it stands up to scrutiny.

The company claims the product is well-backed by 15 years of clinical studies, but this is less than apparent. These are not well-documented on the site and there is a glaring absence of links provided to the studies. Moreover, there is the recurrent use of the “fat-burning” slogan as part of the company’s advertising efforts. The absence of clinical evidence that directly addresses this part of their advertising does not help in solidifying their claim.

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What speaks to the product’s efficacy as a weight management solution is the large number of customers reporting successful weight loss. Indeed, it is well-established that adopting a calorie-restricted diet can result in weight loss. Thus, what Almased appears to do as a meal replacement shake is to create a calorie deficit that causes the body to expend more calories than the user intakes. Additionally, there is some evidence that partial meal replacement can maintain nutritional balance while working to control weight.

The company also makes reference to its characteristic low Glycemic Index in marketing the product as a weight control solution. The Glycemic Index is a measure assigned to carbohydrates depending on how they impact the body’s blood sugar levels. Foods with a low GI release sugar slowly into the bloodstream and help to promote feelings of satiety. Given each serving of Almased has a whopping 27 grams of protein present and the absence of any sugars in protein, it is likely that the product does help to promote the feeling of fullness. While the exact mechanism of this remains unknown, this feature of the product agrees with existing scientific evidence. We can tell that the company is not simply presenting an exaggerated claim.

On the contrary, the claim that the product has the effect of “activating metabolism” and that it “blast[s] away unwanted body fat” is far less obvious. Consistent use of the “fat-burning” slogan as part of the company’s marketing of the product is dubious to say the least. It may potentially mislead the average consumer, given there are simply no fat burning ingredients inside it. Moreover, the claim goes against conventional evidence. It is conventionally accepted that fat is not the body’s preferred source of energy and other energy sources such as carbohydrates may be utilized before tapping into fat sources even while calorie restriction is adopted.

It is also worth bearing in mind at this point that it is not necessary for statements issued by supplement manufacturers to be approved by the FDA. Should you be considering using Almased to manage your weight, definitely consult a medical professional and seek their advice before committing to a purchase.

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With that being said, the company’s lack of substantiated claims remains overshadowed by the large number of positive customer testimonials. The fact remains that it is an effective product and does work to control weight.

What Are People Saying about Almased?

The word on the street for Almased is overwhelmingly positive. On one Amazon listing with a total of 746 product reviews, 73% and 11% are 5 and 4-star ratings respectively and are concerned with the efficacy of the product. Satisfied customers were pleased with their successful weight loss, reduced appetite, and the diabetic-friendly formula.

However, it is worth considering that the authenticity of these reviews has been unverified. This is something to bear in mind even though it is apparent that the product has received considerable positive feedback.

What about the negative reviews? Of those reviews, 12% of users gave it a rating of less than 3-stars. It remains unclear whether the product worked for these customers as their reviews were generally concerned with the taste of the product. We go into the main complaints below.


While positive feedback about the product fall in the clear majority, the product is not spared its fair share of negative feedback. As mentioned earlier, the taste of the product was the main complaint that arose. Almased is advertised as being “neutral-tasting” but customers reported quickly tiring of the flavor, that it had a chalky texture that was extremely dissatisfactory or that they had to “work to keep the product down”.

Another complaint of note is the top critical review on one Amazon listing of the product. This is in regard to an adverse hormonal reaction that the user experience. According to this customer, she was undergoing menopause and symptoms of estrogen excess developed after she consumed Almased. It is worth noting that this has not been the typical experience of users of the product, though such concerns have been unaddressed by the company. No information on the website also makes known these risks to consumers.

Almased’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) Profile

At the time of writing, Almased has an A+ rating on its BBB profile. While so, there are no customer complaints which seem a little dubious given the long history of the company. There also does not appear to be any lawsuits against the company.

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Overall Pros and Cons of Almased


  • Effective for weight loss according to a large number of positive reviews
  • All-natural ingredients
  • A nutritionally balanced alternative to meals


  • Absence of money-back guarantee
  • Poor taste
  • Expensive when used as a long-term for weight management

Where To Buy And How Much Does Almased Cost?

While Almased does not sell directly to consumers, the product is readily available through its retail partners as well as select online retailers. Walgreens, CVS, GNC, and Amazon all stock the product, though prices may vary among retailers, so you need to do some shopping around for the best deal.

Refund Policy

The company does not offer any refund policy to customers. All refunds have to go through the respective retailers themselves and are subject to their respective refund policy. It is difficult to get your money back if you find yourself dissatisfied in any way with the product.

Is It Worth A Try? The Final Verdict On Almased

All in all, we have to say that Almased is worth a try. It is a bit of a mixed bag given that the product presents some serious disadvantages, such as its higher cost relative to other alternatives and, most notably, its poor taste. However, Almased is a potential solution for people who have really been struggling to achieve long-lasting weight loss. It is a simple method to restrict the number of calories in one’s diet in order to keep the weight off, while ensuring that the body maintains its nutritional balance. Given the overwhelming number of success stories, it is worth the try to see for yourself if it works.

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