Slim Seduction Review

Slim Seduction Review

Slim Seduction is a diet pill that increases libido and decreases cellulite (website). It is specifically designed for women.

This review will explore the confusion of the Slim Seduction website and explain the ingredients in Slim Seduction diet pills to help you make an informed decision.


Slim Seduction Ingredients

  • Guarana 227 mg
  • Yerba Mate 250 mg
  • Calcium 200 mg
  • Advantra Z (10% synephrine) 150 mg
  • Dandelion powder 125 mg
  • Green tea 180 mg
  • Cayenne 30 mg
  • Guggul 20 mg
  • Niacin 20 mg
  • Chromium 100 mg

Guarana and Yerba Mate have been shown to contribute to weight loss but ONLY when combined with Damiana. You will notice Slim Seduction diet pills DO NOT include Damiana.

Calcium has been shown to have many health benefits, but it has not been shown to contribute to weight loss.

Advantra Z contains synephrine, which has been proven to contribute to weight loss. The higher the percentage of synephrine, the more effective it is in causing weight loss.

The 10 percent concentration of synephrine in Slim Seduction is likely to little to cause any significant weight loss.

Green tea has been proven to cause weight loss. However, studies have shown green tea has to be taken in doses of at least 300 mg per day in order to be effective.

Thus, this Slim Seduction review finds there is not enough green tea in Slim Seduction to contribute to weight loss.

Guggul (guggulsterone) is supposed to increase thyroid function, leading to weight loss. Studies have shown varying results.

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Chromium is said by some studies to contribute to weight loss. However, other studies have found chromium does not contribute to weight loss.


Free Trial

Slim Seduction offers a 21-day free trial. You have to take a survey to qualify for the free trial. After you answer a few generic questions about weight and exercise you are told if you qualify (we entered the answers that would obviously qualify for the free trial).

You can only get specific information on Slim Seduction once you qualify for the free trial.

You have 15 minutes to accept the free trial (there is even a clock counting down the time). The interesting thing is once the clock expires you can refresh the page and start the clock again.

To get you to accept the free trial, Slim Seduction claims there are only a few bottles left. If this is really the case, why the count down?

Probably because there are more than a few bottles they just want you to think you are getting something very desirable.

Once you sign up for the free trial, you are automatically enrolled in autoship (they ship your new product every month and bill your credit card automatically). This is just another downside to Slim Seduction.


Slim Seduction Cost

The Slim Seduction website is very confusing about the cost of Slim Seduction diet pills. In one place they say if you sign up for the free trial you will get a 180 day supply for $143.88; this equals $23.98 per month.

In another place, they say the cost is $42.95 per month. This discrepancy is not explained since you can’t get to the ordering screen unless you qualify for the free trial.

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Regardless of the cost, Slim Seduction does contain some proven ingredients, but there is not enough of any ingredient to be effective. Thus, this Slim Seduction review finds any amount for Slim Seduction is too much.


Slim Seduction Guarantee

Slim Seduction has a 30-day money-back guarantee on first-time purchases only. The Slim Seduction website explains Auto-Delivery shipments are not refundable but they can be exchanged for 150% credit towards any of our other 15 GNS products.


Slim Seduction Proof

The Slim Seduction website is packed with unbelievable testimonials and Before & After photos. One of the FAQs on the website asks if there is proof that Slim Seduction works.

The answer is that there are more pictures and testimonials. Come on, since when can doctored pictures and exaggerated claims are taken as proof?


Slim Seduction Review Conclusion

This review finds Slim Seduction to be shady and ineffective. Slim Seduction does contain a few proven ingredients, but none of them is included in proven amounts.

The cost, free trial, and guarantee just add to the outrageous claims in making Slim Seduction an undesirable product. Look for a product with proven ingredients in proven amounts, one that proves itself through science instead of testimonials.

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8 thoughts on “Slim Seduction Review”

  1. I took slim seduction years ago and it definitely worked for me. Lost more weight than I ever lost on any diet pill. Thumbs up for me…

  2. I took slim seduction years ago and it definitely worked for me. Lost more weight than I ever lost on any diet pill. Thumbs up for me…

  3. I have personally taken these pills and they are amazing .. the best pills I have ever tried then all of a sudden I couldn’t find them any where 🙁 …. I LOVE SLIM SEDUCTION . And if anyone knows where I can purchase them PLEASE let me know ..

  4. I have taken these pills years ago and j lost over 100 pounds. I would love to take these pills again. I had so much energy and it wasn’t a struggle to exercise like it is now. How and where can I buy them?

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