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Have you ever wondered why people struggle with weight loss? The answer to this question lies in many existing factors at play on how much weight an individual can lose. Lifestyle, genetics, and environmental factors significantly influence our body composition, which is vital to unlocking weight-loss ability. In a nutshell, there is no single act specific to everyone in weight loss other than finding a concept that best works for your body.

Some people need to watch their food intake, others must pay attention to the amount of physical exercise they do, others do nothing, while some seek outside help to lose weight. The outside weight loss help involves using supplements that support your body metabolism, provide body energy, and reduces food cravings. Most effective weight loss supplements possess ingredients that perform these three tasks.

What is TruVision?

TruVision is a product of TruVision Health LLC, creating several differentiated weight loss and healthy living products. The health firm utilizes a multilevel marketing program to sell the TruVision supplement. This diet additive performs three critical weight loss roles; provision of physical body energy, decreased food cravings, and metabolism support. The company has two oral supplement pills working in tandem to provide body nutrients for weight loss.

What TruVision Claims to Do

TruVision claims to provide effective supplements that stabilize the body system through balancing hormones. The firm ascertains the use of a two-pill regimen that clears the body system without affecting its operations. TruVision specializes in producing two supplements which are:

  • TruFix – This supplement responsibly adds nutritional benefits to the body without affecting its difficulties in swallowing capsules. TruFix maintains your system’s blood sugar levels and enhances the metabolic rate to convert excess body fat into energy.
  • TruControl – This is a weight loss product that helps in reviving the body’s energy. The drug is a natural supplement that strives to support weight loss and keep the body healthier. TruControl supplement performance varies depending on the body type and the rate of body metabolism.

TruVision supplements produce ideal nutrients for the body using natural ingredients for improving overall health. The company believes in providing highly effective and great quality products that boost weight loss, enhance healthy living, and increase body energy.

Word on the Street

TruVision has seen varied client responses to its weight loss supplements. Some previous harsh critics turned to best buyers of this company’s products. Apart from a few dissenting voices about product performance, many customers provide positive reviews of the TruVision supplements. Some clients pose insightful questions about product use, while others offer information on product improvement to better the expected results. One user, for instance, says:

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“I have battled with eczema my whole life, and since taking these pills, it is gone. My cravings have diminished, and I have energy through the roof.”

Other users say:

“Best products by far”

“This has been the most amazing products ever! I have multiple disabilities and had tried everything out there, and when I found TruVision Health, it was the best thing to ever happen to me! I have mental clarity, natural energy, have lost weight, am off multiple medications and have my life back. Consistency is key with this product, and you really need to work closely with your associate to tailor it to you specifically, but it is the best product out there!”

“Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.”

TruVision Side Effects

Like all other supplements in the market, TruVision products cause side effects to some users. Human bodies are different; therefore, the body metabolism process and blood sugar levels vary. Every user reacts differently to products with high caffeine levels. Some common TruVision side effects are:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Severe Headaches
  • Stomach upset
  • Imbalanced moods
  • Jitters
  • High blood pressure
  • Heartburn

Various bodies react differently to natural ingredients such as green tea extracts, caffeine, and bitter orange. As much as TruVision products are likely to speed up weight loss, severe side effects may affect the process. High heartbeat rates and increased blood pressure are critical body aspects that should not be overlooked. The outcome is a result of high caffeine intake and aggression in increasing the metabolism process in the body to release energy.

Where to Buy

TruVision products are available and accessible on various online platforms. The prices vary depending on the distribution outlet and services. Varieties of TruVision products are on the company’s official website and Amazon.

TruVision Complaints

As much as the ingredients in TruControl and TruFix get tested for weight loss, there are no independent clinical studies on their formulas proving their safety and effectiveness. Perhaps this reason explains why there are a few customer complaints about TruVision and its supplements. Frequent client complaints about TruVision are product functionality, prohibitive prices, limited product diversity, and poor customer support. The greatest of complaints come from the company’s lengthy and ineffective order cancellation process.

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TruVision also had a run-in with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2015. The issue touched a single product that had ingredients presented in violation of FDA regulations. In 2017, the company got a violation order from FDA for promoting its products as drugs with erroneous narration. The company did fix these challenges and moved forward by complying with the set rules and regulations.

TruVision Product Pros and Cons

There are various customer bodily responses to all the available weight loss supplements in the market. TruVision products have their advantages and disadvantages to the users. The company strives to produce high-quality and effective products, providing positive results that outweigh the negatives and side effects.


  • The caffeine content in the TruVision products effectively boosts energy in the body.
  • Clients experience quick weight loss results without having to engage in vigorous physical exercises or diet checks.
  • The products reduce usual food cravings to enhance easy nutrients absorption.
  • TruVision increases the metabolism process in the body, making it easy for the user to lose weight.
  • The company extracts its products from natural ingredients.


  • TruVision products are expensive and rare to find.
  • The products contain caffeine which may turn unsuitable for some clients.
  • The supplements cause severe side effects like a high heartbeat rate.

TruVision BBB Profile

There is no existing Better Business Bureau accreditation on TruVision despite having a listing. The few available BBB details on TruVision include an A+ rating and several customer reviews of three and a half stars. The customer reviews range from extremely good to awful product experiences. The BBB profile enlists top complaints as collections, billing, non-performing products, and poor customer support.

Findings Analysis

Clients need to be very careful when dealing with TruVision products. The run-ins with FDA are pointers of things not working right in some instances. While positive customer reviews are vital to understanding the commodities, it is critical to seek medical advice before using any supplement.

Return and Refund Policy

TruVision does not offer a money-back guarantee on its products. In case of any issue, the company grants a return policy claim of 90% on unopened products in a marketable state. The returns are acceptable within 30 days from the purchase date. The customer foots the billing costs in both instances of initial purchase and returned goods.

TruVision Product Caution

The company has no provision for product warnings on the product information sheet or its website. This missing piece makes using the products unusual as it is a norm for drug manufactures to provide such vital information. The prevailing warnings are standard, and common sense applied. For instance, expectant mothers and underage users should only use the supplements on the doctor’s approval.

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Company Contact Information

Some clients prefer visiting local company offices to verify business existence or pick up their orders in person. TruVision has its offices in 172 East 14075 South, Draper, UT 84020, USA. The firm discourages clients from being kept on hold by providing a call-back support system.

A client can select a preferred market and place a call-back request. Alternatively, clients can directly call or message the company via 855-213-TRUV and 801-281-7420, respectively. TruVision also has a vibrant presence on social media platforms. The platforms are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

Is TruVision Worth a Try?

There is no existing clinical research demonstrating TruFix and TruControl as producing the purported weight loss results. The findings suggest elements of help towards weight loss by some of the individual ingredients found in TruVision products. Several positive customer reviews are also offering a ray of hope on the effectiveness of the drugs. The deduction, therefore, is that TruVision is worth a try.

The Bottom Line

Keep in mind that people have different bodies and reactions to weight-loss regimens and that there is no standard weight loss solution universally. Any medicine intake requires a specialist’s certification before use. Ensure to check your fitness and medical condition before consuming any TruVision products to avoid suffering adverse effects. TruVision presents a unique weight loss formula that is functional to some and not others. The company’s products are ideal for one seeking increased body metabolism, appetite suppression, and more energy.

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