Lipodrops Review

Lipodrops Review (2021) - Side Effects & Ingredients

There’s no secret about hormones playing a part in weight loss.

Many times, people use supplements to raise their hormone levels or lower them, which can promote weight loss and help people feel healthier. Ultimately, Lipodrops enters the stage here.

The over-the-counter supplement claims to use herbal ingredients to boost estrogen levels. However, common components included in the formula, such as I-carnitine and stevia extract haven’t been shown to do anything to hormone levels.

To learn more about the Lipodrops brand and its claimed benefits, you have to dive into ingredient research and customer reviews. In the end, you can find out if this liquid supplement might help with hormonal weight loss.

A Look at Lipodrop’s BBB Profile

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) exists to help consumers verify businesses. The profile of the organization offers various insights to help you trust the company and its market.

Dr. MJ Collier is the creator of Lipodrops, and he does have a BBB profile online. However, there are no reviews about him or his product, and he is not BBB-accredited. Still, the BBB file was opened six years ago, so it’s safe to assume that is when he opened for business.

Ultimately, there are no positive or negative metrics indicating anything about the company. From the information the BBB gets about a business, it offers a rating from A+ to F. However, Lipodrops and Dr. MJ Collier have no ratings, complaints, or reviews.

This isn’t necessarily a red flag, but it requires more outside research.

What It Is and What It Does

Lipodrops is considered a dietary supplement that claims to speed up the body’s fat-burning processes. It comes as a liquid, and you drop a specific amount onto your tongue.

The Cleanse, as it is often called, is said to promote the best results when you use it along with a good workout plan and healthy diet. It arrives in a portable bottle, and each one has 30 servings. If you’re always on the go, this is a convenient and versatile supplement.

Research has been done on some of the ingredients. For example, African mango seeds can lower cholesterol levels to promote weight loss. With that, L-ornithine reduces fatigue, which ensures that you can exercise and have more energy.

In a sense, Lipodrops claims to help users burn fat. You can find various product options available to buy. These include:

  • Lipodrops Lipocleanse
  • Lipodrops Lipo-Omega
  • Lipodrops Lipobiotic
  • Lipodrops Doctors D
  • Lipodrops Ketomax
  • Lipodrops Max


According to its official website, Lipodrops contains:

  • Astragalus
  • Rhodiola
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Pygeum Africanum
  • Niacin
  • Maca
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Ornithine
  • African Mango Extract

African Mango Extract

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This fruit is very similar to a wild mango and grows in Western and Central Africa. It’s popular for its extract, and some claim that it improves gastrointestinal health, immune health, and reduces weight.

There are contradicting research studies about this ingredient. While some believe it’s effective, others claim it needs more research and might not be effective for weight loss.


 The amino acid is produced naturally within the body, but it’s also added artificially in supplements and food. When L-Ornithine is consumed in supplement form, it can improve sleep quality, reduce physical fatigue, and promote weight loss.

While there hasn’t been much research on it, what little there is focuses on fatigue issues.


 Another amino acid, L-Carnitine, is produced artificially and naturally, as well. The primary role is to boost energy production. Some animal studies indicate that it offers health benefits.


Maca is a native Peru plant and is widely used in supplement form. It claims to boost fertility, raise energy levels, increase stamina, and improve a person’s sex drive.

However, there’s limited evidence indicating the effectiveness or health benefits.


Niacin is Vitamin B3. Like the other B vitamins, it plays a role in cell development and energy production. Some studies have shown that it can reduce heart disease risk. With that, most people get enough through their diet and don’t need it in supplement form.

Pygeum Africanum

African Cherry is known for the health benefits it provides to the kidneys and prostate.


While beta-alanine is also an amino acid, it’s not required for bodily function. However, this ingredient is found in many exercise- and fitness-based supplements. Often, it helps people power through when strength training.


This is an herb originating from Asia and other parts of Europe. It is often used to treat depression, anemia, anxiety, and fatigue. However, it’s also been shown to boost energy levels, improve endurance, and recover quickly from exercise.

