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Isotonix Review 2022 - Side Effects & Ingredients

Isotonix is a company that produces a wide range of different supplements and vitamins. Based in the USA, Isotonix also operates in South America, Australia, and parts of Asia. Isotonix claims to produce ‘the world’s most advanced nutraceuticals.’ On the one hand, Istonix claims its products can help with treating a wide range of different conditions and preventing deficiencies. On the other hand, Isotonix also notes on its website that its supplements cannot treat, cure, or diagnose any disease.

What Kind of Products does Istonix Make?

The range of supplements that Isotonix produces is huge, and the products come in various types of powders. Isotonix claims that its supplements are natural for the body to absorb and that they provide a high concentration of vitamins. The Isotonix range has standard multivitamins, as well as other more specialized supplements like greens powders and single vitamins like Vitamin B.

Also, Isotonix produces supplements that are aimed to help weight loss. Isotonix claims that one of the things that set its products apart from its competitors is the form that the company manufactures its supplements in and how the body absorbs them. Instead of taking the supplements as a pill, the powders that Isotonix make are supposedly much quicker for the body to digest, and also allow the body to absorb much more of the vitamin content than a pill would.

There does not seem to be any conclusive evidence or research that has found that taking supplements in the form of a powder is better than taking supplements as a pill. As such, this is worth keeping in mind when considering taking supplements manufactured by Isotonix, as it might not be true that they are genuinely easier for the body to absorb than supplements that come in pill form.

What are Isotonix Products Made Of?

One possible advantage of Isotonix supplements over those of its competitors is that they are generally made of very natural ingredients. These include natural extracts like pine bark and grape seed. As such, the products are relatively gentle on the body, and highly unlikely to cause adverse side effects for anybody, unless you happen to be allergic to one of the ingredients.

Isotonix BBB Rating

The company that makes Isotonix products, Market Shop America, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is the highest possible rating that a company can have, which means the company is considered by the BBB to be highly reputable and transparent when dealing with its customers.

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While Market Shop America has had a number of complaints made against it by customers according to the BBB website, the company has resolved all of them at the time of writing. In addition, it seems reasonably clear that the company responds to complaints promptly, which suggests that the company prioritizes customer experience and satisfaction.

Customer feedback of Market Shop America on the BBB website is very positive, with a rating of 4.5/5. The company has been in business for 28 years, and it has been accredited with the BBB since 2004. These are all signs that Market Shop America is committed to trading in a way that prioritizes transparency and good practice and arguably makes the business easier to trust and more reputable, which is essential when taking products like supplements that can have an impact on one’s health and body.

Isotonix Pros

Isotonix produces supplements from natural products, so they are unlikely to cause adverse side effects in consumers. Also, they are all vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and contain neither GMOs nor filler products. This can be an advantage for people who are especially concerned about taking supplements that are especially refined or contain a lot of chemicals.

One of the apparent benefits of taking Isotonix supplements over those of its competitors is that the supplements are made in a powdered form, which is especially easy for the body to absorb and allows the body to retain more of the nutrient or vitamin content than it otherwise would be able to. According to Isotonix, powders are more easily absorbed by the body than pills, which is why all the products manufactured by Isotonix come as powders.

Besides, some of the active ingredients that Isotonix makes its supplements have been found to have a number of powerful health benefits. For example, Isotonix’s OPC-3 supplement contains pycnogenol, a powerful antioxidant. Research has demonstrated that pycnogenol has several health benefits, like promoting healthy circulation, strengthening the blood vessels, and fighting against harmful free radicals in the body.

It is also worth noting that Isotonix manufactures its supplements from ingredients that have to be certified before they can be used in the manufacturing process. This is part of the company’s extensive and strict quality-control process, which ensures that the supplements are made of ingredients that are uncontaminated and of good quality.

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Isotonix Cons

One of the most significant drawbacks of multivitamins, in general, is that there is no substantial evidence that shows that they work in general. While the ingredients included in supplements are often ones that have been found to have health benefits in scientific research, the quantities used in the study are often much more significant than those that are found in supplements. As such, while the ingredients themselves do work, they may not be in large enough quantity in the supplement to have any meaningful benefit or impact on one’s health.

For example, a lot of research has been conducted using multivitamins to reduce the risk of different types of diseases over time. Some research has suggested that multivitamins may help reduce the risk of developing illnesses like cancer and heart disease, while other research has not shown this to be the case. While this con is not exclusive to Isotonix products, it is worth noting that there is not a lot of evidence, in general, that shows that multivitamins do work in any meaningful way.

Customer Feedback

Much of the customer feedback on Amazon for Isotonix supplements are exceptionally positive. Customers note that the products are natural on the body and contain what they perceive to be an essential blend of various vitamins and minerals. Also, customers note that the supplements are natural to take, requiring only that you mix them with water and drink them.

Many customers on Amazon also mention anecdotal benefits of the Isotonix supplements, like a more robust or faster nail and hair growth.

Where to Buy Isotonix and Refund Policy

You can buy Isotonix products on the company’s website, as well as with online marketplaces like Amazon. While the Isotonix website does not state the company’s returns of refund policy, Amazon generally offers refunds on products returned within 30 days of purchasing.

Are Isotonix Supplements Worth Trying?

It’s somewhat tricky to say definitively if Isotonix products or multivitamins, in general, are worth trying. This is due to the lack of evidence that they work. Results of research into the use of multivitamins to prevent different diseases have been mixed or inconclusive. Presumably, one would take a multivitamin under the impression that it is going to work or benefit your health in some way, so in the absence of such evidence, it’s difficult to recommend that you try a supplement or multivitamin.

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However, it generally seems that people do not experience adverse side effects as a result of using Isotonix products. Given that the products are very safe to take, it could be worth trying them out if you want to take a multivitamin and see if you feel any different when you use them. While there may not be conclusive evidence that they work, it may be worth taking them if they make you feel better in some way.

The fact that Market Shop America, the company behind Isotonix, seems very committed to maintaining good customer relations and transparency is arguably another reason that its products could be worth trying. It is unlikely that a company that prioritizes these things and ensures that all its raw materials are inspected before using them in the manufacturing process are going to be negligent at any point while manufacturing its supplements, and this arguably makes the supplements much less risky to use than they might be if produced by a company with less transparent practices.


Isotonix makes a range of supplements with different types of vitamins and minerals in them, in addition to weight loss products. Isotonix makes products in powder form, which the company claims are more easily and rapidly absorbed by the body than supplements in pill form are. The supplements are also made of very natural materials that have to be inspected before being used in the manufacturing process, which means the products are going to be safe to take.

While there is little evidence that multivitamins or other supplements have a guaranteed effect on the body, customer feedback of Isotonix supplements is very positive, and the company also has an excellent reputation for engaging well with customers and ensuring transparency during all parts of the manufacturing process.

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