Arbonne Review

Arbonne review

Some companies specialize in selling you a specific lineup of products. Others expand their businesses and offer you different items that complement each other. Many prefer to sell you a lifestyle, so you need to buy more than one of their products to go through the full experience.

Businesses that try selling you a lifestyle often offer a community you can be part of. However, to be part of that community, you need to pay a fee. The issue about those companies is that many people use that business model to scam their clients.

Arbonne is a multilevel company that promotes a healthy lifestyle by selling products to help you take care of your body, mind, and skin. Yet, not everyone is sure about joining the Arbonne community and getting these products. Read this review about Arbonne to learn everything you need to know about this popular brand!

What Is Arbonne?

As said before, Arbonne is a multilevel business that sells products to help you live in a healthier way. Some of the things they offer are nutrition shakes, makeup, and skincare products. Something important about the company is that it mostly uses natural ingredients for its products.

Using natural ingredients is excellent if you care about the environment. That’s because those components are not toxic to nature nor people.

Since it’s a multilevel business, Arbonne offers you to be a part of its community. You can do that by signing up to be a preferred client or an independent consultant. Deciding to become former or the latter brings you interesting benefits, but you have to pay a significant fee to do it.

You can get Arbonne’s products directly through its website.

Becoming an Independent Consultant

According to Arbonne’s website, if you become an independent consultant, you can start making your own Arbonne business. That way, you can offer and sell Arbonne’s products to people and profit from that.

The Arbonne platform provides you with online training you can do to learn everything you need to know about the matter. Apart from that, other consultants can help you get into the business in a simpler way. Overall, it sounds like an interesting and supportive environment you can try if you feel like it.

Yet, becoming a consultant is not inexpensive. The $49 fee can be a little too much if you are working on a budget, so consider that before making a decision. If you do it, you can also be part of any event the company organizes.

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What About Preferred Clients?

Arbonne also offers you to become a preferred client for a more inexpensive fee. Being a preferred client gives you access to exclusive discounts and products. Apart from that, there is a 90-day risk-free guarantee available for you. That allows you to return the products you purchased if you regret buying them.

You have to pay $29 to be a preferred client. We recommend you try some of the company’s products before deciding if you want to pay that fee, though. However, doing it also brings exclusive rewards from the company.

What Is a Multi-Level Business?

A multilevel business, or MML, is a business model that allows company owners to profit in more ways than by selling their products. Specifically, this business model consists of company distributors or independent consultants earning a commission when they get someone into the company.

Paying a subscription or becoming a special member of the company brings profits to it, so everyone can make money by asking people to pay that fee. Yet, there are some issues with companies that do that.

The main problem is that many people use MML to scam their clients. They do it by making customers pay the subscription fee and then disappearing with the money without giving any of the benefits they promised.

That problem can happen not only because of the company itself but because of the independent consultants. Since the business owner doesn’t have any control over them and what they do, they can decide to do whatever they want.

Yet, that doesn’t happen with all businesses since some companies have special business policies regarding independent consultants to protect customers from that.

Forex brokers and health products companies are the most common businesses that use MML. However, almost every business could apply this system if they wanted to do it.

A Look into Arbonne’s BBB Profile

Checking a company’s BBB profile helps you know its strong and weak points. That while giving you interesting information about the business you met. BBB stands for Better Business Bureau, and it’s a company that accredits companies to help clients avoid scams and poor-quality products.

The Arbonne International LLC is BBB accredited with an A+. Getting to that is no easy task, so you can consider that a reason to trust Arbonne. Yet, BBB’s website also lets customers rate the company and file complaints.

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This business only received 2.35 stars out of five from customers. Yet, other reviews and websites gave it a rating above three stars. There have only been 27 complaints in the last three years, which is a small number considering how much time it passed.

Arbonne’s been active for 37 years, so its owners are not rookies when it comes to business. Scams are often rising companies that people created to trick people into investing in them. That’s another reason to consider Arbonne reliable since scams don’t tend to last that much time using the same name.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Arbonne

Every business has its ups and downs. Arbonne is no exception to that. This company offers you many interesting things, but it’s essential to determine if there’s a problem that could keep you from trying its products or getting into its community.

Here are the primary pros and cons of using Arbonne’s products:


  • It offers a healthier lifestyle.
  • You can buy its products from Arbonne’s website.
  • It uses natural ingredients that are non-toxic to the environment.
  • You can become an independent consultant.
  • It allows you to be a preferred client.


  • Its products and fees are not inexpensive.
  • The company can be difficult to reach at times.

About the Company

Before buying a product, it’s not a bad idea to learn a little about the company that sells it to you. That helps you build trust in the company and feel safer while buying its products. Arbonne’s main mission is to provide its customers a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

That’s why its products are all plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Having eco-friendly ingredients and products makes it a perfect company if you care about the environment.

Arbonne’s founder, Petter Morck, says that he wants Arbonne to be a place where people can flourish. Following that statement, the company aims to make your life flourish with its products.

The three main brand values are empowerment, transparency, and sustainability. You can see that the way the company works follows that line. Arbonne is also known because of its high cleanliness standards. The company also collaborates with experts to give clients the best products on the market.

Yet, you can find many other things regarding the company on Arbonne’s website, which also lets you make any purchase through it directly.

What Do People Think About Arbonne?

It’s essential to see what customers think about Arbonne before making a purchase. Since you are a client yourself, knowing other’s opinions can help you decide if you want to buy one of its products or not.

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Most people feel excellent while using Arbonne’s products. Additionally, customers love that the products are made with natural ingredients. Yet, clients have some complaints regarding the company. One of them is how expensive it is to buy the products.

Everyone wants to have a healthier lifestyle. Arbonne’s products help you achieve that but getting them every time you need them can be significantly expensive.

Apart from that, people have talked about how difficult it is for them to reach the company when they have a complaint. However, as we could see in its BBB profile, Arbonne always ends up solving its customer’s problems.

Regarding being a preferred client or an independent consultant, people tend to have a divided opinion. The benefits both things give you are excellent, but not everyone can pay the fees, especially since buying the products itself is not inexpensive.

Summarizing it all, people think that Arbonne is overall a great company. Yet, they see it as a problem that its products and fees are that expensive. Some people have had trouble reaching them, but they end up finding a response after a time.

Wrapping Up – Is Arbonne Worth Trying?

The short answer is yes. Arbonne is an excellent company if you are looking to follow a healthier lifestyle that helps you take care of your body, mind, and skin. However, there are some things you need to take into account before making your purchase.

You can invest more or less money depending on the products you want to get. Apart from that, things such as skincare require you to follow treatment, so you may need to buy those things again in the future. That means you should save some money if you are working on a budget and want to get Arbonne’s products.

You can contact Arbonne through its website by filing the “Get in touch” form. Apart from that, you can reach it at 1.800.ARBONNE at customer care hours.

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