The question you are wondering is if Lipodrops work. Before adding any supplement to your weight-loss routine, you must research the ingredients. At the very least, you want them to be natural, but you also need to know the side effects and understand what to expect.

Though the claims aren’t far-fetched, studies indicate that the supplement can’t do what it promises. There’s no scientific research provided to support what it says it can do.

Potential Side Effects of Lipodrops

Each ingredient has potential side effects linked to it.

African Mango

  • Sleep problems
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Gas
  • Headaches


  • Leg cramps
  • Muscle pain
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Itching
  • Mild dizziness
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  •  Jitteriness
  • Dry mouth

How to Use It

The package recommends taking one drop when you wake up and one in the evening. However, further inspection indicates that “one drop” means a dropper-full, which is the equivalent to eight drops total.

The product directions state that those weighing over 200 pounds can take two droppers full up to four times a day.

Therefore, it’s best to use it in moderation in the beginning. Start with a single drop on your tongue to see how you reach. If you’re still unsure, consider asking your doctor to recommend the right dosage for you.

Pros and Cons of Lipodrops


  • The official website offers all products
  • Can find positive reviews about the supplement
  • Easy to find and buy online
  • Incorporates into your diet efficiently
  • Not based on the HCG hormone


  • No details listed about the diet plan recommended with the product
  • No complete list of ingredients provided
  • Not clinically tested
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Expensive
  • Can have many side effects
  • No instructions for using the product

Where to Buy Lipodrops

You may purchase Lipodrops on its official website or Amazon. One bottle lasts for one month if you take it as recommended. From the website, you may subscribe and save money by having the price and shipping/handling automatically debited from your account.

Lipodrops Refund Policy

The website doesn’t list any information on its refund policy. There’s no money-back guarantee listed on the site. However, if you buy it through Amazon, there is a 30-day guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, you can receive a full refund.

What Are People Saying?

There are mixed reviews from other consumers of Lipodrops. Some claim that they saw great results and that it had a delicious flavor when compared to others. Others said that the product didn’t work, even though the user followed the directions.

Many people complained that the recommended two droppers a day was too much and gave them a headache. Still, they tested other options and found that eight drops were ideal.

Though most of the reviews don’t focus on weight loss, they do say that it offers an energy boost. If you plan to lose weight, there are various steps to take, and working out is one of them.

Since the instructions are a bit unclear, it’s no wonder that people experience headaches and other side effects.

Most people complain that the product didn’t help them lose weight. However, there’s no indication that they were exercising and eating a healthy diet. The packaging says that you should combine Lipodrops with exercise and healthy dieting.

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Others complained that the instructions said to eat a healthy diet and exercise, but there was no plan to follow. Therefore, it’s up to the user to research workouts and eating habits. Coming from a doctor, he should include all of that with the purchase.

Lipodrops Contact Info

Here is the address:

939 Thornton Rd.

Lithia Springs, GA 30122

From the official Lipodrops website and about us page, we found the telephone number: 1-800-354-3093. Someone is available to take your call from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.

There is also an email address available:

Is Lipodrops Worth It?

Though Lipodrops has a unique marketing strategy designed to catch the consumer’s attention, that’s not the only thing to consider. Pricing aside, most customer reviews of the supplement are negative. Most people did not lose weight while using it, and many complained that it was nearly impossible to contact the company.

While the ingredients appear to be all-natural, there could be additives or preservatives. A full list was unavailable. With that, most of the components aren’t proven to help with weight loss, though most of them did boost energy.

In a sense, Lipodrops shouldn’t be called a weight-loss supplement. Instead, it should be marketed as an energy booster to help you get the most from your workouts. On that front, it does what it claims, though some people experienced headaches when using the recommended dose.

If your goal is to boost metabolism and energy while working out to lose weight, Lipodrops could be the right choice. However, make sure that you buy it from a reputable source, such as the official website.

Those who want the money-back guarantee might do well to buy it from an Amazon distributor. When it arrives, test it by using half a dose or less.

There are a few good things about Lipodrops, and if you have a realistic expectation for it, the product can be beneficial.

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