Orovo Review 2019 – Side Effects & Ingredients

orovo-detoxOrovo is yet another product capitalizing off the 10 superfood formulation made popular by Lipovox (which I actually recommend).

About a year or so later we saw a product called Leptovox (which I recommend as well, since its almost the same as Lipovox).

Not too much longer after that, a product called Lipotrox came out and yes, you guessed it, it also contained the 10 superfoods plus hoodia! (Hoodia is a fad ingredient with unsubstantiated claims abounding).

You may want to see the lastest BBB rating for this company too.

So the fact that were seeing yet another 10 superfoods supplement does a few things for me:

  1. Reinforces the 10 superfoods as viable diet pill ingredients. People are (anecdotally) reporting some great feedback.
  2. Makes me tired. How many more of these are we going to see?


Is Orovo offering anything different?

No. Actually, thats not entirely true. They want you to join their autoship program and have the supplement automatically shipped to you each month as long as you pay the $40 some odd dollars.

The fact that Lipovox goes for $29 (without any trace of autoshipping) on the official Lipovox site makes me wonder why someone would voluntarily pay $11 more for the same product while having to also hassle with canceling autoshipping?

Lipovox has a moneyback guarantee and Orovo doesnt (at least I couldnt find one anywhere close to prominent on their website).

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As you know if youve read anything on this site for longer than a few minutes: I love moneyback guarantees (without gimmicks) and hate autoship programs.

Perhaps Orovos ingredients are of a higher quality? That may be why theres the pricing difference.

Another, probably more obvious reason why the pricing is almost 40% higher is because of the Orovo opportunity.


What is the Orovo opportunity?

Orovo is a multi-level marketing company. They want you to get on their autoship program and then recruit other people to do the same.

If you recruit enough people youll make extra money (Ive spoken with several participants in the Orovo program and many of them report earning approximately $350/month through their recruiting efforts.

Some, that have been very ambitious, are earning several thousand dollars per month.)

If you have some ambition to recruit people (MLM is, at its core, about recruiting) then the extra $11 youd pay for Orovo is chump change compared to what youd make in return.

I dont have to tell you that the failure rate (you lose or dont make any money) is extremely high with MLMs. Youre call.

I wouldnt get involved unless you had people in mind to sign up underneath you and you consider yourself an excellent salesperson.

One good friend of mine is retired because he was an ambitious go-getter and seized an opportunity with an MLM that soldI think it was phone service or something. Anyway, it can work for the ambitious go-getter.


Orovo Ingredients

If you want to see whats in Orovo, just look and see whats in Lipovox.

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Lipovox was the first to the 10 superfood party (The superfoods have been made popular by Dr. Perricone who gained quite a bit of notoriety when he appeared on Oprah.) so I’m not going to discredit their ingenuity by pretending that Orovo came up with the profile.


Orovo Review Conclusion

Orovo isnt offering anything new to the consumer thats interested specifically in a diet pill to help them lose weight.

I already recommend both Lipovox (and halfway recommend Leptovox) and feel that Orovo would have to come up with something fresh to earn a recommendation.

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