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Skinnytabs Review 2023 - Side Effects & Ingredients

This review concerns itself with Skinnytabs, a dissolvable tablet that claims to be able to assist you with bloat and those extra pounds, but does it really work? Let’s find out. 

What Are SkinnyTabs?

Skinnytabs claim to be a low carb, no sugar weight solution that contains 15 superfoods.

The company claims that its mixture of vitamins and antioxidants, which includes matcha green tea, is going to boost your metabolism and flatten out the curve of your stomach, enhance your mood and increase your energy without the shakes and crash that you’d get from coffee. It also claims to help give you clear skin and strengthen your hair on account of the superfoods. Lastly, it claims that taking one tablet before breakfast is going to help you curb cravings and control your appetite.

SkinnyTabs Ingredients

So, just what are those 15 superfoods that seem so instrumental to the product’s capabilities?

  • Elderberry extract
  • Beetroot
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Matcha tea extract
  • Burdock root extract
  • Ginger root extract
  • Dandelion extract
  • Lemon balm extract
  • Milk thistle seed extract
  • Asian ginseng root
  • Goji berry fruit
  • Pomegranate fruit
  • Aloe vera powder
  • Wheatgrass
  • Chlorella algae

Overall, the ingredients list is indeed healthy; there are no sneaky artificial chemicals that these natural extracts are covering up. It’s the ingredients formula that makes the product a success or a failure, so it’s important that the items included are effective, and for the most part, these ones are. At least, on their own.

SkinnyTabs Side Effects

Before we look at what other users are saying about the tablets, let’s dive into the side effects first. The Amazon listings page for the tablets doesn’t report on any potential side effects, which is a little bit questionable, but the review section takes care of that for them.

The product has plenty of great reviews, but the number one issue with the negative reviews is a side effect involving itching and the breaking out of a rash. This can, and has, been interpreted as an allergic reaction, but is something you should bear in mind regardless before you try the product. It’s also worth mentioning that the listing doesn’t detail the 15 superfoods that we have here.

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There is 40mg of caffeine in each tablet as a result of the green tea, and just about all of the other side effects come from that. Trouble sleeping, the shakes, a sickly feeling, and an excess of energy are all potential effects that you may experience, although it’s unlikely on account of the relatively low amount of caffeine per tablet.

What Are People Saying about SkinnyTabs?

The main avenue for purchasing the tablets is on Amazon, and there are several listings for various flavors, so it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact review number. However, one listing alone has over 2,500 reviews, so it’s safe to assume that there is an extremely large number when all of them are put together.

It has a 62% percent five-star rating, and a 23% percent four-star rating, added together that gives you 85% percent positive feedback, which is a safe enough number.

The main positive takeaways from reviews are that the tablets do, in fact, work.

“I haven’t had them a week, and I already lost 5 pounds,” one woman said, and that seems to be the general sentiment among the general reviewers. There are a lot of reviews making the product out to be the best thing since sliced bread, a very small number claiming the product hasn’t worked yet, but that the flavor is good, and a handful claiming both the flavor poor and the effects nonexistent.


We’ve talked about the complaints already, but let’s go a little deeper into our look at them.

“Did nothing,” “does not work,” and “disappointed” are the three main words used with regards to the effectiveness of the product. However, that isn’t the main complaint, although, these are the types of negative reviews that users have found most helpful, including the number one review, so keep that in mind.

The main complaint from people is about the taste. It is being constantly compared to “Alka Seltzer” and is so bad that a few users have sought, with success, refunds for the tablets. It’s rare to find an effective weight loss supplement that is effective, so take from that what you want.

The last complaint is in regards to, “being allergic to an ingredient because I got a rash immediately,” there are no extra hidden ingredients in the tablets, and no notable rash related side-effects associated with the ingredients, so it is likely that this handful of users have suffered an allergic reaction.

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Skinnytabs Better Business Bureau Account

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is an agency that allows people to quickly gather information on a company, as well as validate the legitimacy of their operation.

According to BBB, Skinnytabs has been in business one year, had 15 issues listed through BBB, all of which have been resolved, and operate out of Austin, Texas.

The company has a four-and-a-half-star review rating from 13 customers; however, it has received the lowest possible official BBB rating, which is an F. BBB cites two main reasons for this. One is the length of time that the company has been trading, two is much more severe.

On the fifth of August, 2019, the BBB contacted Skinnytabs in relation to the advertising campaign it was using. Specifically, the BBB asked the company to substantiate the weight-loss claims that are advertised, as well as to provide proof to the advertised claims that the product was “made in the USA.”

Skinnytabs sent back an individual study of each ingredient and the effects, some of which were still not substantially proven, and with no concrete evidence of the performance of the product. Furthermore, the company claimed the product to be manufactured in the USA, but the ingredients were not sourced from the USA. These two issues still remain, which is the primary reason for the F rating from the BBB.

As a footnote, the Skinnytabs website has resolved the issue with not advertising that the ingredients are sourced globally, but the BBB profile has yet to be updated.

Skinnytabs Pros and Cons

After that heavy bit of paragraphing, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the product.


  • Wide variety of flavors
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Effective according to most customer reviews


  • On the expensive side
  • The effectiveness of the product may still be called into question
  • Terrible BBB rating

Where to Buy Skinnytabs?

There are two main websites that you can buy the product on. The first is Skinnytab’s official website, but the company seems to have a much larger retail presence on Amazon, which is the second. It doesn’t appear as though any physical retailers stock the item.

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Refund Policy

According to the official refund policy, the only time that the product is eligible for a refund is when it is your initial order of a product. If it is a part of a subscription service, it is not eligible for a refund.

Is Skinnytabs Worth a Try?

That’s a difficult question to answer with regards to any weight loss tablet, but we have to say yes here.

There are a lot of red flags with the product. The issues with the BBB being chief among them, although the company has made moves to fix these issues, including a recent rebranding to SuperFood tabs, but the history of the unsubstantiated and deceptive marketing remains.

The product is expensive, almost too expensive to warrant a trial run on account of the question marks surrounding it, but not quite.

Primarily, there are two things that push this product into the “worth a try” category. The first is the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. However, the reliability of these are questionable. There are other factors at play in weight loss, including the fact that these people are likely to be eating better and exercising if they’re spending $70 dollars on weight loss supplements.

The second is the ingredients used in the product. All the listed items on the formula are, generally, very good for you. Individually, each one has a myriad of different health benefits that make them worth taking. Whether all of them coming together is going to help you lose weight remains to be seen, but there’s little doubt that you’re going to get some sort of positive effect from them, regardless of what that is.

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  1. Hi, I just received mine today, how much tabs in a day do I intake with water? I did not see anything on the bottle Direction. The only thing I saw on the back of the box stated 1 tab 20oz water. Did I miss something?

  2. I’ve had this outbreak of a rash going on a week now. I’ve eliminated almost everything except the tabs hoping it was not the source until I stumbled upon this article. I’ve been drinking them about a month, however this outbreak only happened with my most recent order. I’m so disappointed I have to trash them o spend a lot of money, they most definitely helped with bloating

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