NutriSystem Review

NutriSystem Review

NutriSystem is a weight loss program based on quality foods and a nutritionally balanced meal plan; individualized counseling is the core of our commitment that customers always have the privacy, support, and knowledge needed to reach their goal weight (website).

This review will explain the various options as well as help you to see how NutriSystem might help you.


What is NutriSystem?

NutriSystem is a weight loss program. It does not include any diet pills.

Instead, it uses prepackaged food items along with diet counseling to encourage weight loss.

NutriSystem also offers exercise DVDs as an additional aid for weight loss.


NutriSystem Programs

It has different programs for different people.

The following is the list of available programs:

  • Women’s Program.
  • Men’s Program.
  • Women’s Silver Program.
  • Men’s Silver Program.
  • Women’s Diabetic Program.
  • Men’s Diabetic Program.
  • Vegetarian Program.

The website goes into detail about each system and what their individual plans offer.


What are the NutriSystem foods?

According to the website, the food used by NutriSystem meets the USDA standards for a healthy diet.

One-third of the food items contain preservatives (none of the food items require refrigeration).

They make it very clear that none of the food items contain MSG.

NutriSystem has 3 daily meals as well as desserts and snacks.

Participants are instructed to eat ALL of the daily food, as the daily allowance makes up a complete, healthy days food intake.

You may choose either the Favorites Package (with preselected food items) or you may choose exactly which food items you want. NutriSystem offers over 100 various food items.

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NutriSystem Price

The regular monthly cost for NutriSystem (including all food items) is $326.36 per month.

If you sign up for autoship (they automatically send you more food each month and charge your credit card) you will get the cost reduced to $293.72 per month.

Also, if you sign up for autoship, they give you two weeks of food free. This review finds NutriSystem is extremely expensive.

We recommend looking into other options such as diet pills or making your own low fat (or low carb) meal plan.

Some of the NutriSystem products are sold on Amazon. You can find the starter kit for $56.98.


NutriSystem Counseling

NutriSystem offers online counseling from registered dieticians.

Other programs require you to visit a center for counseling, but NutriSystem does all their counseling online.

They also offer forums for participants to share their stories with each other.


NutriSystem Guarantee

NutriSystem offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In order to get a refund you have to return all food; shipping charges are not refunded.


NutriSystem Marketing

NutriSystem, like so many other weight loss programs and diet pills, has sensational Before and After pictures and testimonials.

Under the pictures, they list the amount of weight loss and say Results not typical.

Why do they not have pictures of people who have had typical results (probably because there is not much of a noticeable difference with the typical results)?


NutriSystem Review Conclusion

This review finds NutriSystem is overpriced and no more effective than any other weight loss program.

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We recommend either looking for a proven diet pill or finding another, less expensive weight loss program.

You can see what others have to say about this program here.

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  1. Thanks for doing this article. This is the best information I’ve found about Nutrisystem so far that didn’t sound like it came directly from Nutrisystem so thank you very much. I’ve been feeling sort of weird about Nutrisystem lately after trying to find out what the specific ingredients in their food are. I find it extremely odd that it’s been made so difficult to get that information. Truth is, I think it’s a scandal waiting to happen. Maybe you should write a story about it, I think that could be big.

  2. so you are afraid to post my comment lets me know what kind of company you are. there are other places I can post my comments about your company

  3. I’ve been on Nutrisystem for seven weeks and have lost 24.8 pounds and 22 inches! I find the food excellent and very filling. The main objective of Nutrisystem is to teach you how to eat properly a lot of people don’t have the time in your day to learn this so hence Nutrisystem.

  4. Latifa Leroy Quanicha

    Everything is organic, nothing modified, the dieticians are lovely cutie pie patooties, they are not rude, very sweet, and knowledgeable, it is not a gimmic (after hardships you realize nutrisystem, as well as other companies prey on the primitive weak-minded poor wretched souls with no hope other that brown-nosing celebrities and believe disney loves you, why would you care about people that dont care about you, I bet you even believe j-lo is a goddess, thats what happens when you consume too much flouride in your drinking water and end up like a fat slobbish cow that thinks nutrisystem can help you. Just avoid chemicals that you cant pronounce and eat to live, not live to eat. Flouride is not your friend, doesnt even protect your teeth, bags shipped to the usa from china.

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