Clenburexin Review 2019 – Side Effects & Ingredients

Clenburexinis made by Trec Nutrition and promoted as a thermogenic enhancer and appetite suppressant supplement. It contains all-natural ingredients.

Trec Nutrition used to manufacture and distribute their products from the USA but relocated their facilities to Poland.

Clenburexin has a slightly higher cost than most of the middle range diet supplements, not including the cost of shipping and handling from its Polish site.

How Clenburexin works

Clenburexin bases its whole appeal on generating higher thermogenic activity in the body.

Thermogenic activity is when the internal body temperature increase, causing more calories to be burned for fuel.

Combined with an appetite suppressant, Clenburexinis promoted as an ideal complement to a fitness routine for fast weight loss.

It does not promote itself as a fat binder or blocker, as many of the diet supplements who advertise thermogenic effects do.

It is recommended that Clenburexinbe taken before meals and shortly before working out to achieve the best effect.

It is also suggested that the supplement will increase weight loss without the necessity of working out as well.


The following is a key list of ingredients included in Clenburexin:

  • Green Coffee Extract
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Yerba Mate Extract
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract
  • Ginger Root Extract
  • Black Pepper Extract

While Clenburexinuses all-natural ingredients in its product to promote thermogenic activity there are no solid supporting findings of the effectiveness of these ingredients to provide weight loss in that manner.

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The inclusion of ginger is notable because it does make Clenburexinmore tolerable for users by reducing instances of nausea and it is suspected that it was needed to counterbalance the harshness of the pepper-based extracts.

What is most concerning in the ingredients is that they are a known combination that duplicates the effect in the body of a chemical called DNP that has been banned in supplements.

DNP is used to raise the internal body temperature, and while the chemical itself was safe, the extent to which it raised the core temperature caused adverse effects in the body.

Side effects

While there is a standard caution on the Clenburexin about nausea and nervousness, there is a potential for much more serious side effects that this product can cause.

While many of the diet companies have jumped on the thermogenic wagon, few have paid heed to what science has learned about the dangers of the process.

The greatest concern with thermogenics is that it can cause hyperthermia. Hyperthermia can easily become a life-threating condition.

Clenburexin shifted production to Poland ostensibly to be able to provide for better European distribution, but the risks involved with its ingredient combination and the accompanying rise in core temperature makes this product potentially dangerous.

Dangers associated with high core temperatures include heart attack, stroke, and embolism.

Pregnant and nursing women should avoid this product and it is advised that if you take medication for any other condition that you avoid it as well.

The stimulant ingredients included also raise your risk for increased nervousness, sleeplessness, and anxiety. This product is also associated with a high occurrence of nausea.

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Where to buy it and what you can expect to pay

Clenburexin is sold via a range of eCommerce sites including Amazon (affiliate link).

It retails for approximately $50 USD and arrangements for shipping costs plus discounts caries according to the site you purchase the product from.

Due to its multiple distribution sites, there is also no standard arrangement for refunds and processing a claim through for a money-back guarantee has not been reported to be easy or successful.

You can purchase the product directly from the manufacturers’ site as well.


Clenburexin does have a record of effectiveness for increasing thermogenic processes and suppressing appetite.

However, for the price of the product and its now unreliable manufacturing source; there are many other different products on the market that can deliver the same effects with greater surety.

It should be of concern that a company has shifted manufacturing locations in order to preserve an approach and ingredient list that is proven to create a significant risk to your health.

Again, there are far better safer products to purchase for the same cost.

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