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Wonderslim is a weight loss product that uses prepared meals as a way to control portion size and calorie intake. Wonderslim is more of a lifestyle change rather than a diet. It gives you the ability to monitor exactly what you are eating and how many calories you are taking in. Both of these factors are critical to weight loss success.

Wonderslim uses the process of meal replacements to help you avoid those high calories, high carb, non-nutritious meals. It also focuses on the power of protein. Protein helps to fuel your body with the things it really needs, rather than the things your brain tricks you into wanting. It also helps to burn body fat while increasing your energy. Finally, Wonderslim has their program so that you eat smaller portions every two to three hours. This setup keeps your metabolism working at peak performance without leaving you feeling hungry.

How Does Wonderslim Work?

Users select from one of three meal plans to be delivered right to your doorstep. Depending on the package you choose, you receive anywhere from four to seven meals per day. The idea is to create a meal plan that works to replace high-calorie meals with better-portioned ones. The meals are nutritious and filling, working to keep you nourished and satisfied without feeling hungry.

Wonderslim plans are specifically designed for both men and women. Different people have different metabolisms and nutrition needs. Due to this, Wonderslim has tailored its programs to best suit the needs of your body. When you subscribe to Wonderslim, your package includes a multivitamin, a shaker, and a welcome package to help guide you through your journey.

The Basic plan gives users four meals per day for four weeks. These foods include both meal replacements and snacks. With this plan, you need to supplement your food intake with nutritious homemade dishes. Wonderslim outlines what type of meals you should be making and how much you should be eating. It even includes a shopping list, so most of the work is taken care of for you. The Basic plan is best suited for anyone who is interested in trying Wonderslim but is hesitant to jump in with both food and commitment. Alternatively, it works well for anyone who prefers to cook for themselves but needs a little help and guidance to make their weight goals.

The Core Plan, or the midrange plan, provides users with five meals per day for four weeks.

Similar to the Basic plan, you still need to supplement some of your meals. Here, you are provided with snacks, lunches, and meal replacements. This plan works well for anyone who needs some help with choosing healthy lunches. Lunch during a busy workday tends to be a time that people end up cheating on their diets. This plan is a great way to eliminate that temptation.

The final, most comprehensive plan is the Premium Plan. Here, users get seven meals per day for four weeks. Users still need to provide a few healthy additions to their meals, such as fresh fruit. However, this plan is excellent for someone looking for a total package solution. It takes all of the guesswork out of meal preparation.  

Wonderslim – Word on the Street

The word on the street is that WonderSlim works. That is the biggest take away from any of the reviews out there. Over and over again, users are saying that they are happy with their results. Depending on their initial weight, users can begin to see changes in their body quite quickly.

Users do say that there are other similar weight loss plans out there. WonderSlim can be on the more expensive side, but overall, people like the taste of the food. A better tasting product may be the reason so many people are choosing to go with WonderSlim.

Side Effects of Wonderslim

Unlike many other weight loss programs, WonderSlim does not seem to have any adverse side effects. Most meal replacement products are safe to consume. They are designed to give you the necessary nutrients to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Other products like diet pills or other lose weight fast products tend to curb your hunger without replacing the nutrients from which you are being denied. This is where problems arise.

WonderSlim focuses on providing users with regular high protein meals. Some people do have trouble consuming too much protein. For users who need to be mindful of their protein consumption may need to be careful with this diet.

Pros and Cons of Wonderslim

Like all weight-loss products, Wonderslim has some positive and negative aspects. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with all factors of Wonderslim before deciding on whether you should give it a try.


  • All your meals are taken care of
  • The entire diet plan is backed by research in that consuming a high protein low carb diet is a proven method for weight loss
  • Wonderslim is cost-effective on a per meal basis
  • Your supplemental groceries are planned for you
  • Everything is delivered right to your door
  • You can pick the food you are buying (unlike other diets where you are locked into their food plan)
  • Extensive online community you can connect with and share your journey
  • Excellent return and exchange policy
  • The program does not need to be paired with exercise to be useful (but exercising can improve and speed up your results)
  • WonderSlim’s website regularly offers product code to get users to purchase discounts


  • It may be hard to pay for all of the meals upfront
  • You may not enjoy all the food items but are stuck eating them until you finish the monthly plan
  • It can be challenging to adjust to a meal replacement style diet
  • Buying a smaller quantity of food costs you more per meal
  • You still have to do groceries

User Feedback and Complaints

Overall, Wonderslim has been very well received by users. Many people have found that they lose a significant amount of weight when they stick to the plan. With the weight loss comes an increase in energy and an overall improvement in mood. Some users have even been able to lose as much as 100 lbs by committing to the Wonderslim weight loss plan.

Many people enjoy the wide variety of meal replacements and snacks they get to choose from. The Wonderslim pantry is fully stocked, featuring flavors that just about anyone can enjoy. Many users enjoyed how they could mix and match their items, so they do not to have to eat the same snack every day.

Any complaints from users are relatively minor. They are based more on food preferences than anything. No one has said that they gained weight or saw poor results. Instead, they comment on how they dislike the flavor or texture of a particular item. Since taste is a personal choice, this complaint is not a major one.

An additional problem some people found were based on the contents of some of the meal replacement items. Soy is used in several of the products, which can be a problematic ingredient for some people to stomach. Therefore, again, this issue is based on personal dietary restrictions rather than the weight loss plan itself.

The only other complaint came from people outside of the shipping area. Some users found that the cost of shipping was prohibitive to being able to take part in the program regularly. However, some WonderSlim products are available on Amazon, so they still have access to the products, just not in the same meal plan form.


The WonderSlim brand itself is not a registered company with the Better Business Bureau. However, this is nothing to be concerned about because their parent company, Diet Direct, Inc. is accredited with the BBB. To date, there are no complaints registered against Diet Direct. Additionally, they have been registered since 2005 and have an A+ rating. This outstanding record shows that they have been in good standing for the past 22 years. A rating like that says that they are a well-respected company that has a good product offering.

It should be noted that Diet Direct, Inc. does not have any reviews with the Better Business Bureau. This does not mean that people have not used the products, but they have chosen to post their reviews elsewhere.

Refund Policy

WonderSlim takes customer satisfaction seriously. They back up their products by allowing for hassle-free returns and exchanges. Simply fill out the form on their website and include it with the return package. Exchanges tend to work very well for users who dislike a product but want to continue with the program.

WonderSlim does not need any reason for a product to be returned. You do not need to justify why you don’t like or want the product any longer. Products can be returned up to 60 days after the purchase. Additionally, WonderSlim even allows for each return package to include one opened and partially consumed box. Their willingness to accept products that have been opened as returns shows their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Users should know that WonderSlim does not cover or refund any shipping costs. Those are entirely up to the user to cover and pay for. This includes both the shipping to receive the products in the first place and the shipping cost to return them.

Wonderslim – Worth Trying?

Based on the numerous reviews, WonderSlim is worth trying. It is more of a lifestyle change than a diet. The meal plan takes all the guesswork out of shopping and calorie consumption. If you want to enjoy delicious food while losing weight, then WonderSlim may be right for you.

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